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What's that, Microsoft? Yep, a Lumia and Surface SALES BOOM


Looks like fingers crossed for Win 10 then.

Basically Microsoft has a long way to go and all seems to hinge on Windows 10 and having just dipped a toe into the Windows 8.1 water with a Hipstreet W7 tablet from Carphone Warehouse for £49 I now have a little idea of what all the fuss has been about with W8. But the device I have just bought is not much good beyond surfing and checking e-mail as I have just found out you can't move some of the apps onto the memory card or indeed download any apps onto a memory card. That's not to say it doesn't work well for a £49 device but up to now I've been running Win7 and have an Android tablet and phone and have always had enough space to download stuff and move it around but although the Hipstreet W7 says its 16GB It's just about full running what it has already.

Windows 10: The Microsoft rule-o-three holds, THIS time it's looking DECENT



One major complaint with Windows hardware is the lack of apps compared to other OS's well for me having just bought my first Windows 8 flavoured gadget, a tablet, I take a different aspect to this problem. The Windows store is sparse in comparison to my Android tablet and phone but having said that I have found that I have the apps I need on my new fangled Windows tablet to do what I want and I question all the apps I have downloaded on to my Android stuff but never use. I'm not a gamer or Facebook/Whatsapp or other social media junkie I like news and so have news apps, sport, I have sports apps and access to my One Drive for documents, photos and such, oh and I still take pictures mainly with a DSLR. I am now looking at the recently released Microsoft 535 phone which is on sale at Argos for £90 which I am lead to believe after yesterday's Microsoft presentation will be upgraded to Windows 10 for free, maybe just for one year but that is yet to confirmed at the moment I believe.

Looking at my Android tablet, Galaxy, I have 12 apps there that I haven't used yet this year so I have to ask do I really need them but on the plus side I can move some apps to the memory card, on the Windows tablet I cannot, which is stupid. I hope Windows 10 rectifies that and I'm not sure if you can move apps to a memory card on Windows phone which will be a minus if you can't so will have to check that out.

Want a cheap Office-er-riffic tablet? Microsoft Windows takes on Android



Mmmm this gadget looks suspiciously like the Hipstreet W7 I have just bought from Carphone Warehouse for £49 very similar in many ways. Win 8.1, Office 365 for a year all in a 7 inch model but my first taste of Windows 8 in any flavour as I run Windows 7 and have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, my phone is an Android too. I must say that after some fiddling about with the set up, mainly downloading some apps I wanted and deleting others I didn't then getting use to a Windows 8 tablet set up as being use to my Galaxy, I find the Windows 8.1 experience not all that bad.

Granted I'm not a power user or technically advanced like some posters on here but for a casual surf, check e-mail, write the odd Word document and look at stuff in my One Drive the Hipstreet is quite passable. I have added a 32GB memory card and one of the daft things compared to my Galaxy Tab is that you cannot move any apps or download any apps to the memory card, I have Googled the subject and it seems you just can't, most odd. So pictures and documents only on my memory card at the moment for but £49 it has given me a insight to all I have been reading about concerning Windows 8 and all the woes.

The Great Smartphone Massacre: Android bloodbath gathers pace


£400 to £500 for a phone? No way.

I never have and never will pay some of the prices being asked for a top spec phone, I don't care what system it runs I just find it crazy to pay something like £400 for a phone. It's the same with tablet computers, for what most people want a low cost, in the region of £200 say, is sufficient for most of their needs. I learnt my lessons when buying desktop computers, wanting an updated powerful machine was something I wished for and having paid nearly a couple of thousand quid to get it I find that only a few weeks later there appeared better spec machines at lower prices. As I say never again, I learnt the hard way.

Nexus 9: Google and HTC deliver Android 5.0 'Lollipop' at iPad prices


One thing.

We are supposed to be reaching saturation point for mobile gadgets in the West it seems, be it phones, tablets whatever, but I don't see a glut of 1 or 2 year old gadgets for sale anywhere. And in some of those 'pawn' shops, if you call them that that these day, prices are still pretty high, so where are all the replaced gadgets? Yes some get passed down to family members but not all surely even E-Bay ain't all that cheap these days.

Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game: Glimpses of Turing's life, but that's all ...


A genius amongst many geniuses.

I'm looking forward to this film having just finished the book about Bletchley Park, The Secrets Of Station X, a fascinating read. Without doubt Turing was an exceptional person with immense brain power but he was surrounded by other very able people who together made a formidable team. People like Dilly Knox, Gordon Welchman, Tommy Flowers, Bill Tute, John Tiltman, Max Newman, and many others who worked tirelessly to break these codes. But the book, whilst paying tribute to these brilliant people, also highlight the immense contribution made by the many women working at Bletchley at the time. They were the ones that had the gruelling task of sorting through all this mass of intelligence, logging it, putting the messages in legible ways and then not being able to be mentioned at the end of the war for all their efforts.

And of course it wasn't just the German Enigma that was being broken, the Japanese codes were also being broken and messages read and at this point the American's were very interested. They eventually got involved and even they were amazed at the organisational set up and after the war heaped praise on the help and co-operation they got but of course this too was kept fairly quiet from the outside world. If the film is anywhere as good as the book then I shall be pleased but as to whether the film sticks to the facts as known or just concentrate on other none existent aspects and embellish the story somewhat I will have to wait and see.

Sway: Microsoft's new Office app doesn't have an Undo function


Oh dear!

Can't Microsoft just concentrate on stuff they already do and make it better, safer and with less bloat unless this is another business tool that us everyday folk have no interest in.

Sky's tech bets pay off: Pay TV firm unveils blazing growth for Q1


Freeview, a dissapointment.

For me Freeview falls well short of what I was expecting when there was a change to digital. I find it, at best, a bare bones service despite the advertising and an annoying thing is that even though some channels show up on the programme guide they do not appear when chosen. No I wasn't looking for a Sky equivalent but what is on offer is tepid and I regret getting rid of my old large old style Sky dish. Yes I could get dual LNB's and other none Sky equipment but I just can't be bothered I'll watch You Tube instead or just read a book.

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors


Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler .............

Glad I visited when I did, it did turn out to be one of the best days out I have had Colossus and all the other stuff was fascinating. Why oh why cannot a compromise be reached, or is it, like most things these days just about money. At the moment it is a scruffy collection of huts, some all boarded up, but to me that is part of the attraction of the place but maybe it doesn't fit into how museums or exhibits should be these days.

I've read many books about the exploits in these ground by the best brains we had at the time and it took a while to grasp the significance of what actually went on. But some of Turing's writings were on display and though I accept that I would never have been considered for employment there, what he wrote was so way above my head that even after 4 or 5 readings I was still no nearer understanding what he had written, such brain power.

I got talking to someone who told me that Turing had moved on after the war from decrypting codes to the workings of the human body and how things could be improved to make us live better, even here he had some far reaching ideas. Great place, shame it has come to this.

British Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing receives Royal pardon


Unjust conviction on many levels despite being 'right' at the time.

The British class system alive and well it seems, whereas Alan Turing was trying to save lives with his brilliant mind, other brilliant minds and well known homosexuals, were quite happy to give away our secrets to the Russians for many years. But though they were known homosexuals they were never arrested for such crimes of the day as was Turing.

Burgess, Philby, Maclean and Blunt, and few lesser known spies, were all, baring Blunt, 'allowed' to escape to their chosen utopia it seems and it was only Blunt who suffered any sort of humiliation when his knighthood was rescinded. It was a well known KGB tactic to entrap homosexuals because it was a criminal act back then.

Having visited Bletchley Park and having seen some of Turings surviving writings it was all so way above my head as to be sci - fi. I was told that he had moved on from this war time work and was working on other far out stuff, for the time, to do with brain functions and what could be done to help the human body be better, it is well worth a visit to Bletchley and Enigma is not the only reason for going there.

Swedish teen's sex video fine slashed: Unwilling co-star girlfriend furious


"The boy was 17 when he decided to upload video of the pair romping to several porn sites, but claimed he did not expect it to be so widely viewed."

I thought the young were a techno savvy generation?

Google smacks Surface with free Quickoffice for Android, iOS


Sorry to pee on the party here but someone mentioned Microsoft Works, mostly derogatory, but for me it was an uncomplicated suite of programmes that was adequate for my needs. Much like that other underrated Microsoft piece of software, Office One Note, its an amazing piece of software and because its Microsoft its written off. No I'm not a Microsoft troll or apologist but I do believe that occasionally they do get things right and One Note is in that category.

iPhone tops US market, but trounced by Android in world+dog



What I want to know is this. I bought a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, with the money back from Samsung it works out at £188, for the 16GB version. A 32GB memory card off E-Bay for £9 and I'm set up, for the price I'm happy with the performance of the TAB so what does the iPad offer in comparison for the prices that are charged? I have quite few apps, I'm not a gamer, and the only gripe I have is some of the software that came with the TAB, I don't use it.

I have looked at different versions of the iPad and the prices charged, and I am missing something, yes I have actually handled iPad's in the shops but still don't know what all the fuss is about unless its just the fact that the computer as we know it has shifted dramatically from the desktop to mobile, other than that the arguments still seem to be Apple fanboys against other fanboys.

Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release


Those were the days (tongue in cheek)

Windows 3.1 will have a place in my heart forever, I know, no good for the internet era but then Bill Gates didn't wake up to the fact of the internet until someone bellowed in his ear. But 3.1 was a simple clear piece of software, no good in today's world I know and 3.11 added networking again not sure if that version was good or bad for the networking community.

I had a 386 computer in those days, and even though the mobile phones of today would knock the 386's specification for six I had very little trouble with my machine for the tasks in hand. A dot matrix printer and everything was grand, with the Windows 3.1 floppy discs to reinstall if anything did go wrong. But not for long once the online phenomena started, then it was curtains and an upgrade to a 486 machine, it was a never ending upgrade cycle from then on.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


Thanks for this thread.

I'm glad I read this thread I ran the compatibility program, app or whatever and was told that certain things would have to be reinstalled after downloading and installing Windows 8, I have Windows 7 Pro at the moment. Now I have read elsewhere that certain software has to be bought again, one of my fave pieces of software, OneNote, being a case in point. I don't want to pay for software all over again even if the Windows download price is tempting at the moment.

Then there is Media Centre, for now its a free upgrade, not sure for how long but even though I search on-line I cannot get a definitive answer as to whether it would be advantageous to upgrade. I have just bought a new 24" monitor although not touch screen so on that score alone an upgrade is a no no, so I am resorting to an old tried and tested theory of letting others try it first then when service pack 1 appears that may be the time to upgrade. But by then the price won't be the tempting one it is now.

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


Well I never.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that computing would sink to this level of school yard tit for tat, here we have multi million pound, dollar, or whatever companies resorting to legal school yard language. Patent wars are verging on the ridiculous now and there will be no end in sight as far as I can see so I expect with each new gadget released to the public someone somewhere will cry foul and say they have copied this or that.

A court may order this company or that company to pay x amount of money then they will appeal and as seems to be the case in many litigations the only winners are lawyers, but will all this stifle future innovation in the fear of copyright lawyers finding some infringement somewhere? Who knows? But although I'm no technical expert the IPhone is not that much different now than from the original and Windows is still Windows with a pretty (well debatable in Windows 8) front end.

No doubt those of more far reaching technical knowledge will prove me wrong but not counting the internet there are many things I do today on Windows 7 that I could do in Windows 3.1, wished I'd kept those Windows 3.1 floppy discs now LOL.

4K LCD TV output to outstrip OLED production


Nice TV's shame about the content provided.

Looks like old vids and music vids will have to be rehashed again Blu Ray might not be good enough.

Ho ho ho! Apple's Samsung ban bid pushed back to Christmas


Re: Also, the Brits copied a lot of German motorbike designs, like DKW

No wonder my Bantam fell to bits.