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Thanks for all this data, UK.gov, but what on Earth does it mean?

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tables of metadata

If the gubmint followed its own supposedly strict guidelines for archiving, retrieval and retention of documents, their admin and archiving wonks would be creating metadata tags for every digital folder (and the documents contained within), and doing a thorough job of creative accurate descriptive location and contents metadata for paper docs.

Having seen the ICO randomly scoring 6 figure hits on the hapless and utterly baffled denizens of local gubmint and sundry outsourced minimum wage outfits, it would make sense to go after the hypocrites at the core of the Open Government policy, whose attitude to data retention and transparency is both piecemeal and pathetic. Lip service is fine for public consumption, but accurate digital data, in the form of simple printmerges from any SQL database, or from the original bulk metadata data input csv, would not only save a few gazillion on faff and obfuscation, but might actually result in a modicum of transparency.

If the naysayers at the FoI division at your Ministry of Spend refuse to entertain your request for supposedly public info, ask them for their department's current position on Section 46 of the FoIA. It's amazing what a little bit of sardonic memory jogging can do to a career bluffer.

It's supposedly a set of easily attainable targets for local and national gubmint wonks to aspire to and eventually meet.. If you really want to twist the knife, ask them how close their dept or ministry are to full compliance with these guidelines. Then ask for proof.


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