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EU boss Breton: There's no Huawei that Chinese comms kit is safe to use in Europe


So because there might one day be a possibility of Chinese kit having a backdoor (despite nobody being able to find one or prove anything),

The Europeans would like to go buy all the USA kit which is regularly found out to have back doors in it for the USA government to spy on everyone.

I'm going with it's all a bunch of lies and the real reason is bribes / payoffs / blackmail to help USA based corporations keep selling their dated and overpriced gear.

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim


So does the delivery driver get off with vile lies?

So the delivery driver blatantly lied and caused the customer a great deal of harm and many billable hours.

So is Amazon going to do anything about it or are they so scared to be seen as the slightest bit not woke, that they will let their lying delivery driver go unpunished?

That engineer should haul them into court for all the time he had to spend on it and get his lawyer to legally compel the lying driver to show up and answer for his lies.

As much as folks love "free market" eventually big cloud providers and internet providers will need to be strictly regulated as public utilities to ensure justice and fair treatment for everyone and not just, hey let's ruin your life in an instant because we feel like it and who cares if you are right.

Red Hat to stop packaging LibreOffice for RHEL


I have to disagree with yet another cloud evangelist article

Yet another article waxing poetic about how people don't need any actually good programs and tools to do their work.

Oh some shoddy, slow, barely functional web based piece of garbage is all anyone needs.

Sorry but if you want to actually have good productivity you need good software and usually that means fully featured programs often running locally.

A good example is how much more productive you can be using a full version of Microsoft Outlook as opposed to relying on something like Gmail in a web browser.

Uncle Sam vows to Micron-manage China's memory chip ban


Pot meet Kettle

I guess the folks on the USA side acting all upset seem to forget they have been doing the exact same thing for almost 6 years.

I guess it's only wrong when someone else does to the USA what it does to everybody else...

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is a worthy heir to the Note


Re: No expandable storage, no deal

In personal experience, I've found the big high capacity micro SD cards are probably more likely to fail than your phone's onboard storage.

If you have hundreds of Gigabytes of stuff to back up, then just hook your phone up to your computer or laptop with a USB-C to USB-C cable and back it all up pretty quickly.


Re: No expandable storage, no deal

How much storage do you need?

The latest models offer up to 1TB of onboard storage.

I'm pretty sure that should fit a pretty expansive media library.

YouTube's 'Ad blockers not allowed' pop-up scares the bejesus out of netizens


Youtube is pretty much unusable without ablockers

I'm not sure how anyone can possibly stand to use YouTube without adblock and script blocking software?

The native Android YouTube app is pretty much just an all the time in your face ad machine with a bit of content tossed in every so often.

Killing their own product by making it a stupid annoying mess... Seems almost like a theme for Google.

Xi, Putin declare intent to rule the world of AI, infosec


Re: The Insanity

I thought for a moment you were talking about the USA government.

Pretty much same actions on either side these days isn't it?

Puri.sm puts out LapDock for its Librem 5 smartphone


Perhaps if they could actually ship the phones this might be interesting.

Having ordered one of their phones years ago and paid for it only to have years of endless excuses why they can't yet ship it, I have to perhaps suggest someone might want to tell them to actually ship the phones they took money for and then worry about their fancy new docks.

ChatGPT (sigh) the fastest-growing web app in history (sigh) claim analysts


The usual suspects will cheer the inbuilt bias of ChatGPT because anything is great if it works against people or ideas they don't like or don't want to talk about.

However going forward this means it has been built with a strong bias based off the designers and that could prove very problematic as time goes on, especially as more builders of similar systems or the builders of this system keep adding in their own biases, eventually turning it into a pointless echo chamber of their own viewpoints.

200MP smartphone and first premium PC spearhead Samsung's pro push


Re: You're kidding, right?

To be fair, if you sign up ahead of time and order the phone at launch, Samsung does offer your choice of accessories (in this case $150 worth of accessories) so you can get a charging pad or two and a charger or two or a case and charger and charging pad etc.

That might work better for a lot of folks who upgrade from Samsung to Samsung as the same wireless charger or charger plug you had for your phone 2 generations ago still works just fine and you could pick anything else you wanted to apply that credit to.

Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch name


Sometimes being politically correct is accidentally historically correct

So for a very long time the "Land O Lakes" brand had a picture of a female native american surrounded by a background of a nice big open landscape.

Apparently some modern woke pale faces were "offended" about that.

So the company happily removed the Native American from the landscape and all the woke pale faces were happy to just have a landscape with no Native Americans shown.

Which pretty much is exactly historically what the pale faces did some time back. Remove Native American, keep land.

You have to wonder if when they were coming up with the great idea to just remove the Native American from the picture, anybody thought about the coincidental historical significance?

Nvidia's datacenter growth can't save it from gaming GPU woes


Re: Never mind the quality

Whoever designed that power connector spec needs to go back to school to learn something.

When you are wiring up proper electricity, you learn (or find out quickly) that if something is to be pulling a continuous load, you need to be at least 30% to 40% over spec because the specs for wires and connectors are almost never marketed for 100% load 100% duty cycle.

You run into this in a hurry when doing electrical outlets and cabling / installations for charging EVs

You also then have to worry about getting enough air around the connectors and such to cool.

Anyone with a decent background in electrical engineering or proper installation / design could have taken a look at that connector and said, 600W at 12V from that? You are out of your mind.

You need at least double the carrying capacity they used, and enough room for air to get in to cool the connectors just a bit.

Had they gone with just 2 of the same high power connectors they put one of on the Quadro A6000 and similar GPUs, (which are fed by 2x 8 pin standard GPU cables if you don't have native ones), all would have been good for a long time.

Also this obsession with hugely tall cards and then power connectors on the top of them???

That of course leads to tight bends on cables for anything but the most huge monster of cases.

Would it have been so hard to put the connector on the back panel of the card like Evga was going to do?

(not on the short edge opposite the output connectors, as the cards are already insanely long).

Qualcomm: Arm threatens to end CPU licensing, charge device makers instead


ARM is going ahead and doing themselves what all the fear mongers claimed NVIDIA was going to do and why they couldn't be allowed to buy ARM.

I bet lots of folks are going to be thinking an NVIDIA owned ARM would have been the lesser of 2 evils as compared to the current ARM path of "well we are a monopoly on mobile chipsets so now it's time to wring our customer dry".

AI detects 20,000 hidden taxable swimming pools in France, netting €10m


Above Ground pools are the answer

Here due to similar Tax laws and costs of course, above ground pools are very popular as they are not taxable, it's a temporary thing much like a tent setup.

So you can put up your little pool have your fun, then take it down when you get tired of keeping it clean.

Big Tech is building the metaverse of its own dreams. You don't want to go there


I think the other main reason that it didn't take off as much was that it required too much local hardware to run well.

They had an experiment going where the graphics processing was done server side and sent to a web browser. If that had been giver priority, I think that might have actually helped boost popularity greatly.

As far as nothing to do, there was actually lots of interesting things to do, the problem was much like trying to find some product on Amazon or eBay, searching for something you were interested in, turned up way more junk than good stuff and it took a whole lot of searching to find stuff.

Pretty much the common lack of vision from the corporate front on what an end user would experience.

Instead of having a team dedicated to making sure new users could quickly get on and find things they were interested in.

That and pretty much zero new user support and withdrawing support for the volunteer support community.

It is a fairly complicated user interface even now.


Second Life made a really good start almost 2 decades ago on having a virtual world where people could (for better or worse) do mostly as they wanted without exorbitant fees and rigid controls.

It was a great place where you could log in and start building whatever you wanted and meet friends and be whatever you wanted to be.

They were working on trying to make the interface open and interoperable so that you could seamlessly use their servers and servers hosted by others and have a common link that would enable everyone to expand much like the broader internet.

Unfortunately that key step got stopped, possibly because you know money, and thinking that being open would mean less money. And that kind of stalled it's growth and the entire idea all together as each tech company made their own little fifedoms where everything was only them and nothing worked with anything else and it was them or bust.

That is probably one of the biggest reasons nothing is happening in any big way.

Imagine how far the internet would have gotten if you could only use one software package, on one company's servers and only do what they said you could do at prices they set with no competition.

Tesla expands Powerwall-to-grid program to cover most of California


Before anyone gets too excited, what about the effect on battery life

It's well known that the batteries in Electric Vehicles degrade as more charging / discharge cycles are put on them, resulting in sometimes significantly lower capacity after a couple thousand cycles.

The Tesla Power Walls aren't any different and quite possibly may have even less available use cycles.

The cost of replacing vehicle batteries is very substantial (if even possible) so vehicle to grid would not seem to be a good idea for the owners of the vehicles.

Even with your power wall, signing up for such a scheme might mean the lifespan is cut in half or even more, and those are not cheap either.

I could see some governments trying to mandate it, so then the question is, will they be paying the owners for the replacement costs since they could easily have cut the useful working lifespan in half?

One way Bitcoin miners can make money: Selling electricity back to Texas


POW crypto mining is quite possibly terrible for the planet

There is something to be said for the statements many environmentalists have been making regarding the carbon footprint of PoW crypto mining being a bad thing for the planet.

The amount of power being sucked up by bitcoin mining just in Texas alone is quite surprising, the article only talks about a couple big players, but there are lots of smaller players down to folks running mini mining centers in their houses. The total amount of electrical draw for mining cryptocurrency is significant enough that it has an effect on everything from carbon emissions to how many power plants need to be in operation.

There is lots of talk about how we don't have enough electricity to increase the number of electric vehicles by a significant percent. It would be interesting to see how many gasoline and diesel powered vehicles could be replaced with electric versions for the same load on the grid, if you removed Pow crypto mining.

Uber to pay millions to settle claims it ripped off disabled people with unfair fees


I'm guessing Uber's solution will be to just tell drivers tough luck, you have to sit there as long as it takes and if that means you get paid next to nothing, well we don't care.

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment


Refusing to allow local user accounts is going to be a big issue

If Microsoft is greedy enough to try to force everyone to have a Microsoft account to use Windows 11 instead of a local account, I can see a severe level of push back.

They already spy on you enough as it is, no need to give them complete control of your computer.

Meta strikes blow against 30% 'App Store tax' by charging 47.5% Metaverse toll


Second Life is still better

For all it's faults and lack of updates, Second Life is still by far a better and more free platform for both those that want to enjoy a bit of virtual worlds and those that want to make a good living enabling people to use the virtual world more "fully".

The zero-password future can't come soon enough


Perhaps maybe we could ask people to stop leaving the back doors to their systems open so the crooks can come in and harvest all the passwords?

That's really the root of this, sure blame the users for re-using the same passwords sometimes, but why not crack down on those storing all the passwords a bit more. If they were doing their job most of this wouldn't be a problem.

It appears the solution to corporate types loosing all the customers passwords is to trust another corporation to keep it all safe and it will be all better like because they are so much smarter than the users. Okay so what happens when the corporations that the other corporations make you use to get access happen to get hacked one day? My guess is they will blame it on the users again.

Internet connection now required for Windows 11 Pro Insider setup


I was able to get Windows 7 running just fine on a Dell Precision Tower 7920 with Dual Xeon Scalable processors and booting from a PCIe NVMe drive.

So it can be done, it's just a lot more work getting everything setup fine and such initially.

Oracle Linux appears somewhere unexpected: The Windows Store


I'd happily contribute like $100 towards getting them to make a nice packaged setup in the windows store for fun.

It would be an interesting crowdfunding idea if they were interested.

Reg scribe spends 80 hours in actual metaverse … and plans to keep visiting


I have this suspicion that the lately renamed Zuckerbook company will build the worst kind of dystopian corporate controlled virtual prison.

You can only do and say what ZuckerFace allows you do do and say and anything not to their liking will be banned.

Intrusive advertising all over the place and your every movement, word and chat sent to advertisers.

Then if you behave in "good" according to Zuckerbook, things go well, when you are a bit of a rebel, things go bad, eventually they start selling the ability to manipulate people to other companies (much like they did on ZuckerBook for "research").

I would much prefer to enjoy something such as Second Life (which I used for years), where you can pay and be the actual customer, not the product.

Yes, you meet the worst of people in an open setting but you also get to meet the best of people and the rest of people.

I guess it will all come down to, do you like doing exactly what some ZuckerFace like character does and be under their control for "free" and maybe "safer"? or do you want to take risks like in the real world, pay your way and be able to enjoy doing things the way you want.

I'm guessing in near future where you own nothing but rent everything from your corporate overlords, they will let you enjoy the virtual world to distract you from the horrible hovel of a corporate owned beehive apartment you are forced to live in.

Devuan debuts version 4.0 – as usual without a hint of the hated systemd


Devuan can be a system saver for laptops with bad discrete graphics

I ran into a couple Dell laptops that had discrete video chips from AMD that went bad and would crash a normal Linux or Windows install when it got going.

Devuan worked right out of the box forcing the intel chipset video and let me use the laptops that would otherwise have been discarded.

I'm sure with more work, I could have gotten another distribution to work, but these weren't exactly worth spending hours on.

Anonymous: We've leaked disk images stolen from far-right-friendly web host Epik


Who's religion gets to dictate to everybody else what is "obscene"?

In general practice when people go on about "obscene", usually they mean something that they are not comfortable with based on their social / religious viewpoints.

"Obscenity" was routinely used in many western countries, for decades, to punish those who's artistic viewpoints did not perfectly align with the hetero-normative, christian viewpoints.

Texas cops sue Tesla claiming 'systematic fraud' in Autopilot after Model X ploughed into two parked police cars


Re: Tesla's auto-pilot works flawlessley, Smoking cigarettes is good for you.

In my 2017 I'll often get the steering required warning even when I have had both hands on the wheel for a very long time. It seems if you don't move the wheel at all because you are driving down a long straight stretch of road, the system gets nervous that a human shouldn't be able to keep their hands still for that long...

It's time to delete that hunter2 password from your Microsoft account, says IT giant


So another round of blaming users and passwords.

How about companies stop being cheap asses about security, so criminals don't keep going in the back door and stealing all the customer information (including passwords) right out of their databases?

It seems there is no actual punishment for lax security policies at big companies that let criminals walk away with entire databases of hundreds of millions of users and all their passwords and details.

But oh those same users should have to pay more / jump through more hoops because nobody seems to want to pay to keep their servers properly secure?

And your "recovery pin" is essentially a password, so when that database is stolen... ??? Let me guess, they will say it's all the users fault..

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns


Sure it's to go after the worst of the worst now....

Folks should start making bets on how long it will be before Apple starts scanning you phones for "dangerous misinformation" or "Subversive political activity".

Dell won't ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations


So soon, owning your own high performance personal computer will be the mark of some kind of dangerous underground freedom loving rebel.

I guess for everybody else, they can just have systems that can't hardly do anything and have to connect to some corporate owned server somewhere that does all the backend processing but it's all good as long as the corporations are the ones using up all the energy and not the citizens.

Classic example of trying to ration pie to people instead of getting back in the kitchen and making as much pie as everybody wants.

If it wasn't all about politics, you could make plenty of power so there is no shortages, in a way that doesn't pollute the planet.

Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Preview, attempts to defend labyrinth of hardware requirements


Perhaps this is how Microsoft wants to make sure they get a new windfall of revenue.

So Windows 10 was basically promised to be "free" upgrades for the "supported life of the system"...

So how do you get everybody to have to pay Microsoft for an OS upgrade?

Force the system to be "past the supported life".

Put in some requirements that block all but the latest systems that Microsoft just got licence fee money for, with some bogus hardware requirements and lists.

Microsoft gets to collect new license fees, and the customers get to have to purchase a whole new PC so Microsoft can get their cut. It wouldn't do for Microsoft to just simply charge you for Windows 11 and let you keep using your perfectly good PC now would it?

Apple scrambles to quash iOS app sideloading demands with 'think of the children' defense


This is a rare opportunity for the courts to break the near monopoly Big Tech is trying to force on the consumer.

If Apple wins, consumers all across the world for a long time are going to be the losers.

Especially if Apple is allowed to continue with their unfair, undocumented, unaccountable, obtuse stands or approving or disapproving apps that essentially say they can do anything they want for any reason or no reason and tough for any developer they don't like.

Bribery charges against Apple's global security boss dismissed in iPads-for-gun-permits case


This is mostly an issue because in many parts of California, you can only get a permit if you happen to be rich or politically well connected or politically powerful.

Other states have rules that anyone that passes the background check, completes the classes & tests, and pays the fee gets the permit regardless of their social station.

Some folks however are of the opinion that the common people should not be able to carry weapons to protect themselves and such protection should only be afforded to the rich, politically powerful and politicians who always seem to have plenty of people with weapons surrounding them, I guess their lives matter more?

Google and Samsung merge their wearable OSes, tease Fitbit baked into the combo


I fear this will mean the end for a pretty decent watch OS and we'll be stuck with bloat adware

The Samsung Tizen OS is actually pretty decent for what you need it for on a watch.

The applications that Samsung has put out cover most of what is really practical to do with the watch.

It's very easy to customize how you want it to look and it doesn't go around bothering you.

The google wear OS is a horrible monstrosity that basically wants to tell you what it thinks you should want in stupid dumb ways and is very hard to customize and use as a decent daily driver.

I'm on my 4th version of the Samsung watch and I hope to be able to keep going, but if they totally mess up the software, why bother.

Nvidia nerfs RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti GPUs to shoo away Ethereum miners


Re: Market abuse...

So instead of complaining, use it and enjoy it & then when you are not actively using it, do some mining with it & give it 6 months to 12 month depending on your power rate and you'll have most likely gotten all your money back and have a card left that cost you nothing when all is said and done.

Then on top of that it will still have decent resale value.

Or you could be happy that Nvidia will "save" you by making sure that you have to pay for the card, can't make any money on the side with it & it's worth very little when you upgrade.

Samsung stops providing security updates to the Galaxy S8 at grand old age of four years


Have you actually seen the performance of a 5+ year old iPhone with the latest Software?

For all the iPhone lauders.

Your 5+ year old iPhone,

Does the battery still reasonably work and hold a decent charge?

With the latest software update does the phone still perform nicely or has it slowed down considerably?

I know few people in my friends and family that are happy with the performance of their iPhones after 4 years, let alone more. Generally a mix of either battery life / battery issues or the latest software updates making the phone crawl force them to upgrade their iphones in 3 to 4 years at the most.

39 Post Office convictions quashed after Fujitsu evidence about Horizon IT platform called into question


Perhaps maybe somebody should consider not allowing rich and powerful to prosecute people at whim?

It seems a lot of this could have been stopped at the very beginning by ending the stupid practice of allowing those with power and money to conduct private prosecutions of those they want to go after.

If this isn't the perfect example of why you can't allow private rich corporations and people to use the law as their own private weapon, I don't know what else would make the point?

The amount paid out to the victims of this horrible fraud is insultingly low and nobody seems to be talking about that.

All the high and mighty judges that were so eager to be vindictive need to personally go and offer groveling apologies to every single innocent victim they sentenced and then put in some real work towards making things right and making sure those responsible for the fraud get proper punishment on par with the suffering they caused by their greed.

Perhaps a ban on Fujitsu doing any more work at all in the UK until all the victims have been fully compensated for the destruction of their lives would be in order. If Fujitsu thinks it's too tough, well they can sue the post office...

How do we stamp out the ransomware business model? Ban insurance payouts for one, says ex-GCHQ director


How about you put the burden on the multi billion dollar companies that make the software?

I would say that your approach is a very bad idea.

Apparently most of the world decided to give a virtual monopoly on software to a couple large multi billion dollar (mostly American) companies.

Perhaps they could be held to account that their software is so insecure that opening something in your e-mail allows the take over of your computer?

It seems instead of fixing the root of the problem by suggesting those who get extremely wealthy writing the software don't produce buggy code, you suggest that the least technical end users should have their livelihoods under constant threat of being destroyed by arrogant know it all types who want to have fun setting traps for people instead of actually working on trying to not have such an insecure operating system be responsible for all their business.

Your solution most likely would do nothing more than simply enable some IT people with a god complex to go around terrorizing the workers at their company while making nothing actually more secure and making doing actual business very difficult.

Ice Lake, Baby: Intel's 10nm 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable server processors to arrive at last


Is that 2.65x speed improvement over 3 generations ago core for core and clock for clock?

I seem to recall this same kind of thing going on every Xeon CPU launch, where they say the new processor is 2.65x or something faster than some xxx generation but then when you look at the processors that are lined up for comparison, usually the new latest one has a bunch more cores than the old one.

Considering that core count matters greatly in software licencing these days, it might be nice if they could clearly show what it looks like if you compare the different generations of CPUs using exact same core count and exact same clock speed...

Linux Mint users in hot water for being slow with security updates, running old versions


How about NOT doing what Microsoft Does?

One of the reasons I much prefer Linux over Microsoft Windows 10 is the "Automatic Updates" that quite often cause serious issues and can leave your computer unusable until you decide that a re-install is probably quicker than trying to fix whatever mess they made.

If I want updates, I'll update when I'm good and ready.

How about we say you force automatic updates, you are responsible for fixing any systems that the update crashes... Oh and good luck when an upgrade to Mint happens to mess with your Nvidia drivers and you have disk encryption.....

Apache foundation ousts TinkerPop project co-founder for tweeting 'offensive humor that borders on hate speech'


1984 was supposed to be a warning.

Instead it is being used as a instruction manual.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Lots of little downgrades, but this phone is more than the sum of its parts


I was very pleased to find you can finally delete FaceBook

I got the higher end of the 3 batch the Ultra model and first thing went to go look for apps to remove.

Facebook was there, but surprisingly there was a handy option to uninstall which it happily did and nothing Facebook related appeared.

That alone makes we glad to upgrade from my Note 8 which had 3 Facebook spyware groups installed and their "Facebook App Manager" kept re-enabling itself after every reboot and using a fair bit of data without my consent.

I guess Samsung eventually got the point, at least for now.

Smartphones are becoming like white goods, says analyst, with users only upgrading when their handsets break


As expensive as flagship phones are they should be grateful anybody ever upgrades.

Considering that most flagship phones blow right past the $1000 mark, I think it's a bit disingenuous for anyone to complain about people wanting to keep their phones as long as possible.

Apart from marginally better cameras each generation, there is no real reason for many not to simply use their phone for 4 or more years.

Then if the phone's batteries happen to magically die after 2 years, most likely anybody not locked into apple will pick a different brand.

Going to a "phone store" to get the phone or a service plan is probably the worst idea ever.

Call up the customer support line on most major carriers here in the USA and they will tell you pretty plainly NOT to go to (their own) branded stores for a phone unless you enjoy being a chump.

Under that pile of spare keys and obsolete cables is an IoT device: Samsung pushes useful retirement project for older phones


An option to turn them into security cameras would make this really popular

If they had the option to turn it into a manageable IP connected security camera that would probably be the single application that would make this explode in popularity.

Attach a charger cable stick the phone somewhere with a bit of double sided tape and security camera for the house done.

Singapore changes the rules and will now use COVID-19 contact-tracing app data in criminal cases


Don't think the same thing won't happen elsewhere

I would suggest that it's reasonable to bet that other governments if they are allowed to put such a "contact tracing system" into place will eventually decide that the data must be used "for the public good" because... (insert whatever crime/sedition is riding a current wave of hysteria).

Probably something about terrorists or think of the children or rebelling against being imprisoned in your homes en mass or such...

Another eBay exec pleads guilty after couple stalked, harassed for daring to criticize the internet tat bazaar


Let's hope somebody makes a deal

I'm still holding out hope that one of the guilty makes a deal and agrees to fess up to the CEO being behind the whole thing.

It's not enough of a smack down for the evil corporation to loose a few low lying executives.

A CEO being arrested and charged, kind of makes them start thinking there may be personal consequences for their actions.

Who watches the watchers? Samsung does so it can fling ads at owners of its smart TVs


Good reason not to upgrade

Samsung may finally start regretting their abusive behaviour towards their customers, but only long after someone else has taken their market share.

If your customer clearly does NOT want to be bothered with ads.

Boasting about how you can find ways to force ads in their faces is probably going to blow up in your face.

The other big loosers are the brands that apparently are told they should pay big money for these "forced" ads.

I'm not sure about others, but if something forces an ad on my phone or computer or anything else, my immediate reaction is anger towards whatever brand is being displayed, which makes me way less likely to buy anything from them.

The Surface Duo isn't such an outlandish idea, but Microsoft has to convince punters the form factor is worth having


If they release it without adware and bloat ware it would be worth the price

The specification are quite lackluster for the price.

However if they could see their way clear to ship it without being loaded up with a bunch of uninstallable adware and bloatware and junk from FB, then it might actually be well worth the cost.

I've gotten a bit tired of paying for a Samsung flagship only to have it try to shove junk in my face anytime it can unless I get it all taken out after every major update.