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Apple pays up for stealing design from Swiss Railways



ironic... just months after suing someone else for stealing the look and feel of their devices.. here they are admitting to stealing the look and feel of someone else device...

just goes to show that apple truly are a bunch of innovators..... <-- substitute appropriate word here..

Dr Who shoves BitTorrent in the Tardis


Re: BT is still the preferred choice

"ABC= Commercial interruptions, watch on their time schedule, watch once."

are you on crack the ABC doesn't have commercial interruptions it is a fully tax payer funded organisation. There are no advertisements on iview. (except for previews of other abc shows)

I think you are thinking of the American Broadcasting Corporation.


I object to people labelled as a pirate just because they download from iview.

Good on the ABC for showing some initiative...

we used to have to wait for months if not years after a show was broadcast in the UK and US before it came to Australian tv.

I don't see how ripping the files from iView is piracy, you can only view iView from inside Australia. I am Australian and ABC is ad free and funded by my tax dollars which are then used to pay the BBC for the rights to show the show in my country.

therefore by the time the ABC has the right to broadcast the show, I have already paid to view it. This is no different from getting out my set top box and recoding the show directly from the free to air broadcast.

I hope the ABC extends this practice to all content... and I hope the reg will refrain from labelling people who use iview rippers are pirates.