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Musk tells Twitter advertisers: You're welcome back, but don't make demands

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Re: don't make demands

Not that you need a second driver, due to the range.

IBM Watson GPU cloud cluster Brexits from London to Frankfurt – because GDPR


Re: Genuinely...

I agree, moving data should be simple. But note I said specifically "complex long-running operations", not data.

Shutting down a pipeline and then just restarting it may not quite as simple as all that in some cases, is all I was saying.


Re: Genuinely...

Perhaps it's a lack of imagination on your part if you can't envision a scenario where complex long-running operations on petabytes of data might be tricky to move.

Queen Elizabeth has a soggy bottom: No, the £3.1bn aircraft carrier, what the hell did you think we meant?


Re: Aircraft?

Sovereignty is a tradable commodity. You give some up, you get something in return.

In this case it's just vast wodges of dosh we're giving up in return for an enormous white elephant.

There's a reason why my cat doesn't need two-factor authentication


Re: Schengen sucks and everyone is looking the other way

"...relies in that once you're inside the Schengen Area you can move freely..." and this differs from external borders, how?

Hubble 'scope camera breaks down amid US govt shutdown, forcing boffins to fix it for free


Re: Trump: Making America Great again!

Who's winning?

It's the wobbly Microsoft service sweepstake! If you have 'Teams', you've won a lifetime Slack sub


Re: Without an incident clock

They've just exposed the clocks API to their CI servers, and it's automatically zeroed whenever there's a deployment anywhere in the company.


Re: Of course, given recent statements from the rumor mill...

Nooo! Look what they did to Skype


Who would notice?

I can never tell if there's a bug or if teams is behaving as intended, it's that bad.

Boeing 737 pilots battled confused safety system that plunged aircraft to their deaths – black box


Re: Hey software, get the fuck out of the way!

"Programmers, fuck off!"

You first.

We'll be right behind you on Ark Fleet Ship C.

Barnet Council reckons Capita's dropped the ball on outsourced services


I'm shocked that someone has found Capita wanting. Shocked, I tells ya.

In other news:

Grass: Green

Pope: Catholic

Bear: Arboreal defecation

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream


Re: Do you people work in I.T?

You are Steve Ballmer and I claim my five pounds.

Brexit has shafted the UK's space sector, lord warns science minister


Re: An insider speaks

"...your personal preference or leanings don't make one better than the other"

But apparently yours does.

Crypto crackdown: Google bans ads for unregulated currencies


Bitcoin prices plummeted after news of the ban emerged...

To be fair, bitcoin prices plummeted in early February after I'd had a particularly nice sandwich.

Tim Berners-Lee says regulation of the web may be needed


"Let's assemble the brightest minds from...government..."

404 Not Found

Drone smacks commercial passenger plane in Canada


This is why we can't have nice things.

RIP Bob Taylor: Internet, desktop PC pioneer powers down at 85


ping bob.taylor

ping: unknown host bob.taylor

Squirrel sinks teeth into SAN cabling, drives Netadmin nuts


@Voland's right hand

You are Carl Spackler AICMFP

Amazon S3-izure cause: Half the web vanished because an AWS bod fat-fingered a command


re: ...and what did they actually enter.

I suspect it had an asterisk in it somewhere.

Lord of the Dance set to deliver high kicks at Trump’s big ball


Re: Sing and you die

Perhaps they wouldn't be seen dead on the same stage as a scumbag like him?

But no, of course they're being partisan whilst you have obviously put politics aside.

Oracle exec quits over co-CEO Safra Catz's promise to assist Trump


Re: "Planned Register of Muslims"



1. A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

2. An intention or decision about what one is going to do.


Facebook hires Hillary Clinton to lead assault on fake news*


What about satire?

I have yet to come across a piece of fake news yet. Either that or I'm such a sucker I wouldn't be able to tell, but that would be an epistemological matter.

What concerns me is that good satire is almost indistinguishable from that which it satirises.

What a bee-lief! UK's asian hornet outbreak is over ... for now

IT Angle

I, for one, welcome our new vespine overlords etc etc

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook's ad-blocker buster: It's a block party!



It's a free service. They can push ads at me all they like. I've long since developed internal filters for ads.

Of course, I see them peripherally, but that doesn't mean I'm going to walk/click zombie-like into a shop and buy it there and then. I may specifically seek this product out when I'm weighing the pros and cons of a list of alternatives, but it doesn't get preferential treatment

123-Reg goes TITSUP – again


"123-Reg customers is not exactly a stranger to periodic service outages"

This am not good make typings.

Brexit has left a regulatory black hole for digital, say MPs


Re: So the trouble with taking back control

Who is criminalised? The banana?

Theresa or Teresa May? Twitter confuses nude model and new PM


"...at least she wouldn't be leading the Stasi"

Well, the uniforms would probably be better

Oculus backtracks on open software promise


Re: Users are the Product

"I know that Oculus have said that they don't share information with FB, but have they promised that they will NEVER start doing that?"

If they did it wouldn't be worth the paper it was written on.

Valley VC Peter Thiel becomes an official Trump delegate


Re: Makes sense

Eh? Trump has to win everywhere. Clinton only has to win one or two swing states. Trump's appeal to the hardcore loonies he's attracted so far will wane as he tries to woo the moderates in his own party and democrats in swing states, who all hate him. He hasn't a snowflake's.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 3



"remember that web thing? they missed the boat, caught up, boarded it and then pretty much defined the thing."

The way I remember it was they missed the boat, and then used their massive commercial clout to shoulder barge their way back in, ruining standards left right and centre for over a decade. Then, once they'd "won" the web wars and Netscape was open sourced , they stopped development on I.E.

If you define "the web" as a complete basket case which has only recently recovered from Microsoft's meddling, then yes, I suppose you can say it was their doing.

UK.gov plans to legislate on smut filters after EU net neutrality ruling


To prevent the kids...

...from putting their genitalia where it doesn't belong?

Job alert: Is this the toughest sysadmin role on Earth? And are you badass enough to do it?


I bet there's no googling the answer

And for that reason, I'm out.

UK.gov wants to stop teenagers looking at tits online. No, really


Re: A cunning ploy

Teenaged boys are already pretty adept penetration testers, as I recall...

What gets the internet REALLY excited? Kittens? No. EXPLODING Kittens


14nd place?

Is this a heretofore unknown numbering system?

Possibly based on the number of sumo wrestlers it is possible to get into a mini?

Facebook Oculus VR buyout: IT WANTS your EYEBALLS


Re: wow

Unless, of course, you're a developer who subsequently spent months developing for the prototype you were sent, only to find that the whole shebang has been sold to an outfit that has - at the last count - no respect for developers, and little interest in gaming.

Under these circumstances, I can see why backers are up in arms.

Prof Stephen Hawking: 'There are NO black holes' – they're GREY!


"metastable bound states of the gravitational field"

That's going to be hard to market. I'd stick with the original name.

Army spaffed millions up the wall on flawed Capita online recruiting system - report



"...has been hamstrung by a series of blunders after Capita was awarded the contract in 2011".

A series of blunders after the first catastrophic blunder; namely letting Crapita anywhere near it.

Have they *ever* brought a project in on time and on budget?

Answers on the back of a blank taxpayers cheque.

Facebook slurped phone numbers says Norton


Re: @Gordon 10

I agree, it looks more like a lazy /stupid developer to me.

NSA accused of new crimes ... against slideware



Has he not heard of anti-aliasing either?

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL


What a hero

I think he's going to need a bigger boat, though. The website is responding very slowly.

My method is to call the sales department, if such a thing exists, then the salesdroid that answers can transfer me internally to the department I need.

Sales numbers are rarely engaged or have queuing systems, and are normally answered by wetware.

Good news: Debian 7 is rock solid. Bad news: It's called Wheezy


Re: But what can it do?

"Well the cost is in one's time, even for a home user. There is a measurable "cost" in terms of the hours taken to to a major software install..."

I'm guessing you've never used apt then?

Thousands rally behind teen girl cuffed, expelled in harmless 'explosion'


Re: Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance is anathema to rational thought.

UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now


Re: Excuse me

The legislation specifically names registries that you have to use.

It seems to me to be that diligence in this case means searching the registries.

If that's prohibitively expensive, then the only recourse would be legal action which is beyond the means of most people / organisations.

Pirates, because they're cool. And this amounts to legalised piracy by the big meedja boys.


Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone


Christ! :(

Title says it all.

'1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites


Re: ...this is what happens when you use [insert operating system here] ....

and do not know what you are doing

After Leveson: The UK gets an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for real


Re: The Difference Between Communism And Capitalism

Or Communism, for that matter.

The fact that most Communist states have been totalitarian too is a coincidence (more probably linked to the propensity for greed in the human race).

SpaceX Dragon eventually snared by ISS

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Mission controllers pressure-hammered the pipes to clear the problem.

Does this mean "turned it off and on again *really* fast"?

Soak up CO2 with sponges, says CSIRO


Icon says it all

...and when we run out of things to burn?

If we could only harness hyperbole and ignorance as a power source...

'Doomsday' asteroid Apophis more massive than first thought


Re: Friday 13th

Bearing in mind that the Tunguska event is conjectured to have been an airburst. The likelihood of this rock having the same composition is slim; therefore a comparison would not appear to be appropriate here.