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What a pain in the Azzz-ure: Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, etc knocked offline by DNS blunder


Thanks for scaring the crap out of me on a Thursday evening Microsoft!

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer


Always copying Apple

Can Microsoft not come up with a single idea, without pinching it off our beloved fruit based company.

I wonder if the coffin will be zune brown.

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD


Re: Again

Likewise....everyone loves waking up to their laptop, starting a teams meeting and then realising there are no audio drivers because Microsoft have decided it should be deleted.

Yet literally everyone accepts this level of shoddiness "well it is kind of free", so is MacOS and not once have i updated my 8 year old Macbook and had it forget how to play sound!

BT will HATE us for this one weird 5G trick


Re: Well come to Norwich then...

You say that, but actually it's fantastic because it means there is always a way to get around a jam and everything can avoid everything else!

I love it, and the cycle lanes and everything else about this place!

Much better than Norwich. (and I say that as a person that is half Norwichish)

Matt LeBlanc handed £1.5m to front next two series of Top Gear


Re: 1.5 Million pounds to an AMERICAN "Ha, Ha!"

I don't think it was so much the "one last chance" that annoyed everyone about the situation, it was more Danny Cohens' mission to nail clarkson whatever the cost.

The man that brought us "Snog Marry Avoid", a man so left wing that his ethnic peace bicycle went in circles..had a grudge to settle with Clarkson and so brought him up on several false/needless charges the slope comment/eeny meeny/the falklands plate.

So of course when Clarkson went off the deep end there was no room to manoeuvre, but in fairness if my boss was basically being a cock and trying to stifle all creativity I'd get understandably frustrated too.

You should install smart meters even if they're dumb, says flack


Need more than one network...

To me the idiocy of the scheme comes down to its piss poor planning and implementation. My mother had a chap come down the drive the other month to survey and inform her about the fact they would be coming round to install a smart meter for her electicity....

Small problem he spotted they couldn't install it because there was no mobile network signal...except, there is....so clearly what he actually means is "you don't have the signal of our chosen network operator"

Well that's just bloody idiotic, between them all they cover 99.9% of the U.K., surely you'd setup multiple agreements with multiple operators? Or am I just thinking logically here?

Oracle brews perpetual, all-you-can-eat database licence


Cut the crap

Here's a completely radical idea for Oracle... How about they make 1 product that works than 4 competing products that don't. I deal with Salesforce & Dynamics on a daily basis...in the last few months I've been subjected to Oracle On Demand (which is crap), Oracle Fusion (which is diabolical..it shouldn't take me 2 days to work out how to edit some fields and links), I'll be working on Siebel shortly (and expect that to be shit as well) and today I discover they also do something called Sales Cloud...

What possible need is there for 4 systems that all do the same thing but each with differing degrees of rubbishness.

Ford recalls 433,000 cars: Software bug breaks engine off-switch


Re: And again ..

Or...do what you do when a turbo diesel blows an oil seal and runsaway...

Cover the air intake with something relatively airtight... like a plastic bag, or some socks.

Man its fun watching that happen, although i'd imagine shit scary if it happened to you.

Guy puts 1990s MacOS 7 on an Apple Watch – without jailbreaking it


Re: I miss System 7

Ahhhhh system 7.6 I miss you too

I also remember the wide eyed excitement of going to Jessops/John Lewis in Nottingham, and returning home with OS 8.5

Google blames Flash for hobbling Chrome, says it sucks (too much power)


Are they going to fix the really horrible stuttery issue with flash and chrome.

The BBC wants to slap a TAX on EVERYONE in BLIGHTY


Re: @ Moeluk

Please, they all have sky..and they all watch match of the day, blue planet, listen to 5 live and God knows what else..it's not that they don't use it..its that they don't understand what an absolute hell hole this country would be like without it...

I don't want to live in a society run by American style media.


I for one laughed my arse off at this...I love the BBC, and believe it's critical to allow even remotely unbiased media and excellent tv shows to flourish.

My friends do not share this opinion "why do we pay for the bbc, the license fee should be abolished" so when this was announced I was overjoyed! Beware of what you wish for ladies and gents!

EU law bods: New eCall crash system WON'T TRACK YOU. Really


And presumably this will end the oft favoured practice of paying for the opposite persons repairs in minor bumps and scuffs.

One year on, Windows 8.1 hits milestone, nudges past XP


Re: And yet other propducts are still worse and people still buy them

Umm...not to be rude Wardy, but I've been through the whole cycle....

I'm a Mac user, that at my previous company ran Win 7 in a VM, to administer systems and do work, then I trialled Win 8 to check for O365 and Dynamics stability, and assess it's suitability for handing out to the workforce. I kept using Win 8...even though it would f**k me off every other day with the way everything was hidden.

Moved job...got a Win 7 laptop again, and breathed a sigh of relief...until my new laptop came with 8.1

Now...in single screen mode it still f**cks me off just as much as Win 8 did...but with a dual display, I can live with the fact that one screen becomes an oversized start menu, it doesn't interrupt my work flow as much while loading up VS 2013, or RDP'ing into one of our many servers.

But the fact is that whilst you say "all this fuss over a start menu", the fact is..it's hacked off enough end users...for it to become a non obtrusive, non workflow disturbing again in Win 10. This is the price Sinofsky paid, for ignoring months and months and months of preview users screaming at him "WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO WINDOWS"

Even now though...win 8.1 still hacks me off, mostly because there are STILL settings split between the actual control panel, and the TIFKAM settings...and my TIFKAM is broken and won't actually let me access those settings without nuking and paving the whole machine.

I thank the lord that my new job meant I could format my Macbook Pro and leave it unsullied by Windows.

Chipmaker FTDI bricking counterfeit kit


One group of people are about to have a pretty big problem...

One group of people without the technical expertise (in computing anyway), are going to have a massive shock...people with USB to OBDII cables that they bought on ebay, and use to interrogate and change their cars ECU's, AKA pretty much every independent garage in the country ever..

This is going to come as a bit of a shock to them, and they won't be very happy, when they discover they can't reset warning lights etc....

They won't sue, they'll get a geek to sort it all out, but seriously...wtf? That's Shady FTDI...tres shady!

TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'


Re: WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, big issue sellers are outnumbered 10:1 by the moping lovestruck goths milling about in front of the Forum. Honestly I've never wanted to slap people in the face before...but when they stand there sullen face leaning against each other in a semi-hug..I just want to shout "CHEER UP YOU MISERABLE B***ARDS"

Call of Duty daddy considers launching own movie studio


So does this mean that when a bunch of you go to see the movie, for no apparent reason whatsoever, one of you won't be allowed into the auditorium...before the rest of you are randomly kicked out 2/3rds of the way thru the movie?

New iGasm: Apple to unveil not one but TWO iPhone 6 models on 9 Sept


Re: Still with the rumors

I think you'll find bloomberg just re-reported it, it was actually the AllThingsD team that reported it initially, and seeing as that group contains, much loved Walt Mossberg, who never publishes bullshit when it comes to Apple, i'd consider it a fairly reliable source.

Windows 8 market share stalls, XP at record low


Re: Register Daily To Do List

and remind me again, just how Win 8 has "succeeded".

Facebook: Want to stay in touch? Then it's Messenger or NOTHING


Re: Splitting is the new 'thing', I fear

Thank God, it's not just me that's been thinking that....all I know is that in the early 90's we were all told about the advantages of taking one bottle into the shower instead of two...

and yet 20 years later, bookface are taking us in the other direction. I for one have abandoned the bookface app on the iPad and use Fera, I shall do the same on the iPhone if it stops me doing the same there.

BBC offers briefest of teasers for the next Doctor Who


Re: Maybe it's "time" for a tardis regen....

Sorry to be picky, but Jenna Coleman isn't married, she's just been in a relationship with GOT blokey since 2011...

There's still a possibility they could break up, leaving you free for your imagination to run riot with it's wank filled maschinations.

Granny's Guardian: Acorn BBC Micro hero touts OAP watchdog kit


Re: Granny's Guardian...

as did I...puntastic headline.

Windows 8.1, which you probably haven't upgraded to yet, Already obsolete


Re: Who at Microsoft is making up the names... and why do they still have a job?

The day after Windows Update. (sure to send chills to the spine of every sysadmin)

Facebook splats in-app chat, whacks brats into crack yakety-yak app


ummm wait what?

Well that seems a good idea...take an app where people can do two things relatively ok and then make them download another app, for the sole purpose of removing them from the place where you generate your advertising revenue....

Hmmm.......I might be being stupid, but this just seems another reason to stop using facebook...i rarely use it for anything other than to chat to maybe 2 or 3 friends...thats it, it's all just baby bullshit and other things.

Windows hits the skids, Mac OS X on the rise


Re: "free" OSX - what are we smoking today?

Wow, Ross..you need to chill out a bit before you have some sort of aneurism... however if it helps -

OS X is free, if you either bought a mac at any point in the last 4 years, or spent a whole £20 to update to snow leopard at any point in the last 4 years, then it is free, and will continue to be free in the future.

For a mac older than 4 years, i would say that I'd hardly begrudge £20 for an OS upgrade, when you look at the cost of either Win 7 or Win 8 (£154 and £90 respectively..for non oem home prem/standard versions)

Anyway, you go take a little lie down now before your blood pressure starts to affect seismometers in your local vicinity.

Smog-hit Beijing shows sunsets on a giant TV to remind people what the sun looks like


hmmmm...polishing a turd..

have to say it does look a little like a windows 8.1 desktop background.

Justice Ministry to spaff £70k finding out how prisoners like to use ILLEGAL mobes


Pretty sure you can build a fairly decent mobile phone jammer from a selection of parts from Maplins....

All you need to do is transmit absolute junk over the bands. Ok so prison officers can't make mobile calls in the surrounding area...but who cares.

Time travellers outsmart the NSA


Oh boy....

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software


Oh cock

I know at least one machine is on ie11 :-/ really hope the outlook plugin isn't affected

Brilliant return to work present after my hols.

Looks like Google may ask you to PAY for YouTube music - report


Re: Google translate....

try running your business on it....far more annoying than the ads

really hoping 2013 fixes our issues

PlayStation 4 BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH blamed on power cords, TV sets, butterflies in China


Don't forget that sony made the 0.4 statement the day before release though! So....

Sony scoffs at the Microsoft EX-BOX: A MILLION PS4s sell in ONE day


Re: Resogun

Well worth paying £440 for that game....oh wait....

Seriously i'm not even enthused about COD: Ghosts at this point, and i genuinely think my days of console gaming are over.

My friends will soldier on, but there are definitely better things to be doing these days probably.

..awaits the It's NOT £440 crowd....well no technically it isn't, but once you've bought COD, and PSN+ for online play, it kind of is.

Sony's new PlayStation 4: Early faults ENRAGE some buyers


Lol, you sound as butthurt as these guys over at gamespot


I'm sure the failure rate isn't that bad in truth, but oh my, how I shall laugh at my friends should it be proved to be true.

iPad 4 is so OVER: 5 times as many fanbois now using iPad Air - survey


Re: I suppose...

Well i suppose it's like when you split up with a girl, because she absolutely does your nut in...and yet a few months later you have a hankering to go back....having forgotten the nightmare that is dealing with Windows on a daily basis.

But I do smell the faint whiff of BS in your story.

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4


Re: CD support is an issue? Really??

Pop quiz hotshot....I'm in my living room with one tv, one 6.1 surround system,a ps4 and a copy of FIFA

I want to listen to my music from my pc upstairs, WHILST playing FIFA....

What do I do? Supposing I don't want to listen to Geoff Shreeves, Martin Tyler and Alan smith? Hmm....

Is that a really outlandish request? (Feel free to replace fifa with pretty much any game) mind you I know you playstation users have never had that option due to the feeble amount of memory handed over with your console...where as xbox owners have had that ability since the launch of the original xbox...but honestly, not playing mp3s is literally taking the Piss

Windows Azure Compute cloud goes TITSUP planet-wide


Re: 'There are also unknown unknowns' - The Cloud

Sir Humphrey and Bernard from Yes PM wasn't it? ;)

Google in PRODUCT RECALL for its Glass spy-goggles


Yeah...about that...the 2nd gen, looks worse than the first gen


It's the '90s all over again: Apple repeats mistakes as low-cost tablets pile up


No you see thats the point, they aren't taking them for idiots...they are pricing according to demand.

I would guess that well over 80% of the market could not give a rats arse about how much storage the tablet has. I don't use the entirety of a 16gb iPad...if you need 64gb, then thats your prerogative, but with streaming from iTunes with homesharing, and the ability to hold enough music and movies for 2 flights and a week on a sun lounger with headphones on...I really don't see the issue.

As for the auntie not wanting to buy him something thats cheaper, well thats her stipulation...she knows her iPad works, and she also knows that Nick very rarely buys anything that 'just works' it's fiddle with this, fiddle with that...


What a load of bluster from Canalys....when world and dog has stopped buying iPads, and next year Tim Cook announces that they've only sold 171million iPads, i might believe him.

But right now, if people want a tablet that they know that works, they buy Apple. Even my stubborn mate who refuses to buy the best, and always goes for the underdog (leading him to buy a Samsung S3) has been offered one for christmas by his auntie...but her stipulation is "it has to be an iPad" and even he is thinking of taking the offer.

So basically, non story...

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world


It shouldn't take that long to load an app, when the image viewer in Win 7 was also damn near instant though...


The one thing I want to know is how metro apps can be so incredulously slow and shit at the same time.

For instance I'm running win 8 in a Vm on my MacBook. I have a JPEG of approximately 500k...double click it in OS X and preview loads instantly.....

Double click it in win 8 I get the metro image splash screen and then the dots of despair move across the screen for anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds...before I get to see the pic. WTF?

How can it take that long to load a picture?

CEO of Brit fashion bods Burberry lands Apple job for retail, online sales


Seems a good fit to me! I'm happy, a damn sight better than that Browett twat, who's inflicted misery on every poor sod ever to step into a currys/pc world.

Samsung denies benchmark cheating, despite evidence


Re: What's next?

We can't be far off them allowing the phone to install a rootkit on any PC it's hooked up to.


Sorry to back everyone else up here....but yeah, the cars they use to produce the spec figures for cars are whats known as 'blueprinted', which means not only are they all leaned out on the test, but the engine in that car is designed exactly to spec, and all tolerances are much finer than they are in the production car.

Microsoft to kill Select Agreement rebates, rain cash on cloud deals


Oh good.....more MS cloud based stuff...a cloud so robust, it's currently taken Dynamics offline for the afternoon....cloud based CRM "always up"....hmmm tell that to the guys that are unable to work this afternoon as a result.

Microsoft announces iPad amnesty for fanbois


Protip for MS...if you are going to have a iPad vs Surface comparison page http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/compare#T1=microsoft-surface-rt

It's probably not a good idea for the first half of the page to show every way in which the iPad kicks the surfaces arse..

This offer has made me lol!

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business


Is it just me?

Or does Ballmer look like he's died a bit inside in this vid with Rory kettle lead Jones this morning?


Microsoft Surface sales numbers revealed as SHOCKINGLY HIDEOUS



oh wait your serious aren't you......


Interwebs taunt Sir Jony over Apple eye candy makeover


That all the worlds got?

Seriously...if thats all you can throw at iOS, - icons that don't appeal to everyone....then it's hardly a disaster.

I'm pretty chuffed with the look to be honest..and the icons will undoubtedly get tweaked a bit between now and release.

But hey it's the snarky interweb, so it's par for the course.

Microsoft CIO bails out to pursue 'personal projects'


If he was using Dynamics, I can understand why....