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Websites to 'close' for China's 'Internet maintenance day'

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“Internet maintenance day”

Does Hallmark have cards for that?

China breaks ceasefire, restarts hacking US government

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Everything is all right, everything is all right...

Probably also applies to the Chinese hacking team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwD1ylEjAYg

Magic mystery malware menaces many UK machines - new claim

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The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming!!!!

Facebook Home gets SMACKDOWN from irate users

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Facebook Tool...

"This is a tool for [Facebook] access," he told us

Well what he actually meant was:

"This is a tool for tools,"

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC

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With the proliferation of pocket-change single-board computers such as the following, how viable is the Intel offering?








Prime Ministerial exploding cheese expert to become 'entrepreneur'

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Common sense it not a common thing...


"...there is no evidence that clusters of successful tech companies can be willed into existence by state intervention."

That's very true.


"They tend to form around high-quality universities whose bright graduates have access to capital: for example, Stanford in California, and Cambridge and Manchester in the UK."

No, this is not always true. Most of the time it is the other way round i.e. companies setup offices to attract talent from good colleges.

Real startup eco-system is formed around large project(s) that is/are viable and has specific goals. The Silicon Valley did not form with blink of an eye because the US government/jobless investment bankers infused cash or promoted hype. It sprung to life because the US government had very specific goals and requirements. The requirements were to do R&D in the field of defense and space (and to claim political victory over the USSR). This US government requirement gave birth to some big defense and space research companies. The side effect of this was that lots of small companies (startups - both hardware and software) sprung around these big R&D firms to help them in the project. And this generated lots of perpetual growth i.e. old firms dying and new ones taking their place. The US government did not "start" Silicon Valley. It was an organic growth in a desert like place far away from New York or Washington (and very far way from investment bankers!). I hope the kids that are advising No. 10 atleast read the history of Silicon Valley before snapping the word "Silicon" in front of every dead or alive thing to make it sound cool! The government is getting into this hype machine because they achieve two things with this "policy", one they want a way to rehabilitate the bankers in London who have become jobless(and useless), and the second, they want to give a phony sense of "job creation" to the general public!


"As they say, it's all about who you know."

Very true! In this setup if you have an investment banker on your side, then even a 16 year old can become a millionaire within a year or two without any tangible creation!

This phony growth is going to come down as a house of cards one day and we will be left to pickup the pieces as we are doing now as a result of the follies of the bankers few years ago.

My maths teacher once said to the class: "Kids, you will soon realise when you venture into the real world outside that common sense it not a common thing!"

India may can low cost Aakash tablet project

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Re: Why did they choose Datawind?

It's not poor on delivery, it is poor on planning - the start phase of the project!

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One more proof...

Government initiated projects enforced on private companies seldom work, even if the intentions are good!

Now someone has to tell that to No. 10 as well.

How to survive a UEFI BOOT-OF-DEATH on Samsung laptops

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Down vote fiesta!! :)

"...was able to demonstrate that even an application running on Microsoft Windows could wreck a machine.

When the Linux kernel triggers an exception (such as a hardware driver poking the wrong bit of memory),..."

That probably validates Andrew Tanenbaum then?

Google patent filing suggests Glass will be ULTIMATE REMOTE

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"Google patent filing suggests Glass will be ULTIMATE REMOTE"

"REMOTE" control for who? The user or Google :)

Ubuntu tapped by China for national operating system

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Re: Ahem....

There is a difference between China owning something and the Indian or German owning something. When China owns, it is the Chinese government that does the investment via it's state fund. Where as the Indian or German ownership is by private companies. I recently happen to meet an Indian M&A senior official from a state owned Indian bank and the topic turned to acquisitions abroad (well, he was sitting in UK, so the "abroad" term applied to UK). He immediately said: "We do get lots of requests for funding acquisitions. But as we are very conservative we don't invest in risky assets. We need to think of the people investing with us - the bank account holders, because one mistake in investment division has ripple effect of the consumer banking division." I didn't know what to say!

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The system will be open-source for sure but only within the great firewall of China.

Nvidia gets into the server biz with Visual Computing Appliance

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"One scenario where Nvidia sees VCAs being used is a shared office where no one has a workstation"

Did someone just said "NC"?

Father of Android Andy Rubin steps down for Chrome OS boss

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"...he'll be working on the integration of Android and Chrome via apps..."

What does that mean?


"...habit-spotting code..."


I think they all are going the WebOS way i.e. make web technologies as the core of the OS just as FirefoxOS and Tizen are doing now. I hope WebOS is treated properly at LG.

First C compiler pops up on Github

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Now, where did I put that Linux Kernel v0.01 archive?

Samsung Wallet slavishly copies inspired by Apple Passbook

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"Good Artists Borrow/Copy*, Great Artists Steal"

* Google could not decide what exact word was used: Copy or Borrow.

India launch puts Canadian microsats into orbit

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What about the Brit payload onboard?

I read somewhere that there was also a Brit payload on board, in addition to the Canadian, French, Indian and some other countries.

Chinese search engine giant Baidu forges ARM servers

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Re: ARM Trickle


Intel will not do ARM SoC, but they will do MIPS SoC. The fight will be between ARM and Imagination, with Intel behind the scene directing Imagination to take on ARM+Mali with their MIPS+SGX combo.

Top Firefox OS bloke flames Opera for WebKit surrender

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Have they opensourced the browser engine? Or are there any plans to opensource it? Would be fun to see new projects based on the software.

Bite us, Apple: Samsung hauled in $8.3bn in Q4

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Re: What's this article got to do with Apple?

The strategy News media companies now-a-days use to generate revenue is mistakenly slipped out of it's news room by The Onion :)


Nokia chief Elop: 'Android? Hey, anything's possible!'

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"He also pointed out that Nokia had rejecting Google's Android operating system because it would have been tough differentiating its products from all the other Android handset makers." ....

..."Asked if he was concerned by Microsoft launching a rival Windows-powered smartphone, Elop said Nokia had enough technology to differentiate itself: he cited his firm's Maps, CityLens and its imaging technology."


Light ties itself in knots - spontaneously

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"Our models suggest that you have to get the key parameters of the light in a certain range before you can easily tie the light in knots but once you do, the knots are virtually guaranteed … we can’t predict exactly where they will form."

Light as random number generator! :)

Apple confirms 'surprise' September 12 event

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So, finally an invitation from the fruit to a vulture?

No mention this time on how The Reg is an outcast from the shiny event!?! I hear the Reg staff doing an elves dance in the office :)

Applied Micro's X-Gene server chip ARMed to the teeth

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Chasing reportards...

"...El Reg chased Gopi down in the parking lot and convinced him to disobey the lawyers and show off the finished board."

So, what else does Reg do to bring us the latest and exclusive news :)

Super-critical Java zero-day exploits TWO bugs

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"Write Once, Exploit Everywhere..."


And thats the reason I read the Reg!