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Spotify trumpets move to US (and little else)



I use the ad supported Spotify and record songs using a sound recorder - great result and perfectly legal in Sweden and probably other countries. We pay a tax on empty CDs compensating artists for the right to make copies for personal use.

I really don't mind paying Spotify or the artists but fact is that a big chunk of the money payed will end up with MAFIAA and that's simply not acceptable.

Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News


Preemptive strike anyone?

An alien race could motivate an attack on earth (all it takes is a BIG rock and boom we´re gone) because WE may one day end up being the trash of the universe. We certainly lack humanity and sympathy for our own species - just imagine what we would do to others...

Microsoft FAT patent appeal upheld in Germany

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far reaching consequences

So basically MS has patented line breaks? Gee what an invention... Personally I think "inventions" that require more time writing the patent application than actually inventing should disqualify automatically.

Florida cops cage 'Dracula'

Dead Vulture

Disappointed at El Reg

Yeah, lets laugh at the ugly people...

Mozilla makes rough notes on Firefox 3.6


I have an idee

This may be far fetched but how about adding a new brave feature... lets call it... themes. This way users can choose layout and not be deep-throated something from Mozilla....

DoJ confirms Googlebooks antitrust probe



Thanks Ian, tough I don't see any major flaws with the Google deal other then the guild of authors who should have no right sign any deals with Google.

If the author of an orphaned book reappears then it's a matter of registering with Google to receive compensation from Google of books viewed AFTER the author has registered. If the author never sold anything or never received any money for the book while being orphaned this person could hardly complain that Google made it available/popular.



I don't get it. Why are Google paying these guild of authors any money at all? Why not just scan orphaned books and if the copyright owner pops up, remove the booking from the internets (sic) and make an payment/publishing agreement with the copyright owner?

Google is not preventing Internet Archive from scanning books either, right?

Mozilla mauls Microsoft on IE, Windows 7 bundle

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Every single MS fanboi has gathered here to speak the truth. :) I really don't see a problem: User installs OS. A window pops up and ask user which web browser the user which to use. User chooses the "ChocolateMonkeyWebBrowser". OS attaches to the windows update site and downloads said browser and installs it. End of story.

Microsoft supplies Interpol with DIY forensics tool

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@AC 00:50 GMT

...and if you have your TrueCrypt protected harddrive mounted when the eh... bad guys barge in? Will they be able to open your locked windows, make a memory dump simply by inserting a USB device? How secure are you really?

Of Dell's self-encrypting laptop



First, TrueCrypt already does this and is free.

Second, quote "The encryption key never leaves the drive and so is not susceptible to the cold boot attack." Exactly how do they encrypt data if the key never leaves the drive? There are memory chips and circuits in the hard drive that contain the encryption key, so ... busted!

Third, these babies come loaded with 256MB non-volatile memory to store recent reads/writes from/to the disk. This data is presumably unencrypted.

Porn breath tests for PCs heralds 'stop and scan'

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Australia in the news

Censuring the internet, searching for immoral pictures on laptops at borders and so on. I guess, if the Australian people want some freedom, China isn't that far away, right?

Intel Core i7 'Nehalem' processor and X58 chipset


Tri-channel memory

If I understand this correctly, you need twice as much memory in this configuration. That is, 6 GiB installed and only 3 GiB will be available, wrong?

Music royalties group pooh-poohs Belgian P2P appeal reports

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@AC Sooner or later

Applying that logic on other companies, such as phone companies. All crimes committed or planned over phone should be filtered by the phone companies? Right...

Paris: cause she knows information, eh pictures and stuff, want to be free...

Germany laughs at EU's full-body scanners plan

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travelers keep eating with sharp metal knifes and forks at the airport restaurants, purchase flammable alcohol in the tax free shop... and anyone wearing a pilots uniform can pass the airport metal detector in special staff ails... right...

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

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Good news for darknets!

Not very useful today but with this new initiative there's a good chance people will start to migrate from insecure BitTorrent to secure Freenet. More users = better performance...


Paris, because she's an icon... (you get it? :)

Swedes call on Human Rights Court to review snoop law


Freedom figh... eh... terrorists...

One terrorist attack has taken place in Sweden, kind of, in 1975 the west German embassy was attacked by the Rote-Armee-Fraktion. Technically it was west German territory that was attacked but hey...

Eclipse will be watching you very closely


I'd like to use Eclipse

But only supporting seven open tabs * and not able to reconfigure ctrl-tab to browse open files is a show stopper for me. Way to slow to select file from a dropdown list or using mouse in the package explorer. How hard can it be? I want to browse tabs the same way any other windows program does it, incase anyone wonders, open a bunch of tabs in firefox or ie7, ctrl-tab is used and no freeking dropdown.

*) depends on screen resolution etc.

Big flames on the Eclipse devs... otherwise a great product ;)

First public Firefox 3 candidate shoots out the door

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You should read this


Conclusion (from the link provided):

The ping attribute is redundant with pre-existing technologies like HTTP redirects and JavaScript in allowing Web pages to track which off-site links are most popular or allowing advertisers to track click-through rates.

However, the ping attribute provides these advantages to the user over those alternatives:

* It allows the user to see the final target URI unobscured.

* It allows the UA to inform the user about the out-of-band notifications.

* It allows the paranoid user to disable the notifications without losing the underlying link functionality.

* It allows the UA to optimise the use of available network bandwidth so that the target page loads faster.

Thus, while it is possible to track users without this feature, authors are encouraged to use the ping attribute so that the user agent can improve the user experience.

Finland censors anti-censorship site

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Sweden has an identical scheme and currently blocks some 4700 sites. The list is classified and this remains a secret. Just as with the Finnish list, it contains gay, lolicon, adult and other non-sexual sites. Most famous is the Korean Bonsai Tree Growers Cooperation:



'Swiss DMCA' fears overblown, says copyright authority


@Morely Dotes

The term "DRM" should read Digital Restriction Management because thats what it tries to do.

EU unveils air passenger 'risk profiling' plan

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"And re: the John Smith comment, the people who design these systems aren't daft enough to base things on just name. Lets think what other data people supply, DOB, passport, address, contact details... yeah? they're not stoopid."

Well, perhaps you are ill-informed since that exactly what they are doing in the US.

Sen. Kennedy Flagged by No-Fly List


Top judge: put everyone in UK on the DNA database


re: Nothing to hide

We don't want our DNA to end up with the insurance companies. I sure don't trust the government agencies with my DNA.

I doubt this will have any lasting effect on crime. Criminals will adept to the new threat and possibly become even more violent. It's already a common practice for bank robbers and others to burn escape vehicles to cover their tracks.

The decline of antivirus and the rise of whitelisting


Re: Dr. Vesselin Bontchev

SourceForge has 100.000 projects and you claim they produce 250.000 new releases per day? Same applies to Microsoft with a few hundred releases per year and Mozilla with a handful...

A hash database of hundred gigabytes would contain some 6 billion hashes. That's 17000 applications released per hour for the past 40 years.

Nobody knows how many new applications are released per day but it's pretty certain that it's a lot less than one million. I'm sure there isn't even a million software companies/OSS-groups in the world.

I'm not implying that AV software isn't needed in the future, I'm just pointing out some obvious flaws in your post. You are biased.