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Fujitsu, Intel tilt at hyperscale storage with Ceph-powered arrays

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Researching Ceph...

I am hard pressed to find any company that actually uses Ceph in production, a lot in the academic space but yet to see anyone other major player than Dreamhost (inktank).. Maybe, RedHat can can change that.

Strange decision to go with Ceph, with all the other players in the market..

Cloud storage exempt from Ninefold's uptime boost

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High availability? really?

On the other hand, Nirvanix has 11 storage nodes, all within a global file sytem. Nirvanix keeps a 100% copy of a it storage Node syncornized with its closeset neighbor. In the event of a regional disaster (fire, flood, earthquake) that copy can be brought "on line in" minutes. Customers also have the option to keep another 100% copy of their data at any other Nirvanix Node for pennies more a GB , for even" higher" +five 9's availability/ plus the added functionality of having your data alive (read/writable) half way around the worrld!!!!

Now that High availability!!! single data center that so.... 2009

Drilling into Amazon's tape-killing Glacier cloud archive

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Playing catch up

Pretty much like what Nirvanix is doing today, battle tested and proven... Amazon's pie in the sky, skip the hype and go with tangible results...