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Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese


Open your eyes

I have never seen such an appalling, unfair article on Reg before, and I have seen many.

So, you couldn't learn to code in Java to save your life. Is that platform's problem? I hardly think so.

I have been working with Java for last 12 years, and my love and respect for the platform has only grown. From the very start, I have been using Windows as development & build platform, and Linux as the server (deployment) one. Write-Once-Run-Anywhere DOES WORK, unless the programmer is hell bent on not to let it. There is no other technology which provides such portability.

Yes, the browser based rich-client use-case of Java is not the best in comparison to other rich-client technologies. But, why is it expected out of a technology to be at the helm in every use-case? Java RULES on the server-side and there are very good reasons for that. Having said that, I still think Swing, as a desktop application technology, is amazingly flexible and portable, provided the programmer has enough skills with multi-threading.

The combination of amazing simplicity and enormous power of Java in the enterprise space makes me a big fan of the language. On top of that, the rich community of open-source frameworks make the development so much transparent, simple and fun.

Epic FAIL! Because the criticism is wrongly directed towards the technology.