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Wall Street analyst slashes HP Inc's share rating amid mounting worries over printer supplies declines

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Refillables FTW

I went to refillable inkjet cartridges for my Epson a few years back, the slight inconvenience of refilling is completely outweighed by the convenience of printing just working first time every time irrespective of the length of time since the last print job.

And it's cheap, I bought a multi-pack of black ink for £4 which I calculated at present usage to be about 100 years worth.

If I printed more often I'd consider a laser, but for now this is more than adequate.

Forget that rare-earth element crunch – we can now just extract them from industrial waste

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Re: "Is there an industry with an abundance of this stuff as a waste by-product or something?"

Please point out where in this story the source of the bacterium/biolixivant is an abundant industrial waste-product.

Then wind your neck in.

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Sounds a tad pointless?

There are any number of widely available and cheap organic acids available industrially so why not simply use one of these. Alternatively, as they showed that Sulphuric (yes that's the "correct" spelling in this old British head!) was superior (and presumably any other readily available mineral acid would be too) - sooo what's the story here? They used spent growth medium, so presumably again this isn't a bacterium that can be grown on on the phospho-gypsum so nowt special about it.

Is there an industry with an abundance of this stuff as a waste by-product or something?

Here come the lawyers! Intel slapped with three Meltdown bug lawsuits

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Re: Which Intel CPU's

'Fraid not, pre 2013 Atoms are, but later versions like the Z36/Z3700 series (like my Dell tablet) support OOOE.

Hopefully given the usage profile of such devices the performance hit from the updates shouldn't be overly noticeable.

Fridge killed my baby? Mag-field radiation from household stuff 'boosts miscarriage risk'

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Is that absolute or relative risk?

I'm guessing it's relative risk (like most of these "Twitter gives you cancer"* stories) coz it sounds scarier.

Eg 1 in a million to 2 in a million is twice as likely or a 100% increase in risk in scary tabloid headline (relative risk) stylee but still (absolutely) quite unlikely.

Of course if the absolute risk is 1:2 then you probably don't want to double it.

*It really does by at least 100%

Virgin Media users report ongoing problems delivering legit emails. Again

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It's not just SPAM or not.

Try sending an attachment to a VM email a/c that isn't just plain text or a pic and it's batted back immediately.

Yes I know it's a huge malware vector and there are other methods to share files but it's a pain in the the butt.

Adobe emits emergency patch for Flash hole malware is exploiting right this minute

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HTML5 aint all roses for all people

It's all very well saying kill Flash NOW!!! HTML5, HTML5, HTML5.....

But a LOT of people (just Google it) have terrible performance issues with it, especially under Firefox and Flash just gives a better user experience in these cases.

As for YT forcing 60FPS on HD content, well... Yes I know there are addons and user-side scripts to deal with it but even so.

International Space Station astros prepare to rejoin us Earthlings

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Re: Honkin big engines

You've done that deliberately haven't you?

New (to me) form of spam email

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New (to me) form of spam email

Hi, I recently received a spam email (ostensibly from a friend, but it wasn't) the form of which I hadn't seen before and I'm trying to find out what the implications are for my freinds security.

My friend has a yahoo email addy that she's used for donkey's years and I got an email from an address where the bit for before the @ was correct but the segment following the @ was completely bogus.

The display names for the sender <her> and recipient <me> were correct.

Hi <me>

Dodgy link


Sent from my iPhone

So the spammer clearly had access to her contact list and knew the form of her email address (but presumably that hasn't been compromised as it wasn't actually sent from there and she can still login to that address without issue).

I got her to change her a/c password JIC but am not sure how/where she's been compromised. She has access to various windows pc's an android phone and an iPad (second-hand). I think she registered with facebook with this yahoo email, but I'm not clear if she shares much info with them (i.e. like her contacts).

Should she be worried?

SWINGBELLIES! Take heed! Drinking WINE is good for your LIVER

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Of course if you really want to protect your liver..

Eat *saturated* fat which has the neat benefit of being nearly wholly protective against liver damage caused by....alcohol.

How do researchers shag rodent livers for study? why give them a high fat diet made of some crummy polyunsaturated fat(s) or hydrogenated veg oil, no alcohol required.

Of course drinking alcohol AND eating lots of "Heart healthy" vegetable oils will do the trick nicely in humans too.

Polyunsaturated vegetable fats. Just say NO.

Living with a Renault Twizy: Pah! Bring out the HOVERCRAFT

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Re: Only 40 years from prototype to production

Or the "Jaffa Orange" car, except it was painted silver, that was French too, quirky isn't the word.

Made the front of one of the Blue Peter annuals IIRC.

Amazon DROPS next day delivery amid Cyber Monday MADNESS

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Re: Hrm.. well, I call bullshit.

Welcome to the top-tier of British national pastimes.

1> The weather

2> Moaning (it's practically a sport).

Go festive this year with Christmas carols, baby Jesus and CLITORAL STIMULATORS

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Black Friday - for the love of eveything holy kill it with fire, now!


Déjà vu: Virgin Media jacks up broadband prices

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Re: I really dislike Virgin

Thank-you for introducing me to the phrase "Optimum cock-bag levels".


World's only flyable WWII Lancaster bombers meet in Lincs

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Re: Love that noise

I "fondly" recall the utterly un-holy noise Starfighters make after attending the Leicester (Stoughton) air-display in probably the late seventies.

The crowd were primed to look out for two (RCAF I think) Starfighters coming from a particular direction and the announcer was saying can you see them yet? when without any warning and from directly behind the crowd at very low level the two blasted overhead. The noise was biblical, people screamed, some actually fell over with shock or dropped to their knees hands over ears, children were crying it was pandemonium.

I loved aircraft at the time but that scared me just a little. I can still feel my spleen shaking from the sheer sound pressure when I recall it.

Wouldn't be allowed today of course.

IBM boffins stuff 16 million-neuron chips into binary 'frog' brain

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Re: It's only when you try to mimic the human brain architecture you discover *how* clever it is.

I suppose 20W is less than 400 or is your brain early AMD?

HDMI, thy end is near: Qualcomm's Wilocity gobble will let mobes, tabs beam 4K vid to TVs

Pete 47

On the subject of HDMI...

A bit OT so apologies...

I run an external monitor from a laptop connected through the HDMI port and I get regular "black screens" as I call them where the monitor goes completely blank for a second or two then the image returns. I can go hours without it happening then it might happen three or four times in the space of a few minutes. It's very annoying particularly when watching video.

This doesn't happen when the same monitor is connected through VGA but I'm limited on resolution then of course.

It's not a power-thing i.e. the monitor isn't going to standby and back or some such.

A quick Google suggests this isn't that uncommon but people usually get told it's a dodgy driver or card etc but the problem never seems to get resolved.

I'm of a mind that it might be the DRM related hand-shaking between the monitor and lappy (i.e this fails for some reason and the signal is cut) but I doubt there's a fix for that.

Also if the laptop goes to sleep it takes ages for the monitor to respond after it wakes up again, not so on VGA again.

Any experts in Register land that might have a solution or at least a handle on what the issue is?

Both the lappy and monitor are Acer btw (cue the never buy acer again.....talk)

Moto E pops up with £89 price tag – alongside new LTE Moto G cuz

Pete 47

A crying shame it's nearly as big as the "G"

Awww, when I heard the "E" was going to be a smaller "G" I took it to mean noticeably more compact, but I see it isn't.

As this price point I'd of bought two ;-)

Curiosity rover: While you humans were busy being hungover, this bot hit its 500th Martian day

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Well going by those wheel wear photo's....

...loss of mobility might be the ultimate arbiter. Doesn't rule out static work of course but it would be a crying shame if that happens whilst otherwise fully operational.

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Ten tech treats from yesteryear

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I *so* coveted one of those Sharp hand-held computers...

...I would spend hours in Comet just looking around them and wanting one so badly. Finally got myself a a FX360P with two-line display and a large library of in-built progs some of which were very esoteric but quite a number were also very useful so not a total gimmick - plus you got an inch thick manual documenting it all beautifully.

The BASIC was, well basic and the computer itself laughably slow if you had any loops, but I played it with it for hours and used it for serious stuff too so not all bad.

Still have it and it still looks good to my eye. Only downside is that you had to remember to replace the back-up battery before the mains got too flat or you lost everything - I balked at the cost of the interface that would allow saving to tape - it was more than the fx IIRC :-O

Oz couple get jiggy in pharmacy in 'banned' condom ad

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"Come again!...."

Did an El Reg hack have a hand in the script?

Boffins devise world's HARDEST tongue-twister

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I wonder if there is a cultural element to this...

I used to work with a French chap who was relatively new to speaking English as a primary language and he could say any tongue-twister you threw at him perfectly without any difficulty.

I wonder if it's the way we learn our language naturally from birth that pre-disposes us to find combinations of phonetically similar words tricky?.

This guy was also a bit of a sportsman, football, rugby (played for the national under 21's or somesuch) etc and was quite proud of it so we thought joing our cricket team would deflate his gallic superiority a bit. He had none of that, took to it instantaneously like a pro and was soon our best batsman/bowler.

You'd hate him for it except for the fact that he was a top bloke as well....didn't even give us that pleasure the b*****d!

Virgin Media to hike broadband prices by nearly 7 per cent

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So will this 7% rise be in addition to the 11.5% rise BB only subs got gouged with?

As soon as the ink was dry on the transfer of the business they put up BB only subs by 11.5%

I'm on 20Mb as haven't got nor want their useless "super" hub.

They will never persuade me to take a package (I once asked about the phone, they said I needed a BT line !!)

Can't get fibre from BT yet but the projected speeds look good. Might go to a purely mobile solution if I can't go through the hateful haggling process with VM.

Goodbye subscriber time methinks. :-/

US aviation watchdog approves $75K balloon ride into SPAAAACE!

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Here's a vid on how we want you to "imagine" the flight to be

If that vid was narrated I can imagine some thick syrupy soothing narrator voice saying "Watch how the gondola detaches from the balloon and gently wafts back to the surface..."

What, we didn't accurately portray the gravity powered screaming plunge of terror? Oops..

Davros liable to criticism for huge STRAW DALEK he never built

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Re: Don't Worry

...Which is pretty much all that's been required in "New Who"

The scary monsters of my childhood reduced to limp-wristed pale shadows of their former selves and DON'T get me started on the Cybermen*, sheesh.

*To be fair they do seem to have tried harder with these latterly.

Middle America pulls up sagging pants menace, belts repeat offenders

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Re: Gotta love those morales

Typical Yank*, blaming the Mexicans....

*No need to point out thats its probably not


Pete 47

And that ladies and gentlemen...

..is how the first interplanetary war will start.