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Arctic ice panics sparked by half-baked sat data


where's the SCIENCE ?

Of course there's a melt-off ! That's exactly what happens when the Earth's geographic inclination to the sun is changed by 18 degrees as a result of the polar shift. There is recorded historical evidence since the year 982 telling the same sad tale in cycles of 666 years in Greenland. It seems that ‘thought’ as to the causes of the current climate changes has been completely eliminated by a compliant propagandizing mainstream media and dependence on ‘bought-and-paid-for talking heads’ for solutions. Look to history for the solution. The historical record shows that the current changes to climate are naturally-occurring cyclic phenomena – our planet’s magnetic poles are shifting in a heretofore apparent and easily explained manner. FACT: the current events of 2012 were predicted in 1841 (source: 1841 Edition of The New York Dissector, Vol 2, ppg 379-383)

And here’s the link: http://books.google.com.au/books?id=8jkCAAAAYAAJ&q=greenland&redir_esc=y#v=snippet&q=greenland&f=false

None of the "scientists" who provide the senseless 'panic causing' propaganda seem to be thinking beyond their immediate references - the answer lies in the historical record and the application of scientific 'knowns'.

Maybe someone smarter that I will answer me this: If the Earth's inclination to the sun is determined by the positioning of the magnetic poles, what is the effect of an 18 degree change ? Surely it would mean (in simple terms) that areas once warm would become colder and areas once cold would become warmer. This would happen at the same time, so the overall effect is no change - even though some specific geographic areas would become warmer (melting=less ice) and other places would become colder (freezing=more ice). Maybe this is too simplistic an answer ?

The solution for us all might be two-fold: (1) everyone needs to adapt quickly to the changes in climate to ensure survival/comfort/food; and (2), we all need to demand that those who sequester proven/patented alternate energy solutions for purposes of self-enrichment desist immediately and release this knowledge to everyone.

I look forward to fact-based a rebuttal.



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