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I QUIT: Mozilla's anti-gay-marriage Brendan Eich leaps out of door


I embrace people that do not share my views.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to become unequal to someone or some organization. If you don’t like your boss talk with him/her. If you don’t share their views quit if it is a major issue to you. We all make choices. We all change in some way over time. My views have changed over the years. Mainly because I’m open minded and I’m willing to listen to all points of view. Should someone quit their job over something 10 years ago? From what I understand he wasn’t a new hire. We can live and work together and share different views. Maybe working in such an organization would help him over time understand how important equality is. Mozilla is the perfect place for him. I’m sure of one thing. He will be careful who he give his money to in the future.

I have friends and business customers that are far left and far right. Doesn’t mean I’m going to banish them if I don’t share their view. I use it as an opportunity to bring people together. A major problem is when the far right or left only talk to like minded people. We need to mix left and right as much as we can. In the end the world would be a better place. I embrace people that do not share my views.

Pushing people away only makes issues worse.

Arctic ice panics sparked by half-baked sat data


It doesn't matter?

Everyone but idiots know the ice is melting, EVERYWHERE! Does it matter if it is within the next 10 years or in 25? If anyone thinks in a 100 years life on earth is going to be fun they are dead wrong. Oil Gone!! Enough clean water to satisfy the population, nope!! We consume as if there is an endless supply of everything. The way of life we have grown accustom to will be gone.

What is unfortunate is that nothing can be done to change it. Technology is growing light years faster than we are evolving. Humans are not smart enough to change. The writing is on the wall folks. I will be close to the end of my life as we start to see the impact we truly have had on earth. My son will know what life was like before (8 years old). My son’s children will not be so lucky.


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