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Apple to end AT&T's iPhone exclusive?

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However much you dislike Stevie J., He is the only one who has ever played the evil empire at their own evil game. Sign an exclusive contract to get the product out knowing if he does it right it will blow up their network and they will have to release it eventually. further more, how stupid is AT&T ... they should have known they would need a network that could handle streaming media of this magnitude... There are problems with releasing for different networks, but I'm sure he has a plan for that too.

Signed a p.c.

MS exec gets shot down after 'inaccurate' Windows 7 spiel

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stick to the facts

It's been obvious windows copies mac for decades. Microsoft has never once done it better...they just do it cheaper. That's the whole point of a p.c., you can do it cheaper. That's the whole reason I switched to p.c. in the first place...does mac cheaper. They should shut the F up and stick to the first story. If they would just cop to it, rather than trying to be the spoiled little kid that doesn't know any better they would be better off. Just say "yeah, we did it cheaper", and shut the F up all ready.

Man gets 3 years in prison for stealing IDs over LimeWire

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good thing...

He wasn't stealing mp3's or he would have gotten life!

Mozilla's servers wobble as Firefox 3.5 hits interwebs

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bookmarks are fine

All my bookmarks are fine. An easy download and install, shame about the add on support.

US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer

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stop it!

Stop supporting the RIAA and the "artists" that associate with them. Support your local musician and boycott big "music", that you really don't want to hear anyway. Until you stop buying, they are going to make money. As far as the U.S. legal system goes, money buys justice in the U.S. so the RIAA obviously is successful.

Apple DNS patch doesn't patch Mac clients

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Can you say ...

PANTHER? get off the intel before it destroys you.

Firefox record breaker sets the date

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I wont be having any kinds of parties, but since safari has gone to shit, I will be downloading and using F.F.. I don't have any choice, and I think the first post said it best. I only hope the next generation of coders and I.T. guys can learn from the current one.

Apple's Snow Leopard to cut the bloat from Mac OS X

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Power pc owners use panther

The greatest operating system ever devised. For the record, OSX has gone to shit after the intel switch, which we mac owners new it would. I truly hope they do separate the power pc and intel side of things. My mac can't handle anymore shoddy intel code.

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

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user error

There is no reason in the world to click on any download link with safari. anything you need for safari is included in it's reasonable updates. A mac user would never be so stupid, that was a pc user move. User error.

Mars rovers roving again, for now

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Windows Vista unreadiness revealed

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Make it more complicated!?

You want to split off windows version (OSX) into MORE versions? The umpteen they have now isn't enough? That's what will save them alright, 50 more versions of incomplete operating system. Look, i don't give a fXXX about HOW an OS works, and I don't want to have to program anything. The calculus, physics, and chemistry that I had to learn to get a job was enough. It just needs to do what is says it is supposed to do people. PANTHER and G4 forever!

Burned by a MacBook

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intel problem

This all started after the switch to intel, and I will never use an intel machine. Powerbook forever!

iPhone hack bypasses AT&T

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Nice job, your famous...too bad your ipod cost $600.

iPhone hackers disclose vulns and hunt for clues

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"Jeremy - I'm a little confused - Intel's fault ?

I thought the CPU was a Samsung ARM11 ?

Maybe the production line uses Windows PCs so it could be Microsoft's fault just like the iPod windows virus?"

The crackers were not even interested until the switch to intel. They are like children wanting attention.

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you guys are trying really hard aren't you. A direct result of intel. I will never trade my g4 running Panther.

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

Jeremy Cordes

The history of the world

1. Bill, in his infinite wisdom, positions himself to take over the world by offering businesses a discounted copy of windows with every P.C. purchase.

2. If you want a job, you have to learn it.

3. Everyone hates it, and is extremely frustrated, but what are they going to do about it?

4. Later, there are plenty of new O.S.'s being developed, but it's too late. Business is already fully enveloped in windows, and people are not willing to learn a new operating system because of their very frustrating experience learning windows (not realizing that they don't have to actually learn new O.S's, because they are much better at their architecture by now).

5. LINUX and OSX comes along. Vastly superior, but not as "cheap" as windows (not in the monetary sense).

6. Some become very good at programming windows, and consider themselves "expert programmers", unfortunately; windows is all they know, and the world goes to shit.