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Age checks for online pr0n? I've never heard of it but it sounds like a good idea – survey


Re: Choices Choices.....

I think that the reason VPN's are so hevily marketed now is for data collection purposes.

Kill Flash now. Or patch these 36 vulnerabilities. Your choice


Use Firefox / Waterfox or whatever. Install a user agent switcher (eg: "User Agent Switcher") - tell it to pretend to be IOS when browsing the BBC - et voila - video content is served in HTML5.

Since this doesn't work for me... for some reason: http://www.bbc.co.uk/html5

Windows 10 handcuffs Cortana web search to Bing and Edge browser


Thank goodness for LTSB

Which is was cheaper and easier to get hold of for the general hoards.

Microsoft: Stop using Microsoft Silverlight. (Everyone else has)



"provided by BT and running on Silverlight in IE"


Beer, because you need it.

Wake up, sheeple! If you ask Siri about 9/11 it will rat you out to the police!


Ha! Reminds me of the "Xbox One Sign Out" Troll


Don't panic as Server 2003 rushes towards end of life


Zentyal is good - it does actually work. (I have also seen some synology NAS devices running samba as a read only DC)

What do you use instead of Outlook though ?


Re: They can have my 2003 SBS.....

Hehe - we have some too! Was tempted to add futures speculation to companies house description ;)

Microsoft's secret weapon in browser wars: Mozilla's supercharged Asm.js


Meant to add:

You don't see code like this very often for Chrome, Avant, Opera, Firefox or Seamonkey do you?

Therefore, I am not holding my breath.


A thumb down ?

How about this then:

<!--[if lt IE 6]>

<link href="css/ie6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />


...etc etc

<!--[if IE 11]>

<link href="css/ie11.css " rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />



<!--[if IE Edge]>

<link href="css/Edge.css " rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />



It uses an ActiveX JS engine ?

JavaScript CPU cache snooper tells crooks EVERYTHING you do online


Re: Virtual Machines for security

VM Aware? What do you mean? That they have the ability of executing systeminfo.exe ?

I don't actually know of anybody who obfuscates the fact the OS is running within a VM... I have seen some direct attacks at the likes of VMtools, but none that have been particularly successful.

Could you pass us some CVE details on which ones to look out for ?

Keurig to drop coffee DRM after boss admits 'we were wrong'


Re: Honestly, what is wrong with an ordinary coffee pot?

I've got one of them grinder jobbies. Add water add beans, Press button coffee comes out. Can use powdered coffee too (it has a 'no grind' button') use it all day then put the bit in the dishwasher.

In practice though I only use it when having a cooked breakfasts and/or guests over - it's nice n all but 2+ cups makes mom's spaghetti and frankly, I quite like the massive tubs of instant I get from Costco. £10 lasts me 2 months!

IMHO unless you take your coffee black, then posh gold (or better still, unpasteurised milk) makes more of a difference than the bean. - or whatever is in them 'pods'

Also what a bloody waste of packaging, even makes HP look ok.

+5 ROOTKIT OF VENGEANCE defeats forces of gaming good


Re: Why is this still an issue?

I've thought this too - it may involve bringing some things back to the client side though.(Depending on the game)

Certainly I find it odd that, say an Arma 2 server, can't be configured to easily spot somebody duping / warping / fast travel / messing with loadouts etc... even monitoring cross hair snapping and similar things you look out for when recording footage as an admin about the wield the ban-hammer.

iBank: RBS, NatWest first UK banks to allow Apple Touch ID logins


Re: "Fingerprints are usernames..."

"canonical" is just an accepted rule / standard / conforming to.

It is not a 'secret' - nor is it something the user 'knows'


Fingerprints are usernames... they are not passwords....

Something the user KNOWS, something the user HAS and something the user IS.

The user IS the fingerprint, they should HAVE the bank card (and PIN Reader) or an assigned Phone and they should KNOW the password (and PIN)


(OT - I see Barclays app still doesn't work on rooted androids by default)

This optical disc will keep your gumble safe for 2,000 YEARS


Re: Verbatim? Shudder...

10 years is fine.... if we can drill a hole in them to turn them into 200GB disks!

Microsoft 'showers gold' on anti-Google Cyanogen and its Android alternative


Re: That'll please Google

Doesn't BING (MS), at least in the US, now fund Firefox ?

Chunky Swedish ice maiden: Volvo XC60 D4 Manual EE Lux Nav


I test drove a 4x4 XC 60 a while back, and it, annoyingly, squirmed pulling out of junctions - until it detected a lack of grip and engaged the rear wheels. Daft that the car doesn't start in 4x4 mode if you ask me.

Opted for an Outlander Phev in the end instead.

Microsoft BEATS Apple, Google ... to accepting limited Bitcoin payments


Erm... No they aren't

They are accepting real money from Bitpay.

Bitpay are the ones 'accepting' the Bitcoins.



A bunch of cheap China Cams bought on ebay recently not only had dodgy ActiveX controls (something I am used to - So always initially re-rlash them and configure them within a secured snapshoted VM) but also included P2P firmware which essentially, by default, broadcasts the camera on teh inter webs! (all you need to know is the device ID - which the seller invariably will.

I noticed several IP cams on ebay where the seller is actually asking the buyer NOT to upgrade the firmware!

I use IP cams for rudimentary external security - they are on a separately fire-walled VLAN, do not have internet access and stream to a synology box (via Onvif) which is only accessible externally via VPN.

Virgin Media struck dumb by NATIONWIDE packet loss balls-up



Do you get compensation every time your electricity blacks out for a few minutes?

-Usually yes. If you ask. EDF user here.

Do you get compensation if your phone goes off for a while?

Everytime. If you ask. BT user here.

Do you get compensation if your milkman doesn't turn up one morning?

--Absolutely - Milk and more user here.

Do you even get compensation if your train is fives minutes late EVERY MORNING FOR A YEAR (and some days doesn't come at all)?

-Yep. Southern rail season cards are discounted due to poor trains regularly. If you ask you get - though I think cut off is 10 minutes.

I wonder if what you are doing wrong is not talking to your providers. It's a market out there, don't you know ?

With regards to SLA lines - I manage several dozen 10mbit upto 1Gb connections and absurdly these are the ones so difficult to get recompense for when they fail. They fail less for sure - but your options for change are mind numbingly difficult. Ever changed fibre provider cheaply have you ? me neither.

Shut up. You are clueless. People have to complain to get stuff, consumers especially. Let them complain. let the complaints sit around for review down the line and let market forces dictate that we all get better everything.

Hey, you, PHONE-FACE! Kickstarter in-car mobe mount will EMBED your phone into your MUG


Re: Quite Clever

"This is one of the reasons nobody ever put any indicators there"

No-one except TVR, perhaps!

EG: TVR Cerbera: http://www.diseno-art.com/images_4/TVR_Cerbera_by_the_car_spy.jpg

Disaster Recovery upstart joins DR 'as a service' gang


I see 'BC', 'DR' ... but no much 'Backup'.

Backup is cold. It is off-line and it is off premises.

This is more like a HA system with *gasp* snapshots.

Microsoft thumbs nose at NSA, hardens crypto for Outlook, OneDrive



Indeed, but if you are scared of the government you shouldn't be using such services anyways, eh ?

It does bode well for privacy and common sense generally. It's nice to know that the 1st line support bod at the ISP's aren't sitting sifting through all the emails.


Just Curious... Why the thumb down ?


"makes it harder for eavesdroppers to decrypt communications because it never sends the secret session key in full over the network."

Really the main benefit is that the users private key is not used to encrypt the traffic and a unique key is derived per session. So moving forward, each session needs to be uniquely attacked and decrypted, regardless of if you know the private key or not.

My my, Intel, that's one speedy NVMe flash card you have there


Indeed. I have yet to have a successful SSD data recovery.

Spotify boasts 10 million paying subscribers ... Um, is that all?


10 million is quite a lot of people.

5 million extra people in one year is a lot of people.

Guaranteed income for musicians as long as the song is good enough for people to want to listen to it (forever) is quite a nice thing, I would have thought.

Using spotify on a PC, with sonos, on a mobile and in off-line mode in a car or a plane. Creating play lists compatible with any party, dinner date, Saturday night company or just messing around with music is worth £10 / month easily.

What's this article about - and what's the point being made here?

Beached whale Symantec watches revenues recede 7%


I can't understand why they would have Revenue and Net Income on the same graph.

Revenue, often classed of as core-business ONLY gross income - ie gross income figures restricted to income generated by companies registered description.

Gross Income is income which includes ancillary income, like investments, capital gain and what have you.

Net Income is ALL the companies income after tax.

So to me the chosen axis of this graph is to obfuscate secondary income and deliberately make the net income look less - why ?

Britain'll look like rural Albania without fracking – House of Lords report


Two words

New clear.

Nuclear reactor sysadmin accused of hacking 220,000 US Navy sailors' details


Re: Had he been

I 'sea' what you did there ;)

Review: GFI Cloud eliminates need to nursemaid Windows


"However, none of the others needs management nearly so desperately"

I think the reverse is true. Linux and OSX desperately needs the management capabilities of a windows AD. Just sayin'.

As far as GFI, was a partner for 7 years then moved away as the bloat set in. Their MAX solution and even Viper looks interesting - but I can't stand looking at their websites or interfaces.. or PDF's even.

Tim Cook: Apple's 'closer than it's ever been' to releasing new product range


Re: @nexsphil Nothing that innovative coming, then

Go on then... what were the 'Engineering improvements' Apple made ?


Re: @nexsphil Nothing that innovative coming, then

"Apple don't do untested markets, they wait for profitability to be established first and then barrel in after someone else has made all the initial mistakes (it gives them time to engineer out those obvious mistakes)."

Not being snotty, but could you give me some of these engineering mistakes which Apple improved upon ?

Their design is nice though, and that's point.

They barrelled in (PAST TENSE) with itunes and their appstore - that's what makes them the money - innovation in making money and marketing - not in innovation in products.

I got an iBead (Rio SU30 in Japan) in 2003 and I still use it for the Gym / Cycling / Jogging - it is physically and technically perfect, plug it into your computer to charge, drop the music you want to listen to on it if not already there and sorted. No drivers no fuss. Once battery is dead for MP3 playback FM radio lasts another couple of hours. What Apple did here was jump in and say we need to control the physical and software interface to devices and get 30% of all music that can be played on these devices. To help this we will fund investigation into getting trot of napster and equivalents. Oh, while we are doing it, someone draw a picture of something and give it the the lab in China to make, cheers.

Teen student texter busts 20-second tongue-twisty SMS barrier


Re: Optimise for awards

Isn't that exactly what 3Dfx used to do with OpenGL / Quake Benchmarks etc?

Eg: (circa 1999)

TomsHW : Is it correct that drivers can be easily optimised for one application?

3DFX: Yes - that's part of the benchmarking game.

Undoubtedly still goes on, according to Nvidia my GTX 690 seems get between 6% and 20% faster in most games with every driver iteration...

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked in just 4 DAYS


Re: Biometrics...

Not quite exactly. That's a username not a password... For user names, fingerprints are dandy.

Are we ever asked for a password at border control ?


Something YOU have and something YOU know

HP exec: 'CYOD' will TEAR APART the IT dept as we know it


This could get tricky...

Most users already get a certain 'choice in their devices - dependant mostly on the role they perform.

I resell equipment of all sorts to clients - it's all best of breed with reasoning into warranties, performance, specification, durability and past experience... and because I sell a fair bit I am bitten down on price by the bean counters and chaps in IT at every client.

If I was forced to resell with joe-blogs making the choice, with no formal processes, then - I could see instant $$$ profit.

However, if this then becomes a B2C transaction, giving the new boy in junior app support the right to 'change his mind' in seven days, call me incessantly about why it keeps 'developing tool-bars on internet explorer' and demand a full refund in 11 months because the 'hard drive is slow' - then you can fuck right off. I'm not here to support your users, MR CYOD.

Helpdesk/Service Desk Recommendations


We Use


It is very good for a small MSP / inter departmental stuff.

I doubt it doesn't do something you need it to, if it doesn't they are pretty good on the requests!

Been using them for many years and they are pretty much the cornerstone of our tracking and invoicing. They do asset engagement and diagrams n stuff too... but don't touch that.

Talk to them. Let me know.

New Sammy patent trial: Apple seeks $40 PER 'infringing' handset


It's just a form money laundering and tax dodging isn't it? Neither side care. They just want to be able to spend hundreds of millions of pounds hiring their own / known lawyers, propping up other ancillary 3rd party law / investigation / analyst firms that they have stakes in.

A sysadmin always comes prepared: Grasp those essential tools


Adverts aside.

Putty - (can be used for a massive variety of things)

https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com (simple indispensable)

wakemeonlan - http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wake_on_lan.html - (excellent for identifying equipment by mac address, not just waking them up)

AngryIP - http://angryip.org/ - obvious uses

Ninite - http://ninite.com/ - probably saves us 100 hours a month or more. each.

And includes, WinSPC & Notepad++

RunAsSPC - http://robotronic.de/runasspcEn.html - allow users to run individual apps / updates / scripts as another user without giving away credentials.

Puretext - http://www.stevemiller.net/puretext/ - stop having to paste into out of notepad to strip formatting

gpodder.net - so you can centrally dictate to which of your windows, linux and android devices you want which podcasts to go to from a central web interface to listen to when nothing is going right.

I think that's 10.

Virtual reality? Two can play THAT GAME, says Sony: New headset revealed for the PS4


I have a sneaking suspicion that the oculus rift low persistence technology will be licensed....

Virtual-reality Dev Kit 2 game goggles by Oculus – now with less vomit!


Re: Crystal cove

Yup looks like it does


YES, new Office for OS X is COMING, says German Microsoft bod


Re: Maybe they should install something "better"

Oh really ? We have clients that swear blind it cannot be done unless they have dual screens or "Open New Main Window" even then side by side is very lacking without extra programs to help split the screen.

(cheers for the heads up, i'll investigate now)


Re: Maybe they should install something "better"

Outlook ?

All we need is a replacement for outlook and I (along with millions of others) are with you.

I hope this new version allows mac people to open more than one email at a time and perhaps even look at their calendar whilst writing an email....

My work-from-home setup's better than the office. It's GLORIOUS


Any Chance of some details ? Or are you just trying to promote a willy waving anti IT department page?

What 'Work' do you do and what 'data' do you work with ? Is it purely your own 'creative' 'work', or do you work with 3rd part details which are confidential ?

Why not post your work flow details so that us bumbaloids can learn something?

Perhaps enlighten us as to you AV, backup, data-leak prevention, DR/BC, licensing and revision control. What Wifi do you use, does it have segregated home access? Does your router / firewall have partitioning for home and guests? - does it log anything? Do you monitor for IDS, OOH access and hardware changes ? What are your encryption policies and password provisioning standards?

Or has none of this mattered.... so far ?

Q. Can your Linux PC run Crysis? OK, it can. But will it run natively? A. Soon, very soon


Re: Crysis

In what way ? the down arrow suggests somebody thinks you were wrong to say anything at all.

I thought the first one was great - many new things. The following instalments were a little lacking....

Two in five Brits cough up for CryptoLocker ransomware's demands


"Around two in five people who fall victim to CryptoLocker have agreed to pay a ransom of around £300 to recover their files, according to a survey of victims."

"Cowed victims hand over thousands rather than install basic security measures"

Pray tell, once these people have fallen victim, which security measure gets their data back ?

Verizon: Us throttling AWS and Netflix? Not likely


Shit ISP throttling has been going on for a long time. Every time they make new changes or introduce a new system it's always chaos.

The worst thing is often the 1st line monkeys don't have a clue about the politics. And if they are 'trained' about it they only absorb the bits they kind of understand.

I ranted to plusnet some 6 years ago about it: http://community.plus.net/forum/index.php?topic=65809.0

Microsoft-backed lobby group demands market test of Google's proposed 'search fix'


Isn't it curious how MS (defender / updates) will remove TOR

But not MSN messenger - this is allowed to linger on in the background being nothing but a vector of attack.

google has always been a good clean homepage, until they started that whole picture thing and were slammed for it - it went. Bing still does it. You don't want to be remote controlling a machine and have a search page take up a 2mb image.


Re: google site:microsoft.com

it's far worse than that.

It hangs at the end if you block adobe analytics.

Unless BING wins (perhaps)