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Office for Mac 2008 support umbilical chopped off

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How are they going to justify such license fees?

My office suite productions have barely changed in the last decade, yet MS continues to spew out bloated products with reworked navigation every few years. How much more can you add to an office suite anyway? Could I sign up for an Office 2003 contract at 99c per month instead of using 365?

Hold on! Degrees for all doesn't mean great jobs for all, say profs


Supply/Demand is the problem

Both the Physics and Mechanical Engineering departments closed while I was studying at due to lack of students, while Social Science classes were apparently seating over 300 people per class...

Japan Airlines to serve KFC on Christmas flights


It just looks so pathetic

I think I could get through five portions that size before describing it as "lunch"

Assange needs to get some sunlight and fresh air, say Ecuadoreans


And I guess Ecuador has just the right amount of sunshine he needs

Wonder if this excuse works the workplace too...

BYOD: A bigger headache for IT bosses than Windows Metro?


BYoD inheritence

I work in the IT Dept of a company in SE Asia and have inherited a BYoD culture. I think it was implemented more as a cost saving measure ("We don't have to buy a laptop for our new employee? Great!") with little thought for data security. I'm glad all internal administration (HR/accounts/etc) is carried out on company owned desktops, but I've never seen project staff hand over their laptop before leaving for a data wipe/licence removal.

Now I'm not sure how to reverse this policy- explaining it to management sounds like I want to increase costs and explaining it to staff sounds like I want to take away their toys. Education sounds like the only option available to me...

Ten technology FAILS


Re: VCD's

Still get them in SE Asia. They're a lot cheaper than DVDs (around 3 quid usually) but the constant switching of discs makes them hassle and the quality is pretty poor.

I've also seen something out here which seems to be a precursor to VCDs that look a lot like vinyl discs (or maybe they're just massive VCDs to overcome the switching issue), but those are truly obsolete and I've never seen one in operation.

New iMac in shop windows FRIDAY but you'll wait to take one home


Re: Mac Pro

Unfortunately, I think they see this as a niche market in the grand scheme of the business model. Much more money in re-inventing the iWheel every year than adding aesthetics to the Pro line.

Nintendo shrinks Wii for Crimbo


Cheap option to keep my Wii library alive?

I'm worried my Wii console may be suffering some hardware degradation (its been used quite a bit over the last few years) and I see this as a relatively cheap investment to continue enjoying local multiplayer and party games for years to come. My priorities have also changed with the arrival of a youngling to my family and don't think I'll have the time to invest in the next generation of consoles but an occasional bash at the games I already own will surely be welcome.

Malaysia protests rare earth processing plant


Re: Miseducation, misguidance and hearsay

"The first thing that crossed my mind was that if the processing plant is so wonderful, why is the company not building it in Australia?"

I've had another look for articles on this and some writers suggest an alleged 12 year tax break for building the plant here while others suggest that corners have been cut building the facility to make money disappear. The project does seem a bit shady and a lot of the construction went ahead before the facility was even announced. The people protesting should probably be angry for these reasons before the worries of Fukushima-style meltdowns and two headed fish

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Miseducation, misguidance and hearsay

These are the three things that have lead us in Malaysia to this state of affairs. They are not bandied around our 'Kopitiams' over a glass of 'teh tarik', but fed to the masses through all forms of media outlets.

When arguments were flaring up earlier in the year over the Lynas plant, it was never long before the subject of Fukushima was brought in for comparison despite the obvious differences in the two operations. I think I must have seen dozens of articles in newspapers too with all manner of folk chipping in their two cents on the matter, but the only remember one person commenting who was actually qualified to discuss the matter in depth (a former nuclear physics lecturer) and he didn't seem too bothered. Apparently, the waste by-product from the Lynas operation emits a type of alpha radiation that cannot even penetrate human skin and would have to be consumed to be harmful.

Paris icon, because she probably has an opinion on the subject too so we'd all better listen...

Pakistan blocks 20,000 sites in wake of anti-Islam vid


Why would Google remove the video?

I don't think there have been many more heavily publicised videos in the history of youtube. They must be raking in the advertising monies

Governments block YouTube over that video


13 minutes is a film trailer?

I've watched it and can only imagine the full-length film would be so awful that no-one would waste their time watching it long enough to get to the blasphemous bits. Only by sticking all the juicy bits together could you bait anyone with such tripe.

Google, PayPal, banks, mobile networks in pay-by-bonk peace summit


Maybe I'm a luddite...

but all this NFC stuff sounds like a way of streamlining identity theft. Have all the security issues been sorted out, or is it more important that people could be carrying around easily-accessible digital wallets/passports before we think about that?

Cart before horse, etc etc.

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows


Software runs faster on Linux than it does on Windows shock

In other news: Pope rumored to have dabbled in Catholicism. Excrement found in woods suspected to originated from a bear. Etc.