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Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 eight-megapixel cameraphone

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@Steve Kay

The C905 most certainly does have a keylock, it just isn't turned on by default (it's in the settings, oddly enough).

This phone is broadly pretty good - I've had it over a month now. However Vodafone has made a dogs-breakfast of their version of the firmware, with a number of shocking issues (the Youtube app can't get beyond buffering, the Geotagging is f**ked, amongst other things), and also mine has taken to an annoying habit of resetting itself a lot when the slider is shut (suggesting it isn't catching properly and key-locking, instead locking itself up).

So other than these issues, a great phone. And yes, the camera is very, very good indeed - for a phone. I use a Canon 40D as my main camera nowadays, meaning that it isn't always appropriate - and my C905 proved to be more than up to the task taking the odd shot at a gig recently.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K850i camera phone

Adam Williams

Optical Zoom on 'phones

as per above, the N82 does not have optical zoom - it has a x20 digital zoom.

The Samsung G800 has a 3x optical zoom, just a shame Samsung handsets are so crap to use.

Motorola Z8 'kick slider' media phone

Adam Williams

re: No howls of outrage?

Why should there be? Unlike certain other shockingly expensive phones of late, this one is spec'd with everything a top-end 'phone should have, not just what the manufacturer *thinks* a 'phone should have, as well as actually allowing features to be added/not locking them down - the crucial difference between mobile manufacturers, and those who make mobiles as a fashion accessory...

Back to the Z8: If only Motorola would get rid of that sodding iTAP system and use the T9 standard as per everyone else, I'd consider this over the forthcoming Sony-Ericsson W910...

iPhone contract charges unveiled

Adam Williams

Activation fees

these activation fees sound very much like the "Connection fee" that operators canned over here some years back - funnily enough they weren't very popular.

The iPhone itself - nothing spectacular. And without 3G it will be dead in the water in Europe at that kind of price - I'll stick with my plans to get a Sony-Ericsson W910i this autumn..


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