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Double-negative tweet could be Microsoft Surface Phone hint


Re: Surface Phone?

Yep, x86 compatibility will make continuum useful. Also it's good to know you can run desktop programs on the phone if you really need to. With the n900 I used Linux desktop programs to get paperwork in for important contracts while traveling without a notebook. Very rewarding experience.

Earth's core is younger than its crust surface


goddamnit Uggerhoe &c., you're ruining my plans!

The Windows Phone story: From hope to dusty abandonware


Want choice = buy wp10, BB10, Sailfish etc.

Want no choice = buy Android or IOS.

Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop scores gig as chief innovator for Australia's top telco


Telstra + Elop: let the good-times roll...

Feature-rich work in progress: Windows Mobile 10 build 10136


US Engineering

Interesting... instead of moving the hamburger over to the right, they boiler-plated a new hardware button dependency... a very American approach to problem solving.

BlackBerry ponders putting Android on future mobes


If its true, pity. Where to next: Sailfish or Ubuntu?

US Congress promises death to patent trolls in bipartisan law scribbling


Legal costs should be paid for by the state, since it's the state's laws that bring people to court. I believe this would create political pressure to hose the cruft...

Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish


I use programs

...not the OS, so whatever boots faster & doesn't cause segfaults = better.

ZX81 BEATEN at last as dev claims smallest Chess code crown


illegal schimegal

onya Poudade, punch em in the guts with the power gauntlet...

Eat FATTY FOODS to stay THIN. They might even help your heart


Further reading on the mechanics:


From what I gather the worst thing you can eat is seed-oil washed down with carbs... donuts.

BlackBerry inks deal with Amazon to get Android apps on its mobes


Nice. Though it would be frustrating if Amazon videos are region locked on Blackberry... they'd also need the download option so we can pre-load videos before visiting places with expensive internet.

Samsung's 'OS of Everything' Tizen still has little to offer


Try it before commenting...

The Vulture 2: What paintjob should we put on our soaraway spaceplane?


paisley, brown on beige... or burgundy

ENTIRE NBN BOARD offers to walk the plank: report


Re: wtf

Welcome to the Anglosphere Nate.

Jolla Sailfish OS to support Android hardware, apps


They should do it first, talk about it afterwards...

Unless they're running out of money.

Snowden: 'Hey, Assange, any more room on Ecuador's sofa?'


could be an excellent resource

Data data data! I cannot make bricks without clay...

I wonder what tools they use to query and visualize the data.

TSA to pull backscatter perv scanners from US airports



I always go for the free massage anyways, puts a smile on my face every time, especially when they kneel to do the trousers...

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA


this bee has stung itself

silly bee...

Dixons steps over Comet's bloodied body to nab bonus Xmas sales


Re: The future

I'm thinking the latter, unless Mr Hill was wearing slippers and sporting a mullet.

Anger grows over the death of Aaron Swartz



he'll miss out on 40~50 years of food & beer!

What a shame.

Nokia: Ship's now stable, all we need is passengers


Re: What's missing

Agreed, don't know how much longer my n900 will hold together. I still can't find a more capable device/system to replace it.

El Reg Movember lads sprout mighty Unix beards for cancer charity


Re: "Mo Sisters"?!

that reminds me, I should read Chaucer again...

Metric versus imperial: Reg readers weigh in



Imperial units employ one syllable, which may be spoken with a stylish drawl.

Metric units have many syllables, requiring one to yammer like a Spaniard.

Linux-based Tizen mobile platform lives!


Re: Need Apps

Unless the core programs that ship with the OS are well developed. A good example is maemo-harmattan, which (for me) is useful out-of-the-box, except for writing, spreadsheets and and a couple of missing services in its aggregator (whatsapp & G+)...

In any case its no-good having thousands of 3rd-party apps wothout means to filter-out the useless ones (like ads, canned documents, novelties & web-portals) from the repository browser. Otherwise one can waste hours downloading and testing crapware, possibly putting the device into a state of disrepair.

Governments block YouTube over that video


Re: Sigh

Or humans can just stop being dickheads.

Dickheads are winners though...

Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in importance


Re: win95 vs win8

It seems that the goal is to have programs that will run the same on the phone, tablet and laptop. This goal makes sense, especially when combined with secure* online storage of data & settings. However most developers (of business/production software) have yet to partake and it is not suitable for most people in countries with monopolized/under-developed telecommunications infrastructure.

I agree MS has the right idea, it will just take time and plenty of risks & mistakes (by all parties) to get the execution right.

*remains to be seen.

Microsoft keeps Win Phone 8 under hype-boosting wraps


It seems to me like they're concealing a mediocre OS that's still less capable than Maemo/Meego-Harmattan or Android (but with the full spammage agenda of the latter). If so, the secrecy makes sense as it may prevent commitments to rival products by people who are prepared to wait-and-see.

I also suspect their app-store will still be flooded with crappy appvertizements at launch, just the major brands at first.

Amazon unveils new hi-def Kindle iPad-killers


Re: Wow

Ah, the good life. I'd return to the states just for Amazon. Its so hard having to physically forage in Australia... And pay good beer money on meagre trickle of data.

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?


Re: @FordPrefect

Iast wp7 device I bought had to returned after discovering applications couldn't read/write files directly to its internal storage. Connecting it to a PC to read/write files entailed installing zune and editing the registry. Also, there was no way to edit/run python on the device... What else... oh yes: The IM client didn't support Google-chat. All of these are a non-issue with the n9 which itself was under-developed... Many of the arguments against using wp variants are perfectly valid.

Cambridge Uni publishes free Pi-OS baking course


Re: OS?

7 steps would be satisfactory

Firefox, Opera allow crooks to hide an entire phish site in a link


Re: But, but, but ...

stop your blithering man!