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FBI, NSA to hackers: Let us be blunt. Weed need your help. We'll hire you even if you've smoked a little pot in the past

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probably forgot how to do it after having to remember their user id

Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

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Re: Timing vs Speed

Going by the new formula, pretty they would just make it so you are required to drift around corners instead

Tinfoil-hat search engine DuckDuckGo gifts more options, dark theme and other toys for the 0.43%

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Re: Go

"Same reason DOS/Windows dominated PC operating systems"

No that was DirectX - games games and more games.

Google to bury indicator for Extended Validation certs in Chrome because users barely took notice

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Re: This is hilarious.

I know a lady who was told by a random scam phonecall that their bank account had been compromised and to move all her money to a particular account.

Despite all of us telling her it was bogus, her bank telling her it was bogus and even the police (called by the bank) telling her it was bogus. She still believed the scammer and transferred all her cash to this random person.

People are generally stupid. Does't matter what you do to try and help them. Although E-Commerce could be better though.

Not-so-paltry towers: Vodafone gears up to flog off massive masts business

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Re: Oh dear

From what i remember (may be wrong, brain is a bit fried from all the heat this week) EU is pushing Cell operators to share towers. Easier to not share towers, make a new company and then leave that to deal with the fallout.

Secondly, 5G is pretty much long(er) range wifi, so large cell towers are (in an ideal world) going to be phased out. - I dont believe this for a second of course, there are still long wave radio stations, and GSM is still a thing. - but you know... optimism

Bad news: Earth is not going to be walloped by asteroid 2006 QV89. Good news: Boffins have lost sight of it, so all hope is not yet lost

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Last place you look

Things tend to turn up after you stopped looking for them;

In the pocket of your last worn trousers..

Down the back of the sofa..

In a large crater in the ground..

Nothing to worry about

Israeli Moon probe crashes at the last minute but SpaceX scores with Falcon Heavy launch

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Not only in the woods

There is now beresheet on the moon too....

It's coooming: Windows 10 October 2018 Update adoption slows ahead of the next release

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4. Something, something... Brexit

Yes! Pack your bags! Blossoming planetary system strikingly similar to ours found by boffins

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Re: If you leave now,

you'll get there just about the time.... something something, Brexit

Geniuses at HMRC sack too many staff! Nope, can't do it online. FAIL

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Pointing Finger

Generally I'm against finger pointing, but when daft crap like this happens in the public sector "the department" makes a miscalculation or "the organisation" overestimates. When we all know that it was the actions of one moron with the power to veto informed objections or sell out to their mates (aka outsourcing) that are the cause for the screw up, hiding behind a wall of bureaucracy.

I for one (and understand why the don't) call for these wastes of human skin to be ousted by their colleagues and strung up a flag pole by their ankles.

Then beaten with a bag of over-ripe oranges.


UK will pay EU £180m in fines due to botched CAP IT system – NAO

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"But this one's cheaper!!1"

Ask for something, don't give true specs for what it is you're after (admittedly, sometimes not possible).

Company A comes back with a number, contains things that are needed but weren't thought of by the customer, state as much. Also provide comprehensive turnkey solutions with proven track record.

Company B come back, spec exactly what the customer asks for. 1/2 the cost, but is operationally non-functional.

Moron in charge, who knows nothing except They are Right and Budget Costing(TM) clearly has trouble breathing while doing anything more complex than signing their name. Yet seems able to jump mental hurdles when they need to pass the buck, screams....

"But this one's cheaper!!1"

Been there, stepped back and watched the metaphorical building burn down around them, while they screamed that it was the contractors fault.

Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'

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Re: Pft.

Ignore him, some people have a blind faith in something that is clearly wrong that you cannot reason with.

If he wants to miss out on good deals and a drm system that doesnt want to crap on you each time you use it, let him.

As to their security, at least they admit when they have been compromised, rather than try to cover it up (looking at you Sony)

The Oatmeal hits $850,000 goal for Tesla museum

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...biggest Tesla Coil of all time!


Apple, Samsung blast away in patent case closing arguments

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Re: For now....

Foregone conclusion. - Texas has Chuck Norris, then the USA will be part of Texas.

Work for the military? Don't be evil, says ethicist

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Re: Sorry, but we DO need some steenkin weapons

I think with bigger weapons comes the luxuary and necessity of being able to afford morals.

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Think he's

How can he have the gaul to post a challange against engineers working on defense contracts using a medium originally designed as a militarty communications tool (ie the internet - tho to be fair, DARPAnet originally).

He clearly doesn't understand that peace is won by the guy with the biggest stick, hence why the western world has been able to expand and influence the world. - Even politics is an extension of this concept, otherwise the Monster Raving Loony Party would win every time, with all of their 0 constituencies.

He is clearly crazy and needs to be ignored, or has been quoted and taken out of context.

Apple, Samsung brass hats' patent spat chitchat falls flat

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What are you mumbling about?

What your saying is the equivilent of saying that apple effectively wanted to patent the double click function on your mouse.

Multitouch was already available on tft screens before Apple got hold of it, it was an innovation which was developing regardless of them.

Don't download that app: US presidential candidates will STALK you with it

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First mobile botnet?

with added plausible deniablity

Kidney-for-iPad fanboi sues after illness strikes

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What about an iLiver then?

I'll get my coat....

Google loads Moto Mobility cannon, fires patent shells at Apple

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All this mess...

is what happens when you make you patent office funded by submitted and accepeted patent applications, rather than by the government.

Im done with this idiocracy, can't wait until someone invents something so awsome that cant be copied, infringes loads of these ridiculous patents so cant be sold in the US, resulting in the people rising up - demanding their unobtainable shiny thing. Culminating in the reform of the patent office, and everyone (except the lawyers) living happily ever after.

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think

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Re: Biggest thing my cat ever brought in...?

Quite often (one of these every 2-3 weeks) - phesants, hares, rabbits, pigeons

Small birds, mice, voles etc on a daily basis.

Seagull once, bits of deer (dont ever want to find out how she achieved that one).

The most impressive thing was her cat flap was in a window 3 1/2 feet from the ground that she brought these things through - some of them (including the seagull) werent even dead.

Needless to say the cat was f*ing evil. Used to pick on dogs, other cats, foxes, a minx once and had eyes on a peacock. Used to hide under the sofa and attack your toes as well. Reckon she would have made pterodactyls extinct if they hadnt already achieved that themselves.

As you can imagine she is dead now. Dont worry, I made sure to salt the ground and draw a pentagram around where she is burried.