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Contractor association blasts UK.gov guidance on hated IR35 tax law's arrival in private sector


Re: Impossibly complicated

You are I'll informed - the vast majority of us are significant net contributors.

On 750 a day I will CONTRIBUTE around 80 - 90k in a year to HMRC when VAT is factored in and about 50 - 60k without it.

Believe me the government already get more than they should given the risk we have to shoulder.

£10k offer to leave firm ASAP is not blackmail, Capita told by judge


Not sure what the problem is

IF you dislike the environment you work in that much, have the courage of your convictions to do something about it - i.e. walk.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this in fact, for a change it is a step in the direction of common sense with regard to employment law. You cant have disgruntled employees who arent contributing positively to the workplace sat there knowing that the only way they are going anywhere is going to involve a constructive dismissal settlement.

Well done Capita and well done the ET.

The march of Amazon Business has resellers quaking in their booties



Isnt this what the monopolies and mergers commission is there for....

New Zealand border cops warn travelers that without handing over electronic passwords 'You shall not pass!'


Re: Have fun!

Well said Veti - couldnt agree more. Ignore the co called liberal freedom fighters whove downvoted your post - if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to lose.

FFS what is wrong with people? You post your entire lives all over social media and then complain about this sort of thing - you cant have it both ways. Get a life - in the real world.

Security execs must prep for post-Brexit cyber challenges – report


Really - enough doom & gloom! Lets move on please - change is inevitable in life.

Carping on & moaning about the ramifications of brexit wont help anyone - nor will the bitter remainers incessant blame campaign. Get a grip.

Life has a habit of being exactly what you make it. Yes CIOs and everyone else in industry have work to do, but change is exactly what keeps us in IT in jobs. And if youre worried about your job, sort your skill set out and move with the times, but for gods sake give it a rest because the result is what it is - thats democracy.

If you dont like it you get a chance every five years to vote someone else in - if enough people agree with you, great. If not, move on.

Platinum partner had 'affair' with my wife – then Oracle screwed me, ex-sales boss claims


That's life

Deal with it - plenty of others have had to deal with much worse.

Apologies if that's harsh but in case nobody ever told you that life is a ruthless competition in which only the strong succeed, that's what it is. For those of us who aren't self centred wankers, we just have to deal with being fucked over by those who are, occasionally, and just hope that karma really exists and that she really is a complete beeatch

Ex-staffer of UK.gov dept bags payout after boss blabbed medical info to colleagues


theres no context here...were these 10 immediate colleagues who had significant contact with this person and therefore needed to know so that they didnt exacerbate things when he got back to work (meh, seems fair) or was the email poking fun at him (un-good)?

i think trial by media has had its day now - can we go back to balanced fact based reporting please?

if dev == woman then dont_be(asshole): Stack Overflow tries again to be more friendly to non-male non-pasty coders


Time to grow up and grow a skin

Oh dear.... here we go again.

I think we're all a little bit tired of being told that all men are basically women hating would be rapists, who abuse their position in society (even if they don't know they have one) too manipulate the poor females of the world into perpetuating their role as the oppressed victims in the soap opera we call life.

Has anybody heard of fathers for justice? If you think men have it all their own way then try fighting the legal system and an ex wife - that, is what true inequality looks like

Plans to thwack Official Secrets Acts smacked: Journo-gagging reform postponed


Re: " nothing less than a threat to Britain's free press and thus its democracy"."

There is nothing free about the press - and if anything it should include all social media platforms and be far more stringently regulated than it is presently.

We cant go whinging about russian meddling in elections and trial by media etc unless we are prepared to put some tighter controls in place...and

So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...


the clue is in the name...

Social media - the clue is in the name - how are they not subject to the same regulation as all other media platforms?

Newsprint is a platform, radio is a platform, the TV is a platform - whats different here??

Can GCHQ order techies to work as govt snoops? Experts fear: 'Yes'


for gods sake

Stop moaning about this sort of stuff and just get on with it. Legislation such as this is there to proactively prevent harm to the majority of the population - its no good reactive to a terrorist incident or major security incidents as the damage is done at that point.

The risk of a few people in a total population of 65 million having their civil rights ever so slightly infringed in order to provide a safe environment for the other 99.9999% of the population are negligible. Get over it.

Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it


Antisocial media...

All the social media platforms should be used with care - they are all based around exploiting insecurity and your need for approval. They blur the line between acquaintance and friendship - people should beware of exposing the minute details of their lives to anybody, let alone people that (if they are honest) they dont really know, but are too flattered to decline a request from.

The biggest improvement these sites could make is by removing the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. It shouldnt matter whether anyone approves of your post - its your thought - and its just as valid as anybody elses thought - and quite honestly nobody has the right to police what goes through another individuals mind.

That little thumb icon is the biggest psychological warfare weapon on the planet right now - it carries the very real potential of social exclusion or maybe, just occasionally, hero status. But its like a drug...its a numbers game and people wonder why x number of people either have or havent liked something.

These platforms ought to increase our ability to keep in touch but im starting to wonder if for many people they are actually contributing to their isolation.

Tech contractors begin mass UK.gov exodus in wake of HMRC's IR35 income tax clampdown


Re: this is an old paul daniels trick...

Yeah but thats £700 a day for wet behind the ears idiots who have either just come out of uni and dont know their arse from their elbow, or have just got off a plane from the far east having recently completed their 'my first java/.NET project' course.

Decent contractors in my experience are generally more committed to getting organisations to doing what is genuinely the right thing for them, than their own permanent employees and certainly more committed than the 'big boys' are.

I hope some day the big boys rot in hell along with the corrupt shitbags who keep shovelling work their way so that they can turn up with a nice little NED to go along with the fat pension after they step down for 'personal reasons'

I was authorized to trash my employer's network, sysadmin tells court


What a dick!

While i empathise and somewhat admire him sticking up for his best mate, what he did was childish and petulant at best.

As for this appeal...well, the legal system is a bloody joke really - theres a clear cut case of the digital equivalent of criminal damage/espionage which he needs to be accountable for, but no...common sense goes out the window and there is a very real possibility that because his contract didnt explicitly state he couldnt do these things, then it must be OK.

You can only hope that common sense prevails...

US voting machine certification agency probes potential hack


Technology isn't always better

I've never seen anyone hack into a piece of paper from a computer and change the writing on it - paper will always be secure from digital manipulation.

technology for the sake of it is usually a waste of time and almost always presents opportunities for malicious intent.... hence I'm avoiding the move to a smart home. I like manual valves and hand operated controls.

Disney sued in race row: Axed IT workers claim jobs went to H-1B hires


Good luck to them

Offshoring in all its forms - and this is effectively one of them - is no more than corporate colonialism - i look forward to seeing it die & I sincerely hope they win.

When global pay rates in the labour market equalize over the next 20 to 50 years what then for those 'leading' countries who have offshored their manufacturing base, their IT skills and their core skills??

Well, well. Auditors say UK govt procurement body hasn't saved your tax cash


Re: Economies of scale?

It's difficult to achieve anything with poor quality staff and even worse management who are nigh on impossible to replace, have almost no meaningful performance measurement criteria and don't seem to understand that their collective role is to save money by doing things differently, not by repeating the same shit over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Virtual reality is actually made of smartphones


steve jobs...saviour of the universe.

if he was still alive id be joining the queue to suck him off after reading this. FFS get a grip. Right place, right time and massive resources behind him.

Brexit judgment could be hit for six by those crazy Supreme Court judges, says barrister


what a farce

this just needs to happen now - this will be nothing more than a ludicrously expensive speed bump in the process.

Hey you – minion. Yes, IT dudes and dudettes, they're talking to you


Re: Utter tosh and drivel

The issue is mentality - specifically the ivory tower architect mentality and the BOFH sysadmin.

In combination, these two characters have the ability to bring any business to its knees particularly in the absence of any effective leadership.

The days of the IT department are numbered - IT is so fundamental to businesses these days - in fact it IS the business in many cases - that it should not exist as a separate entity or cost centre. Also numbered are the days of button pushing techies, and any architects who dont think they need to understand their customers business.

Both of these types will eventually be replaced by more business focused individuals who are prepared to challenge the status quo and proactively enable & deliver improvements to their employers business.

I am Craig Wright, inventor of Craig Wright


Whoa this is deep man

...too deep!

Happy birthday Alf Garnett, you daft, reactionary old git


Well said Ivan 4

Took the words right out of my er....keyboard.

You cant change the past & theres no point arguing with it or attempting to villify the actions or attitudes of those that lived through it.

While were on the subject of bigotry we'd do well not to forget that every single race & nation on the planet is ultimately racist to some extent or other - not just middle aged white guys from canning town - so perhaps we shouldnt judge ourselves quite so harshly?

Hacking Team spyware rootkit: Even a new HARD DRIVE wouldn't get rid of it


Re: Open BIOS now needed

On the subject of items being compromised before they hit the shelves - where is the vast majority of consumer IT kit made....

Thats right - in the good ole People Repulic of China.

So if anybodys going to be watching you, its going to be them - which is why youd better be doing a better job of watching them than they are of you...

'Snowden risked lives' fearfest story prompts sceptical sneers


Enough of this Orwellian hysteria

FFS - Register and frenzied posters - give it a rest.

Can someone genuinely innocent of any wrongdoing or the intention to do so, point to concrete evidence of how exactly government sponsored surveillance is negatively impacting their daily lives?? And outside of high terror alert situations please.

Im sick of all the baseless hysteria spouted on this bloody website, by conspiracy theory obsessed readers.

I have nothing to hide. They are welcome to monitor anything they want where im concerned - i really cant see what the issue is - if im breaking the law im quite happy to take my medicine.

US Senate passes USA Freedom Act – a long lip service to NSA reforms


As Ive said before

If you arent doing anything wrong you dont have anything to worry about - I havent got an issue with the NSA or MI-whatever slurping any data related to me as Im not engaged in anything illegal.

For those who are engaged in illegal activities it might be worht the rest of us bearing in mind how some of the plots of recent years have been foiled. If you really do value your security then im afraid this sort of thing is necessary and I cannot understand why anybody rational would not support it as long as its properly controlled, which it now appears to be.

Milking cow shot dead by police 'while trying to escape'


Try getting that sort of response if you report an actual crime being committed

No bloody chance!

Assange™ lawyers demand Swedish prosecution files or no London interview


Re: @Anakin He twists and he turns

Assange is a great example of exactly why the treason laws need to be reinstated.

Vodafone didn't have a £6bn tax bill. Sort yourselves out, Lefties


Re: TAX shouldn't be taxing

It is called Tax Planning these days...presumably due to the connotations associated with the use of the word avoidance.

The issue here is less about the non-payment of corporation tax, and far more about a tax system which is too complicated for its own good and allows this - perfectly legally - to happen.

If the political parties were genuinely interested in addressing the cause rather than bleating about the symptoms to score points off each other they would do something about simplifying it. Unfortunately, there is so much lobbying, and personal vested interest at stake that its just not going to happen anytime soon....


Well said

Its the law which is the problem....not those who choose to abide by it. There is no law for morality.

Furious GTA V gamers seek similar ban on violent, misogynistic title: the Holy Bible


Its all nonsense really.

Religion that is - im sorry but why should we be forced to our lives according to a set of opinions and 'values' (and i use the term advisedly) that are two millenia (and maybe more) out of date,

Sod that - Ive got my own life. These idiots are so lacking in self belief that they have to waste theirs trying to force somebody elses beliefs on the rest of us.

Get your own life and let everyone else live theirs in peace please!

New GCHQ spymaster: US tech giants are 'command and control networks for terror'


well said Evil Auditor

There is one basic fact here - if you are not doing anything you shouldnt be doing, you dont have anything to worry about.

IMHO there should be a complete social media blackout on the activities of ISIS and other terrorist groups. I have no issue with government surveillance - they dont have time to 'listen' to individual conversations - their activities are highly targetted and have probably benefitted most of us to some extent in recent years by preventing various plots from being enacted.

If you want to protect the freedoms you have then that means taking the rough with the smooth and accepting these things are a necessary evil. To quote Team America - freedom is not free. Cliche it might be, but its also very true.

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast


Well I for one hope it works...

...but im also a realist!

Philip K Dick 'Nazi alternate history' story made into TV series


Not how i remember the book

...which was about an american antiques/gift shop owner who had seen his culture deprecated by the Japanese who had taken over - not the Germans. In fact i dont remember the germans featuring hugely at all.

How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?


shit in...shit out

Its all subjective but as someone whos been playing the guitar for over 20 years and has been through a large collection of amps & cabs, i can say the biggest impact on sound 'character' generated for a given set of inputs are...:

- the amplifier

- the speaker

This is the same if its MP3 files, CDs or lossless digital formats.

However like any other process if you put shit in, youll get shit out, lossless or not.

If you cant get a good amp do your ears a favour and buy a pair of Grado headphones - sr60s will do.

Forget your overpriced chavvy gizmo laden B&W, Bose, B&O and Beats etc phones get something that really makes a difference & that says you actually know what youre talking about.

Applelutely fappulous: Fashionistas bow down before the JESUS PHONE


People often use brands as a means of acquiring an identity for themselves. Personally i think its bollocks and I choose what I buy on the basis of quality

Bose says today is F*** With Dre Day: Beats sued in patent battle


Bose is gash

buy Grado instead - a pair of 'cheap' Grado SR60s is good enough to give every pair of boutique headphones ive tried - including B&W P5s, expensive AKGs, the £150 pair of Shures i bought recently and certainly anything Bose have churned out - a bloody good run for their money.

I wouldnt buy anything else instead these days

Apple: No, China. iPhone is NOT public enemy number 1


This might just be the most ironic bit of PR ever

Given China's undoubtedly dubious history of tracking its own people....

You need a list of specific unknowns we may encounter? Huh?


great stuff....

...keep fighting the good fight Al. Despite our transtory status my experience is that us contractors are more committed to genuinely improving the businesses we work for than their own permanent staff are.

Manhattan drone pair cuffed for NYPD chopper near miss


its only a matter of time....

before these things are banned on grounds of health, safety & the impending likelihood of a multi-meeelion dollar lawsuit the first time some 'innocent' person suffers prolonged mild terror - or worse - as a result of one of these things...

CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN


I wonder if you can so confidently argue that the increase in Taliban/Al Qaeda etc activity in the middle east - most notably the ISIS events this week - are not linked to the publication of details of exactly what was being monitored and how??

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base



Couldnt agree more with the original poster of the TRAITORS comment.

Lets all give China, Russia, North Korea, Iran etc all the propaganda they need eh - FFS you idiots, to sustain democracy you unfortunately have to fight fire with fire - merely taking the high ground im afraid just opens a vacuum into which those who want to disrupt your way of life will very quickly step in and begine to overwhelm you.

This ultimately is the law of nature - eat or be eaten. If you dont want our government to spend the money on it, start surrendering your rights to freedom as we know it now.

Rap chap tapped for $3 BEELLION: Apple buys Dr Dre's Beats



Not only is Dr Dre set to be a billionaire doctor of musicology, but if i remember correctly his back catalogue also marks him out as a keen supporter of the Law Enforcement community and a champion of womens rights??

Trebles all round...(crotchets and quavers optional)

Google TOO WHITE and MALE, says HR boss, looking in mirror


Diversity is bollocks

Whatever happened to employing the best candidate for a given job - is that not genuinely the fairest thing to do.

Can discrimintation ever be positive....?

Doing more for less with your Oracle database


(un)common sense

How about rather than spending massive amounts of money on additional software (& infrastructure to run it on), businesses actually take a bit of time to understand exactly what data theyve got, what purpose it serves and what value it has....before throwing more good money after bad

A well thought out & properly implemented archiving strategy can substantially reduce the amount of 'live' data in your production databases, whilst simultaneously providing performance improvements, consolidation onto fewer CPUs and allowing you to actually use tiered storage for what its for. It can help avoid the need for partitioning (@ approx £5k per core) and other more complex solution for managing vastly bloated relational DBs.

Sometimes we forget to look at the obvious and continue wasting money on perpetuating the same problem...

Vladimir Putin says internet is a 'CIA project'


Re: I always thought he was a bit crazy

The guy is a dictator intent on turning Russia into a communist state with a state controlled pseudo-capitolist economy.

Unfortunately I have to admire what he has achieved for his country - he is a consumate strategest and has been playing the long game with the west for over ten years now, during which time he has manouvred Russian utilities, minerals and raw materials businesses into key positions underpinning western european economies, while the heads of those countries have bent over backwards to accommodate the oligarchs and wealthy Russian businessmen who have hungrilly started to acquire their national assets.

It was only a matter of time before Putin started delivering the killer blows by pretty much nationalising those same businesses from under the feet of their owners, while we in the west were so preoccupied by the thought of foreign cash that our so called leaders failed to see what they were getting themselves into - and we now have zero leverage to do anything about the current situation in Crimea.

Goes to show you should always protect your national interests first and foremost. This is NOT the time to be cutting defence budgets, and the fact that almost all investment in UKs major infrastructure projects is coming from overseas (ie China!!!) is a truly frightening thought indeed.

Lessons need to be learnt.

Back off, Siri! Microsoft debuts Halo beauty Cortana


And Joe Belfiore is powered by Dung


"You could say he/she understands everything about the world"

This sentence is also true of most of the uni graduates Iwhen they first enter the workplace - before their spirits have been crushed by the faceless corporate machine!

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?


Thats life unfortunately

No point losing any sleep over it - im quite pissed off that the OR upstart has sold his soul to the devil. I hoped he might have more strategic foresight and commitment to his product and the community it has fostered over the last 18 months or so....but no...money talks, and when youre 20 years old instant cash always wins over what might be the right thing in the long term

This surely ranks as one of the biggest potential losses to the gaming world.

I only hope Sony's Morpehus can match the latest Rift in terms of performance before its finished - id rather they had my cash than Zuckerberg.

NSA's TURBINE robot can pump 'malware into MILLIONS of PCs'


Re: Dont be so naive

Youve missed the point pal - the economic benefits associated with the infrastructure regeneration of destroyed countries, the potential mineral assets of the country in question are usually - along with achieving a stable socio-economic platform for those nations who influence your own balance of trade - the determining factors, or excuses that influence whether the US declares a war or not. And no that isnt a quote.

I for one am not naive nor asleep - why would you weaken your own country's position in the very real cyber war that has been going on for several years now (see Stuxnet et al) - thereby risking the economic and social stability of your home nation - by leaking confidential information, for any reason other than ego fluffing. Morality, to quote Jim Royle, my arse.

Read twice, comment once.

'Amazon has destroyed the unicorn factory' ... How clouds are making sysadmins extinct


It isnt just sysadmins

...its infrastructure architects, project managers and other roles involved in the IT project lfiecycle as well.

Im all for using the right tools for the job - and cloud has its place - however its not the answer to every CTOs problems - and its those idiots that are turning cloud into the new outsourcing - i.e clouds the answer, whats the question, whereas it used to be (and still is) outsourcing.

Interesting to hear that as startups reach critical mass, they are looking for autonomy over their key IP - which does reinforce my earlier point - everything has its place



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