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EC pressure on Microsoft grows

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STOP: This is getting silly.

It's sufficiently easy to go download Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari and make them your default browser these days.

Will Apple have to do the same and offer other than Safari ?

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


Lets be fair here

Although she is plainly making very ignorant dumb choices and expecting decisions to be made for her, if she had no internet access she was problably very limited in options to find out more.

How many people here, apart from linux geeks would be able to fix a Ubuntu internet access problem without having another machine to google the fix on ?

Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash


Only a techie

would use the reasoning

the idea that bird strike could knock out both engines has been dismissed as "unthinkable".

erm wouldn't it be dismissed cos there's not lots of bits of goose inside the engines ?

America wastes gazillions with always-on PCs


Causes problems with IT maintenance over night ?

Nah, wake on lan.

Or have one night a week as maintenance night. If it's missed, the user looks at a locked screen in the morning waiting for updates to complete. And that's at a law firm. With partners. Who WILL get rid of the WHOLE IT department if they so much as lose a second of billing time while unimportant trivia like security patches are applied.

As for boot up time - use Hibernation.

Or better still have a power saving background task that hibernates after 2 hours of no activity (see, also save power Friday lunchtimes), except during those periods when you know your critical updates are going down.

C'Mon folks. Get with the 21st century.