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DOOMSDAY still just MINUTES AWAY: As it has been since 1947


Fun Video

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion 1945 - 1998


11m Chinese engulfed by 'Airpocalypse' at 4000% of safe pollution levels


Re: When the sage points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger


"Tsunami inundation - On the flat coastal areas the tsunami was able to penetrate a considerable distance inland. The maximum inland penetration possible of a moving tsunami wave in north Devon and southwest Wales would have been just under 2.5 km (1.55 miles), in Glamorgan just over 3 km (1.86 miles), in Somerset just under 4 km (2.5 miles), and in Monmouthshire just under 6 km (3.7 miles). This agrees well with the accounts of the wave reaching up to 4 miles inland at Cardiff and in Monmouthshire. The fact that the floodwaters reached further inland in places, such as to the foot of Glastonbury Tor (14 miles inland) is due to the fact that the landsurface actually slopes landward in many of the coastal wetland areas, such as the Somerset Levels, so once the wave collapsed the water flowed landward under gravity rather than back to the sea."

When considering technologies like nuclear power, you really have to think a little longer term.

Tor node admin raided by cops appeals for help with legal bills


criminalization of technology


I wonder how many sysadmins here know precisely what data is being transmitted over their networks.

If this man is convicted on the basis of traffic that passed through his exit node, then the TOR protocol is in effect being outlawed in Austria, and possibly the rest of the EU.

Where does the culpability stop? Are you confident that all that encrypted traffic passing through your firewall is squeaky clean? Do you keep meticulous records and logs to prove that you are only providing a communications network and not aiding child pornographers and terrorists? Is your audit trail good enough to convince a technically illiterate judge and jury that you are not a nonce?

The implication of a guilty verdict in this case would be that anyone operating a computer network should inspect all traffic to determine that it complies with the laws of the country they reside in.

Child abuse is a social problem that has always existed, it tends to run in families as the victims turn into abusers themselves. Since the invention of the camera pedophiles have been able to record their crimes and seem to have a compulsion to share the pictures. This could be achieved by any number of means, criminalizing encrypted anonymous communication will not remove the compulsion.

Prosecutions like this are pushing the use of anonymous encrypted communication into a legal grey area, with a presumption of guilt, effectively branding anyone providing it a paedo/thief/terrorist. Will making TOR unavailable stop child abuse happening? I think not.

Reg hack runs Windows 8 on 82-inch touchscreen


Re: Great vid

Bastard love child of a bee and a weasel.

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD


Re: This thread is incredibly TL;DR

To me that is the interesting thing about this article. The article itself is just more of Lewis's sub-Clarkson eco trolling, a man deluding himself that he is the lone voice of reason in a world gone mad. What really mystifies me is the blind faith that readers of The Register have in the governments and companies who are going to be building, maintaining and decommissioning these reactors.

I accept the argument that wind power (the most often cited) is expensive and inefficient way of generating power. What hasn't been discussed is the actual cost of nuclear power. The reason for this is because it is not quantifiable, there is no way to predict how much it will cost per unit of electricity.

In my view both the public and politicians are being tobogganed into an acceptance of the inevitable need for nuclear energy by a fear of having to change our comfortable lifestyles, or that other parts of the world might also want a piece of the pie. Spend a few billion on some reactors, defer difficult decisions and stick the rest on the tab.

Out of interest, does anyone know how many existing technology reactors would be needed to generate current U.K. demand? Multiply that figure by 100 as a rough rule of thumb for an equitable distribution of energy around the world and you have our glorious clean nuclear future.



There has been a lot of talk recently about how our reckless spending on consumer goods and houses has left a generation in debt. I wonder whether any of you nuclear energy enthusiasts have considered the actual dollar cost per Watt of power produced. The cleanup and decommissioning process is too important a task to be left to commercial organizations as the waste produced must be kept safe for thousands years, so the cost of this type of power must be borne by governments. Does anyone know exactly how much this costs? It seems that selfish short termism has won this argument, only it won't be a generation having their public services cut, nuclear power in its current form will be a fiscal cancer on governments for hundreds of years. Oh and some people might die too.