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Internet Archive serves up 1.4 million BitTorrent downloads


I hope they never take down torrent. All the old films that cannot be found in dvd stores are now safely archived on piratebay. It's probably one of the biggest library of human artistic (and yes, filthy) achievements ever.

Samsung fingered in child labour allegations at China plant


I can't believe some people here actually say it's ok to exploit young kids and put them in horrible working conditions just because they don't know any better and have no one to protect them. "If they need to work, let them work" really? And treating interns badly is just low. Samsung and Apple should be ashamed of abusing children for their meager profits. I'm so glad I get rid of my burnt out Samsung and get myself an LG smart. One more thing, is that title a pun?

Currently re-reading:


The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I always feel so depressed reading this but it's the good depression. Kinda life-affirming actually.


Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. The former has like 6 different narratives going on and the latter has 3. They're both great reads though.

MetroPCS waves wand, turns Samsung Galaxy mobe into a TV


My old samsung smart tv burnt out after just a year of using and I had to replaced it with an LG. Wasted a lot of money and their customer service never answered my email or calls. Why would I even want a cellphone turned TV from them?

Nikon D4 DSLR review


Love me some Nikon. A bit too expensive and bulky but well-worth it for the quality.

Nintendo 3DS XL review



Wow, didn't know Nintendo still exist. It's been a while, old friend.

LG, Samsung, Sony: Smutty Smart TV apps turn us off


Porno money

LG seems to be the only one responsible enough to keep its content clean. Samsung itself still promotes an ad campaign that uses women as sexual object to lure men into their den. And that statement "unable to comment," God, so typical of corporate money making scheme off dirty industries! I'll be buying an LG Smart TV instead then. Wouldn't want my kids to download filthy ads that clog the screen.


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