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No, Samsung, you really do owe Apple $120m for patent infringement


Re: Who invented what?

I suppose the biggest problem with your assertion is that Apple, themselves, disagree with you.

Samsung are original developers of OLED displays. The are the largest manufacturer and, again, the only mass manufacturer of curved OLED. Since Apple have decided to integrate this - Samsung designed - technology into their devices, it would appear that Apple think highly of Samsung's technology.

The other, not so insignificant, problems with the view of Apple as a breeding ground for innovation are as follows:

The first GUI driven desktop operating system? Nope. Not in-house. Licensed from Xerox.

The first ultrabook. Nope. The Sony X505 was released a couple of years before the MacBook Air and was thinner and lighter.

The much loved OSX. Nope. Re-written on top of the Open Source operating system, BSD.

As for the iPhone, well, most of the rest of the world laughs at the USA for having an intellectual property system that allows a company to claim that it invented the aluminium rectangular box, with rounded corners. I have seen septic tanks in that configuration, and we all know what they are full of.

Apple can be best characterised as a company that buys in good ideas, covers them in shiny aluminium and then sells them at an exorbitant markup. I have no problem with that method of doing business, per se.

Let's just call them what they are, though: a fashion house.

Oh, and, by the way, it is pretty intellectually bankrupt to call people out for not providing evidence of Samsung innovation when you have provided none for Apple!

PC market staging a RECOVERY. (Only joking, it's through the floor)


Re: How many are waiting for Windows 8 to be "retired"?

That's just obvious nonsense. I don't know why this post has been up-voted 22 times (as of now).

If Windows 8 is responsible then why have Apple desktops and laptops seen 3 consecutive quarters (-5%, -3% and -18%) of sales decline?

I suppose Windows 8 is responsible for Apple desktop sales decline in your world, hmmm?

The WHOLE desktop and laptop industry is suffering a contraction, not just the Windows sector.

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech


Re: Ah yes, the tech blogs of the world are divided

It certainly is interesting that many courts of fair-minded people around the world have thrown Apple's case out. However, a US court, just down the lane from Apple's headquarters, have found in favor of the US company. I really didn't see that one coming :)

This is definitely a victory for the American consumer. No doubt. Apple will absolutely NOT try to block sales of Android devices from other vendors. The US market will see increased competition and lower prices :)


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