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Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript


Misleading article

The article is mis-leading. The re-sizing of Apple's main page isn't unique to the UK site....it just doesn't happen on the main apple.com site.

Other localized sites do it as well:



Six months under water and iPhone 4 STILL WORKS


Re: Notruf

IIRC, the iPhone cycles through a bunch of languages when displaying the "emergency call" and not activated. Guess it's because the owner has chosen a preferred language yet?

Safer conjugal rights via electronic skin



How about putting an iPad/tablet/eReader into a thick plastic bag? People do it when they want to surf/read in the bathtub and want to avoid accidents. Touch works reasonably well through plastic bags.

So long as the bag(s) was careful disposed of and she was careful where she put it down, I'd think it would keep the radiation localized...


LOHAN turns up the heat on Vulture 2 motor


Re: Cheap and lightweight

Are you sure you're thinking of the little disposable ones, and not the heavy re-usable ones (either sodium acetate or platinum catalyst)? The disposable hand sized ones are about 10-20grams, so in the ballpark of the heating panel *before* batteries are added.


Cheap and lightweight

I'd suggest that airborne heating might be best done with some of those air-activated hand warmer heater packs. They're light, and cheap. Sure, they're technically producing heat through a form of combustion (oxidization of iron filings IIRC), but there's no open flame, and you've already proven that the rocket motors are bloody hard to ignite with the correct gear, let alone by accident.

They're safe enough to be used near skin, so I wouldn't think overheating would be a problem. They do need oxygen though, so their effectiveness will decrease somewhat with altitude I suspect. Might be a good insurance policy...


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