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After all the excitement of Windows 10 2004, Insider builds go back to square one


It wasn't Blankety Blank that was 3 x 3...

...it was Celebrity Squares (or in the US Hollywood Squares). Blankety Blank would have given you a 3 x 2 layout.

I don't disagree that Blankety Blank was a most superior entertainment.

Another dimension, new galaxy. Intergalactic planar-tary: Join us on our 3D NAND journey


Hello nasty

Is this the first ever NAND / Beastie Boys mash-up? The perfect partners: why has no-one thought of this before?!

Douglas Coupland: The average IQ is now 103 and the present is melting into the future


Jet lagged?

I'm assuming that's being used euphemistically here.

Still, hard to blame Coupland: nice work if you can get it.

Terror in the Chernobyl dead zone: Life - of a wild kind - burgeons


"The non-events at Fukushima and Three Mile Island."

Simply peerless baiting.

GCHQ's exploding doughnut threatens to ooze into innocent field


Re: there's an opportunity here

You dingbats!

If there's a bad fonts joke out there, I've yet to hear it.

Giant Facebook SOLAR LASER DRONE to FEED interwebs into YOUR FACE


Re: I so torn

Yeah, that clouds thing had me wondering, too.

Bringing the thing to the UK to test it should settle that pretty quickly, though.

Bloke hits armadillo AND mother-in-law with single 9mm round



Hate to be a wet blanket - I usually love stories about outback hicks inadvertently removing their idiot material from the gene pool - but I'm really struggling to see the IT or tech angle here.

Not that the story shouldn't have been posted: I'm just disappointed that no such angle was worked in. Doing so doesn't usually seem to give the Reg cadre too much bother, however hilariously tenuous.

Must try harder!

Classy Oregon diners tipped waitress with 'crystal meth' – cops


Re: Happened to me 15 years ago

So that's what happened to them! I meant to leave a couple of Werther's Originals, and in my crack-addled state I must have got mixed up. You should have seen the look on the face of the guy who paid a thick wad of used 20s for some boiled sweets, though - priceless.

No? Fair enough. I'll, er, get my coat.

Facebook to BLAST the web with AUTO-PLAYING VIDEO ads

Black Helicopters

"We'll determine future uses based on what we learn from this tear"

"Tear" as in the fabric of space-time? Or "tear" as in 'on the face of God'?

Granted, it's probably a typo, but I hope not: either would be enormously revelatory about the sophistication of Facebook's analytical techniques.

MacBook Airs in Black Screen of DEATH terror: Apple responds

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Analyst says Brit rail broadband plan is TRAIN CRAZY


“Few things more frustrating”

Man, I wish I had his life: McLoughlin needs to get our more.

BILLION-TONNE BELCH emitted from Sun to hit Earth this weekend


Don't you mean


Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back' for Terminator 5 reboot


"Just sleep faster"?

Sounds like the kind of thing Rainier Wolfcastle would say. Talk about life imitating art.

Jaws restored Blu-ray disc set review

IT Angle


I thought this was El Reg, not Den of Geek.


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