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CIA demands UK halts interrogation tactics


Damn them, they've discovered our tactics!!

LOL- love the April Fools ;) - Or is it.......

yes, mines the long black leather one...

Dell's Soviet style two-year plan results in fresh blade servers


nice box, shame about the management

Lets face it, dell's management piece is the pits, it isn't getting any better and HP have both IBM and Dell licked on that front. so who cares if it saves you $2600 when it'll cost you $10k in lost man hours configuring the damn thing when you try and reconfigure it at 3am due to unreasonable client changes, using remote hands, or the on call engineer who didn't set it up. HP still have the edge as far as I'm concerned kit wise, but who among us mere mortals has a datacentre we can run 12 - 24kw to each rack in? (2 to 4 x chassis fully loaded) even being 16% more efficient, you're still not able to put 2 chassis in one rack, let alone 4 no matter which vendor you use :( yes, yes, getting the coat now (pulls anorak off peg) :)

Microsoft shill blogs steal Reg commercial strategy c.2001


He's actually championing the people ready intiative...

I believe that you’re all wrong, JB is infact embracing "people ready" and taking it to a new "Interfacing" level, specifically the time honoured "sit and swivel" something I fear he'll be doing a lot of in the future ;)