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Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese


User point of view

I am a regular user of the IT Reporting system which relies on Java. To be honest, this is very painful from the begining. Let me list down the pains -

1. It took ages to load the interface. I have seen reporting systems from outside our domain load much faster than this internal system.

2. I can't update Java. This is the point mentioned in the article. Whenever I update Java, the system broke down and my IT team screams at me not to update Java. I do not understand why things break down with every single update.

3. The system refused to load some "Unsecured" elments and I have to choose either to block the elements (God knows what I am blocking!) or allow them (God knows what I am allowing!).

The "Write Once, Run Anywhere" looks good on paper and gained hugely popularity in some circles. However, the user experience was always worse and will remain so against native code. Frankly speaking the age old truth - "One size does not fit all" still holds true.