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How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

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Re: Mr. Trevor Pott's analysis is correct

But here's the thing: There ISN'T any "death date" for Windows XP. It'll still work fine, even after the cut off date for official support.

Microsoft even extended support for XP, even though it was originally intended to stop it in 2009.

Everyone who bought a PC with XP on it, would have known, or would be told if they asked, that official support would end in 2009. That means that they would have had almost a decade to plan how to migrate from XP, and set aside the funds to do so.

That they didn't do this, or never thought of it, is neither Microsofts nor the retailers fault. Just like you can't blame them, when you visit a porn site that gets you XP machine infected.

GitHub probes worker's claims of hostile, sexist office culture

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Re: GitHub's official response

Eh, no... GitHubs official reply says nothing at all. It's just the standard reaction of a company, and standard reply in a situation like this: Serious accusations have been made, (no matter how baseless they may be), and a tabloid with very low editorial standards, and a voracious appetite for clicks is on the story. If you don't do anything, it'll just further feed the story. Call the lawyers? The law might be on your side, but it automatically seems suspect and will just give the Tech-Tabloids twice the appetite for clicks.

So the best response is to make a solemn condemnation of sexism, hand out a month or two of paid leave to a couple of people, while you do a "thorough investigation". In a month or two, the interest has passed, the people on leave will come back from their vacation in Europe, and everything will go back to normal.

And if the investigation would happen to uncover evidence of Julie Ann Horvath being a s**tstirrer extraordinaire and that the accusations are completely baseless, you can be pretty sure that Techcrunch won't touch it with a ten foot pole. They'll be off to the next scandal or startup they're hyping.

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Oh dear, oh dear... So she had to suffer through the indignity of watching female coworkers being forced to hula-hoop by brutish male coworkers for profit?!?

Thank god this brave soul got out in time, and can expose this misogynistic, hula hoop-pimping corporation an.... What? She wasn't forced to watch you say? And the other females were hula hooping voluntarily? And they didn't complain about the male attention, it was Julie Ann Horvath who "felt unsafe" when she brought it up with other coworkers, and they didn't see the problem.

I see...

Perhaps this is isn't really a case of a sexism and a "hostile workplace", and more a case of a toxic coworker? The toxic coworker being Julie Ann Horvath herself.

Peak Apple: Cupertino belatedly spends some money on R&D

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Re: buying in innovation ain't as cheap as it was

Surely you can't be so dumb, as to seriously believe what you just wrote?

Or do you perhaps suggest that it's divine intervention that's behind the fact that most cellphones released after 2007 look like an iPhone in form and function.

Everybody has been polishing other people's innovating for decades. Apple is just a lot better at it...

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Re: So we know who the replacement for Anna Leach is

Now, now... You know the target demographic for this article, right?

Neckbeards whose major (and usually only) source of pride in life is that they know how to use a command line, and neckbeards and it students to poor to buy an Apple product. They lap this stuff up.

IT professionals who want or need to know what's going on with Apple don't come here much anyways, so might as well go for the lowest common denominator...

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Re: So we know who the replacement for Anna Leach is

Well, lets see, where do we start...

How about vastly exaggerating the problems with Apple Maps. (Usually there are casualties, when something is described as 'disastrous') or the way it's implied that its a failure not to introduce new product lines. (How many tech companies introduce new product lines every year or every other year?)

Then there's the gloating over the fall in profits, while completely leaving out the fact that its primarily caused by a maturing market, rather than anything Tim Cook did. A good journalist would also have mentioned at the same time that Apples profit margins are still significantly higher than their competitors. (Actually scratch the good part, its something just an average journalist would have done!)

Leaving out all of Apples good results (record iPad sales, record revenue) would also be considered shoddy reporting.

You want me to go on?

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Re: So we know who the replacement for Anna Leach is

Hmmm... The fact that you claim to use the devices you apparently despise (and spending well over two thousand quid on a Mac and an iPad in the process) leads me to believe that one of two things are happening here.

A: You're an idiot, who's somehow incapable of using hardware you DO like, or....

B: You're lying about using Apple hardware, in a poorly thought out plot to make your uninformed and hysterical hate to the fruity firm seem a taaaad bit more reasonable.

In any case, you've failed good sir. Failed hard...

Ofcom: Parents, here's how to keep grubby tots from buying Smurfberries

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Re: How Did We Survive

Hey, just because you had an awful childhood doesn't mean kids these days have to be miserable.

Guess what, me and my kids have a lot of fun playing games and using apps together. It keeps them occupied too sometimes, just like a book or counting license plates did 40 years ago, and some of the apps and games are educational.

Guess you have to be a bitter old man to see the problem, cause I sure dont!

Hey Intel, Microsoft: Share those profits with your PC pals, eh? - analyst

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Jeez, how come so many of you neckbeards don't understand a very simple fact: People do NOT want Linux.

Yes, you might like it, as might the network admin you hangout with, but 95% of the people who use computers on a regular basis (whether for fun or for work) have no interest in Linux, and will never have it!

And quite a few of them, like me, have tried it and either don't like it, or don't believe it's worth the effort. Windows XP or preferably Windows 7 is all we need!

Build a BONKERS gaming PC

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Re: Bonkers? Yes... Overpriced? Most definitely

Can't afford an iMac but you're dying to have one, eh? So you choose to lash out in this way? Sad...

Sysadmins: Let's perch on Microsoft Santa's lap, show him our wish list

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Dear oh dear! I suppose it could all be worse though... Imagine if there was no Microsoft and the only alternative was ugly, cumbersome and inefficient free and "Libre" software.

I suspect that's the real reason why schools and educational institutions stay away from "Libre office" er al. It's just too darn awful for even a user who's just learning!

Assange: Google, Facebook run 'side projects' for US spooks

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You can't really blame NSA et. al. for taking a quick peek at what YOU yourself put online, now can ya? Oh wait, you could of course stop publishing every inane thought you have online. There ya go Julian, problem solved!

Hold the front page for ETERNITY: Murdoch kills The Daily

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Hey don't knock it, since chances are you didn't ever read it...

I did, and was actually really pleased with the product. The price was very reasonable, a dollar a week, which is much more reasonable than most other digital subscriptions. (Yes, they can be had for free as well, but are usually filled to the brim with ads).

The size was just right... It wasn't unreasonably stuffed with content, like some of its competitors, it was a read that keep you nicely oriented and that you could finish on a half an hour train ride to work.

And the contents were great. A nice, fairly traditional mix of news, with a somewhat conservative slant, sports, business and yes, god forbid! Entertainment and gossip. (One of the most popular sections in any newspaper. Though I'm sure noooobody in here ever read that kind of trash. Sure....)

The journalistic standards were surprisingly high. Now, I'm not surprised that the Register failed to report this part, considering that the Register staff probably have never been near even half the stuff they love to knock and denigrate, but The Daily actually DID produce most of its own content, instead of relying on wire services, and they DID produce a number of scoops and exclusives that made it out into the rest of the press and national media.

If you never subscribed to the Daily, you missed out, and I for one am sad it's gone...

Can supermodel Heidi Klum save Windows 8? Not so fast

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Is it just me, or is there a certain stench of desperation over Microsofts attempts to flog their Windows 8?!? Lord knows they seemed insecure about it before, but all those celeb ads lately only make them look insecure AND desperate...

German city dumping OpenOffice for Microsoft

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And of course, like usually Open Software is its own worst nemesis...

If OO hadn't splintered into multiple versions of the same software (as open software projects has a tendency to do... Neck beards apparently can't collaborate that we'll) and Libre Office, maybe staying with it would have been a choice for Freiburg.. Instead the city got stuck with an old, unsupported version, making MS Office a more appealing choice...

Woz: Microsoft's innovation lead 'worries me greatly'

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Ah, Woz the ultimate one hit wonder of computing.

Why do people act as if his opinion still matters, considering the last time he did anything was 30 years ago, and he's been milking that ever since, in between posing for pictures, riding Segways and delivering any quote a journalist kind enough to remember him, is looking for...

Apple axed Brit retail boss for doing his job well - TOO well, perhaps

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A sad case...

While your obvious Apple-Hating slant is occasionally amusing, this time your correspondent has gone right through "puerile" and smashed right into a wall full of idiocy...

"They will always try to sell you Apple"... Well, the audacity! What exactly did your apparently cerebrally challenged correspondent suggest they tell a customer? "A laptop sir? Sure! May I suggest the $499 Sony model that Best Buy down the street has for sale? Would you like me to print out some Mapquest directions, sir?"

In my experience, this kind of baseless and puerile Apple hatred exhibited by Mr. Paul Kunert has one of two reasons... Either envy, since the person secretly lusts for Apples delightful hardware, but its priced out of his financial reach, or a poor self image and low self esteem.

In the latter case the person reacts by striking out in spite and malice at people who project a more successful and happier life. He hates all things Apple, since that is one of the brands most often associated with upward mobile and affluent people.

I think Mr. Kunert would owe it to his readers, to tell us which one of the two groups he belongs to? Perhaps Register readers can be of assistance by either passing the hat around, or recommending an effective anti depressant.

Microsoft Surface: Designed to win, priced to fail

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Re: We're already Appled-up but

Yes, and even after all those years, you're still a tiny, frequently ridiculed and highly annoying minority. What's your point exactly?

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YES it's overpriced. And YES any sane, normal consumer will look at the price tag, shrug and go get an iPad which is cheaper AND is the gold standard of tablets.

(If anybody in here really wants one, just cool your horses and wait a couple of months. They'll be half price after Christmas, I guarantee it.)

In the meantime, WHY do people make such a big deal out of Office availability? Is it cause most people in here are IT professionals? Sure, having Office on a tablet would be cool. But lacking it hasnt hurt ipad sales (Nor Android tablet sales I reckon.) one bit. The vast majority of us who have a tablet get by just fine with Pages or any other 5.99$ Office-like app when we need to do some work.

GNOME hacker: Culture isn't holding desktop Linux back

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Absolutely right on 3, lol!

What consumer In their right mind would install so etching called 'GIMP' or 'Natty Narwhal' ?!?

Sure it's geeky and kinda cute in a really weird way, but as Linux has come to know,nthe market for programs with slightly disturbing names and acronyms is a very small one.

It's just ANOTHER example of the canyon that separates Linux geeks from normal people/consumers...

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Linux biggest problem isnt the fact that it offers poor usability/user experience compared to Windows or OSX, though that is surely a part of it... The biggest problem is, that LINUX OFFERS NO INCENTIVE TO SWITCH!

There is no need for it on the desktop, no huge group of disgruntled users whose problems aren't solved better in a different way over switching to Linux.

The biggest advantage for Linux is that it's supposedly "free". But if we're talking "financially free" first of all it's not true (though the costs are different than plopping down 50$ for a user fee) and secondly: OSX or Windows can also be "free" for the user with a torrent download.

The other "freedom" that Linux is trying to promote: Freedom to see the code and tinker with it, is a freedom that nobuser in their right mind cares about. Or rather: The one percent who DO care about it have already switched to Linux. The other 99% couldn't care less. And THATS why Linux will never win on the desktop. (Or even just have a sizable install rate.)

It's Lego's 80th birthday party, but only the boys are invited

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Oh, and what's up with the whining about buckets vs. sets?

Yes, there are probably more sets available now than 10 or 20 years ago. Thank god for that, as they're also much more detailed and of higher quality.

But surely it can't have avoided the LEGO ludites attention that, ehm... Well... You can still buy LEGOs as a bucket of bricks if you so choose! (There are even several sizes available!) Sure, your creations will most likely not be nearly as detailed and impressive as those of the sets you buy, and your kids will probably think you're a sadistical weirdo for insisting you build your OWN police station, but hey... The option is there if you want it!

So let's sum up... You can STILL buy LEGOs in buckets, and no ones forcing your daughters to play with sexist LEGOs, and heck: You can even choose to make an all female LEGO city if you so choose,

What's everyone upset about, really?

(Besides the fact that kids these days have it too good, and when YOU were their age blah-blah-blah...)