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Vendors suspend tech orders as Brexit slaps Brit pound


Re: Uncertainty replaced by certainty

While I don't disagree with your final assessment there's still a boat load of uncertainty. For example - what will the new trade agreements look like with the rest of Europe? That's not likely to be resolved in the near future and can have huge impacts on the economy, which in turn effects the markets.

As a Yank, I'm taking a beating on the market already today but such is life with globalization. A butterfly flaps its wings and so forth...

eBay boss joins Thiel critics


Re: Compensation for loss?

I believe the actual breakdown is $55 million for compensatory and $60 mil for emotional damages. While its hard to defend either side one could argue Hogan would still be getting paid for all kinds of stuff had this video not been posted outing him as a racist. They also awarded $25 mil in punitive.

Confused by crypto? Here's what that password hashing stuff means in English


Re: Pinning.

I can see how the description given in the article could lead you to that conclusion.

The below website has a differently worded description where its less about dodgey CAs and more about "pinning" the cert to the host.



Idea for next article

Maybe you could put up an article explaining what DevOps is in a similar fashion?

Petrol cars are dead in the water, says Tesla CTO waving numbers on the back of an envelope


Still a bit confused

So, the theory is that electric cars are cleaner than gas engines. I wouldn't argue that in day to day operation an electric car(or hybrid) produces less pollution than a standard gas engine. However, you have to charge those cars. That electricity needs to be generated somewhere. In the US nuclear power is available but not as prevalent as fossil fuel. Aren't you really just "moving" the the pollution? This is not to be a troll, I've just never seen anything address this in a way that makes sense to me.

Chinese hackers behind OPM megabreach also pwned United Airlines


Re: Hilary Clinton has the answer!

What does this article have to do with Clinton?

Small number of computer-aided rifles could be hacked in contrived scenario


Right on

I think, for once, I agree with LP. Whole thing is for click bait headlines to get interest for Wired and Black Hat. I do remember watching videos about TrackingPoint and thinking it was pretty cool but as usual it turned out to be a lot of marketing. Thankfully(?) humans are still needed inline in the long range precision killing field.

BONK! BONK! Windows 10 whack-a-mole – Microsoft still fixing bugs


Re: No big deal at all

Got you covered. Downvoted for "Windoze". At least put some creativity in gents.

Netflix profits plunge, but streamer still plans global domination


Re: Netflix charges too little

Indeed. The initial value of just a streaming account on Neflix is great. But once you get through the catalog of decent material and all thats left are lower than B movie titles the value is much less. I am in such a position now. I probably spend more time trying to find something worthwhile to watch than I do actually watching said program.

One MEEELLION users download Facebook-pwning droid game


Re: TinkerAccountLibrary.dll

Are you shitting me?

Its 2015 and your orderlies still allow you internet access?

Router cockup grounds United Airlines flights WORLDWIDE



A couple of the more "creative" US news sites are linking this with the problems at the NYSE and Wall Street Journal. Obviously the only answer is they all shared systems and terrorists are attacking America! The source country is about to get a home delivery of freedom.

Assange™'s emotional plea for asylum in France rejected


5 years

Hard to believe its already been 5 years. If he's so buddy buddy with Ecuador why would he need asylum in France? I suppose I'd also get tired of a bum sleeping on my couch for 5 years without putting in any effort to better his situation.

Crowdfunded beg-a-thon to bail out Greece raises 0.003% of target


Ignorance of the issue

So basically the rest of the EU handed Greece 200+ billion with zero chance of getting repayment?

Twitter: La la la, we haven't heard of NUDE JLaw, Upton SELFIES

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Re: Mmm

Just throwing this out there - maybe the receiver uses/used an iPhone?

NUDE SNAPS AGENCY: NSA bods love 'showing off your saucy selfies'


Re: Why am I not surprised by this? @Wzrd1

@Hollerith 1

"And are we seeing a wave or arrests as the NSA turn over child porn to the DOD? Are USA child molesters being rounded up by the horde? No?"

Actually, there's been a couple large scale arrests of child pornographers due to "federal investigations" in the news recently. Including law enforcement.



Journal that published Facebook emoto-furtle study: Proper boffins get CONSENT

Big Brother


Its not news that Facebook does all kinds of "grey" things with the data they collect. It wasn't a new revelation 2 years ago when they did the study. I understand from a scientific study perspective its certainly more ethical to have express consent. However, lets not act like they were lighting kittens on fire and timing how long it took them to stop twitching.

Much like harmjschoonhoven said - are we sure this isn't the study? To track the social media outrage? I would personally find that far more interesting as it seems the outrage is never ending.

Strap-on cam pro GoPro in IPO share grow show


Re: Wow

Clearly I went through the wormhole and it is now 1998 again....I knew I should have remembered to carry my "History of Winning Lotto Numbers" book on my person at all times.

Pictures of elite 'Chinese military hacker' published


"The United States cannot pretend that it is the victim. They are a hacker empire. I think everyone in the world knows this," spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Surely two Wongs don't make a right...

Asus Z97-A puts Intel's 9 Series chipset through its paces


Since When?

"… well, apart from the first memory slot being blocked by a fan, but that’s a given with third party coolers, in general"

Its been a while since I've looked at air coolers for a CPU but is it really common now that they block memory slots? Seems you either chose poorly on a fan or mobo or both.

Symantec: Antivirus is 'DEAD' – no longer 'a moneymaker'


Re: Maybe if they didn't suck...?

I didn't really get that they were on a high horse from this article. I think they're being very ethical by moving out of the AV market.

They basically admitted their software was crap and are moving onto something they might be able to do competently - emphasis on the "might"

Opportunity selfie: Martian winds have given the spunky ol' rover a spring cleaning



100% of trolls fail 50% of logic tests. 150% of trolls are failures?

Russian deputy PM: 'We are coming to the Moon FOREVER'


Re: Russia can do it....

I don't recall hearing a fuss about the water recycling mechanism on the ISS. What was the Russian approach?

Top Secret US payload launched into space successfully



Still enjoy watching launches into space. A reminder of what humans can accomplish.

Fiendish CryptoLocker ransomware: Whatever you do, don't PAY


Re: Title is basically incorrect

They will decrypt your files if you pay and apparently they're very cordial when you call them. Second hand information from a trusted source but still second hand.

Watch BLUBBERING BILLION-DOLLAR BALLMER: Microsoft goodbye love-gush leaks


Re: Why Ballmer?

You're overthinking it. He lef the company to his best friend who he probably knew wouldn't be successful anywhere else. I think we all probably have a friend we know isn't too bright and try and help them out when we can.

Bradley Manning* sentenced to 35 years in prison

Black Helicopters

Re: No.... @Mad Mike

Well, thats kind of the rub here. The argument was that he just took a bunch documents and didn't really know what was all in them. Hence, not a whistleblower and not offered the protections of being considered such. This is semi-believable given the huge volume of documents that were leaked. However, how do you know what to leak without at least looking at some of it?

Regardless, I think it could have gone far worse for him. The other side of that coin is if he would have been executed it would have probably caused more dissent among the American public and ultimately led to a more meaningful change in how things are done. This would have probably been the better result for America as a country, but obviously much worse for this kid.

Bill Gates's barbed comments pop Google's broadband balloons


Re: Intelligence!

I think you'll have a hard time finding a cure for "maleria".

New NSA tool exposed: XKeyscore sees 'nearly EVERYTHING you do online'



Impressive tech for 2008.

Americans attempt to throw off oppressive, unresponsive rulers on 4th of July

IT Angle


Not sure why that Ed guy threw that last bit in there about slavery...Seems unrelated to IT and unrelated to the article in general. He must really miss having the colonies...

Anyway there was more than one reason America declared independence from British rule.

Among the main ponits were the Stamp Act of 1765, the Tea Act in 1773, and the Coercive Acts in 1774. I will let you read on them for yourself and decide if it was worthy of the split.

But again - none of that really relates to IT or this article.

US Navy coughs $34.5m for hyper-kill railgun that DOESN'T self-destruct

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Even though you may not agree with its current use, or the sponsor, its still pretty cool technology. If they can make it more reliable it should lower the overall cost and then lead to non-military use, just like everything else.

Using encryption? That means the US spooks have you on file


All of 'em

I'd be surprised if every western govt wasn't already doing this and the US was just the first to get caught in public.

I'm sure I'll be downvoted to hell for saying this but: As a society we demand almost absolute security from random acts of violence(terrorism or whatever) but we also expect almost absolute privacy. This puts law enforcement/govt/et al in a very difficult position. I don't see how you can have it both ways. I think people lose sight of that and immediatly que the outrage when they learn of new details of this. I'm not saying there's not some ambiguity in whos getting monitored and for what, however I don't think theres some huge conspiracy to see what porn you're downloading.

Beer cos its Friday

Julian Assange: I'm quite happy to sleep on Ecuador's sofa FOREVER



Anyone know what the digs are actually like in the embassy? Perhaps they're way better than he had back home and just doesn't want to give them up.

NASA-backed fusion engine could cut Mars trip down to 30 days


Re: This is great...

Surely this event is just there on the horizon.

Enterprising 'early adapter' tries to hawk Google Glass on eBay

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Re: What after this?

I'd be more likely to wear a futuristic monocle...they'd look pretty sweet I bet.

Squillionaire space tourist offers oldsters a holiday to Mars

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Not just Americans

If they pull this off it wouldn't just be something great for Americans to brag about but something the entire Human Race could be proud of. I hope they pull it off.

Climate watch: 2012 figures confirm global warming still stalled



I'm not one to cry the sky is falling, nor am I one to say that we humans have zero effect on climate. I think its possible that if the temperature has truly leveled off it could be due to the pollution cutting etc done over the last 20-30 years. Although if thats the case, we'll probably see a warming spike coming down the pike from all the stuff China has been pumping into the sky.

QLogic drops veil on new flashy adapter technology


Re: Way to confuse everyone

Yeah, they may try and climb it also. It's been a mountain longer than a format.

'United States must renounce its witch-hunt against WikiLeaks'

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I'm REALLY getting tired of this Assange guy. Can't he just enjoy the hospitality of the Ecuadorians in silence or at least without press coverege every time he wants to open his yap?

China could penetrate US with new huge missile


Re: Declaration of War!

Not sure if troll. The content has to be sarcasm but the typographical and grammar errors say stupidity...

Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges

Black Helicopters


I doubt the Brits were serious when they said they would enter the embassy. Probably hyperbole. There is also no gurantee that Sweden would extradite. Why wouldn't Assange want to face the charges against him in Sweden? It would be a large event covered by the press where he could prove his innocence on the global stage, obviously this assumes hes innocent. Perhaps he promised to provide all data he had to Ecuador and not release any of their sensitive data in exchange for asylum? I dont think anyone involved is completely innocent here.