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UK.gov spaffed billions into IT projects at 'high risk of failure' last year


Re: Shame

You also forgot that no one wants to be the one with their name at the bottom of the page as signing off one something, as they'll be held accountable for the cock up

Don't panic. Stupid smart meters are still 50 years away


Your washer insists on being filled with cold water as the hot water feed is pointless, because the hot water has cooled down in the pipe so is cold anyway, unless your boiler / water tank is right next to the washer


Re: ??


Nonetheless the Govt is still spaffing £11bn to do something that the energy industry should be paying for if they want it.

That's the problem, the energy companies don't want it but are having to install it and we're the ones having to foot the bill.

Hello? Police? Yes, I'm a car and my idiot driver's crashed me


The article states it calls the emergency services if the airbag sensors have triggered, so if you're driving with enthusiasm and the airbags have gone off then I suspect you're going to need the emergency services soon enough

Wheeee! BT preps for FIVE HUNDRED MEGABIT broadband trial


Re: Can't believe it took 5 posts...


I sort of agree with what you're saying about living in the sticks etc etc, but my parents live in a small village miles away from the exchange and have had fibre for around 3 years and recently it was upgraded to 50mbps and this is the same story for all the other small towns and villages round here. I live in one of the largest towns in the UK and the exchange here only got upgraded last year and so far they're aren't any signs of fibre being rolled out on mass.

Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism


Re: Maybe the only way to prevent this


Labour, particularly Gordon Brown, certainly helped with light touch regulation of the banks believing they've regulate themselves and, various other government policies that allowed the bankers to do the damage they did. Ed Balls was also complicit in a lot of this stuff as well, as an advisor to Gordon Brown, and he'll be the next chancellor!

So yes, they're as much to blame for what happened as the bankers

UK flights CRIPPLED by system outage that shut ALL London airspace


Pointless latest update

What's the relevance of the latest update that NATS use MS Windows on their desktops. From the article the restriction in airspace is as a result of a power failure in their DC, so the update seems to be totally irrelevant to the article, other than to try and associate MS with this outage!

Microsoft pulls a patch and offers PHANTOM FIX for the mess


I've got the Russian roulette situation now, the patches have downloaded from my WSUS server so on the next reboot I'll have to see what doesn't work. Looks like it could be a crappy weekend fixing Windows updates.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


I'm not sure if it's just because it's new, but I find the redesign hard to navigate and I'm not in favour of the change. There appears to be a main story and the the other top stories don't seem to have much prominence. It's also like a page full of text so the individual stories are harder to see in the wall of text that makes up the main site. Also what's with the fixed column width, I'm using a 1920 x 1200 monitor and the page seems to be squeezed into the middle of the page.

Bernie Madoff's coders jailed for role in $65bn ponzi scheme fiasco



So does this mean that every software developer could be prosecuted if their software was used in a crime, as the way the article reads that's what they've been put away for.

I guess the developers at Microsoft, Oracle and the other big boy will be worried then, or should the open source lot be more worried as their pockets aren't as deep as the big boys.

'I don't NEED to pay' to watch football, thunders EU digi-czar


Re: Good luck on that one.

I have to agree with the sentiment that international events, be they football, rugby or any other sport should be on free to view TV, although in these modern times, we're not allowed to be patriotic in case it upsets someone!

The problem with the rugby union events is down to the RFU who have a deal with Sky for matches at Twickenham, so in the 6 nations you'll be able to watch England as long as they're not at home. $deity knows if that's going to be the case for the world cup next year, but I do hope it's not.

97% of UK gets 'basic' 2Mbps broadband. 'Typical households' need 10Mbps – Ofcom


Just because something is capable doesn't mean that it does. I live 2 miles from my local exchange and the maximum I can get is 4Mbps, so I am puzzled by your comment!

BOFH: Everyone deserves a little DOWNTIME


"I was going to say I don't know," I respond, "but now it's I don't know PLUS the time of this phone call, PLUS the time to navigate back to the remote desktop app."

"So you don't really have any idea?"

"I don't know exactly what's wrong yet, so no."

I guess we've all have this discussion!!

UK cops: Give us ONE journo's phone records. Vodafone: Take the WHOLE damn database!


Unless I've misunderstood the article, and as other have mentioned, Voda cocked up in supplying 1700+ phone records when they were only asked for 1 by the Met. The other issues are that the Met didn't notify Voda of the cock up, I'm not sure if they were obliged to, and then the Met took it upon themselves to process the data on ALL the supplied phone numbers, even though they were only investigating 1 number.

Facebook, Apple: LADIES! Why not FREEZE your EGGS? It's on the company!


Re: The State of Code

Perhaps you should have read more than the first paragraph as the article is nothing to do with writing code

IT crisis looming: 'What if AWS goes pop, runs out of cash?'


Re: Sigh....

I think that was the point of the article but, as I read it, there's only going to be Microsoft and Google being there in the end because they're the only ones in the market with pockets deep enough, and while AWS is big it's losing $2B per year, which is a pretty unsustainable business model.

A SCORCHIO fatboy SSD: Samsung SSD850 PRO 3D V-NAND


Re: Return of the Ramdisk?

The problem here which I think the OP and article mentioned is that the RAPID application uses system memory as a cache, so it doesn't matter if the SSD has supercaps or whatever to keep it up during a powercut the system is powered off and all that lovely RAM is now empty so file corruption here we come

Nearly there! LOHAN Kickstarter pot o'gold breaks £29,000


Re: Dear Reg...

One of the logos has Europe at the centre, the other has the US at the centre

Pay to play: The hidden cost of software defined everything


Re: This is real "free" software

@John Brown

You have a far too high a regard for sales people, thinking that there will only be one sale. He WILL be selling to both customers but has now managed to wrangle more money out of at least one of them

Vulture 2 spaceplane autopilot brain surgery a total success


Re: What happens?...

The spec of the canard servos (Futaba S3016) has them taking 0.2 seconds for a 60 degree sweep at 6 volts, which is quite slow, so I'd not make the wiggle too much otherwise the plucky Playmonaut could be in for a bit of a wild all be it short ride!

Report: American tech firms charge Britons a thumping nationality tax


I've recently come back from the States and bought a Galaxy Tab over there. I paid ~$320 over there including tax, so around £200 at the time + £5.50 credit card charge. The same tablet over here was £320, so the old tale of just replace the currency symbol for US to UK pricing seems to hold!

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors


I went to Bletchley Park a few years back and the National Museum of Computing was as good as anything else at Bletchley so I don't understand this as Colssus was a significant part of the effort at Bletchley, so the one ticket should get you into both things.

'We don't use UPS. If we did we'd have huge UPSs and tiny computers'


Re: Coolers on the roof?

My guess is they're on the roof because it's easier and cheaper to get the heat away from the air con unit heat sinks because you'd just use the outside air, the issue is if the ambient air temperature gets too high then there isn't much heat exchanged from the air con heat exchangers, which is what appears to have happened in the article.

If the heat exchangers were the basement then you'd have less air to heat up so would hit this problem sooner, and / or you'd have to find some way to get the hot air out of the basement and that could end up being expensive or technically challenging.

Five UK banks sign up to hook up customers' ACCOUNTS to their MOBILE DEVICES


I won't use this as I simply don't trust the security on the platforms at the moment, not to mention the what happens if the phones nicked issue.

Ofcom: By 2017, even BUMPKINS will have superfast broadband


Re: Bumpkin

Think I'm going to have to move to bumpkinland if that's the speed you're getting, I'm lucky to get more than 3mbps and that's living 1 mile from the exchange in a large town!

A £30,000, 295bhp 4G MODEM?!? Must be the Audi S3 Quattro, then


Re: Permanent 4 wheel drive

This is from page 17 of the A3 brochure that's on the Audi website which would seem to contradict what you're saying, either that or Audi can be had up for false advertising

In the Audi A3, quattro® all-wheel-drive

continuously distributes drive power

between the front and rear axles depending

on weather conditions, road surface and

gradient, which increases flexibility for an

enhanced, sportier drive.

Dell nemesis Icahn offers Apple's Tim Cook slap-up grub in share buy bid


"He told Reuters last week that he reckoned Apple could withstand a $150bn buyback programme if it borrowed some money"

This proves that I'm too thick to work in finance, I mean why would a company with ~$170bn in the bank want to buy back $150bn of it's shares BUT have to get a loan to do it! I must be missing something somewhere in all this lot

Peak Apple? HOGWASH! Apple is 'extremely undervalued,' says Icahn


Re: pump & dump?

This was my first thoughts when I saw this on the BBC yesterday

Vodafone flashes bulging package at Brits: New 4G service to rival EE, O2


I'd like decent 2G first before they start looking at 4G, round here I'm lucky if I get a data connection at all, let alone one that's of any use

Tough luck, bumpkins! Blighty broadband speed gap misery worsens


Re: small village in scotland

Large UK town population 420,000, 4mbps at best, and if I stand on my roof I can see the exchange

BOFH: Don't be afraid - we won't hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer


Re: Stupid title, helping propagate clueless nonsense.

JEDIDIAH is correct. You've passed a BSc so can't be called an engineer as only people who've passed a BEng or MEng can call themselves engineers, or so I was told by one of my lecturers many moons ago at Uni

Not sure whether to beer or Scientist but going with Beer as it's Friday and getting nearer beer o'clock

BT earmarks super-speedy 300Mbit/s broadband for 50 exchanges


Re: Have and have nots

I live in one of the largest towns in the UK and the exchange here isn't Infinity capable and isn't on the published upgrade plan so won't be done for the next couple of years at least

So the argument that BT will only put stuff in the easy to get to / decent profit areas is crap. The rural exchanges around here, for example, have had fibre for at least 2 years if not longer and those 10 - 15 exchanges cover a total population of less that my town, so upgrading 1 exchange would have surely been more cost effective than having to upgrade 10 - 15

Google: 'We'll track EVERY task on EVERY data center server'


Re: Gee Thanks Google

There is no mention of DPI in the article, and I don't see how monitoring the number of cycles a process uses on a CPU is anywhere near the same thing

FAA grounds Boeing's 787 after battery fires on plastic planes


Doesn't matter with some Lithium packs, oxygen is created by the chemicals that make up the pack so they'll still burn, even in a vacuum.

LiPo batteries for example will still burn underwater, so there's no way of putting them out, you just have to let them burn themselves out.

O2 looses legal torpedo at Everything Everywhere 4G monopoly


Re: Oh look...

We still don't have a viable 3G network yet, so what makes you think LTE will be viable in 2 - 3 years


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