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Take a former NSA head hacker, a Raspberry Pi, weird Kiwi radios and what do you get?


No Surprise

An ex-NSA employee loves to light his house up with pretty colours at Christmas. Who is he trying to attract.

Phone crypto shut FBI out of 7,000 devices, complains chief g-man


Re: Weak Logic

My poor memory could land me in jail then :/

Alleged dark web drug baron cuffed – after he flew to US for World Beard Championships


Re: I believe the word we are all struggling to vocalise is ...

If he'd have surrendered his double exclamation marks on the way out he would be in the clear.

UK Prime Minister calls on internet big beasts to 'auto-takedown' terror pages within 2 HOURS


Re: Why not fuck off and sort out Brexit instead

She always crawls back to security as a diversion tactic. It wouldn't surprise me if it was her handbag left on the M1 the other day.

Behold, says robo-mall-cop maker: Our crime-busting dune buggy packed with spy gear


who needs a wall

when you have a army of drone cars patrolling the Mexican border. i can see his business idea a mile off.

This article has been deleted


Sergeant Robert Goetz....

performed a very thorough investigation

Well, whad'ya know? 'No evidence' that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower


They have just had their office shredders serviced though

NSA enters stage two of its spying revival plan: Getting Trump onboard


Re: Like i said previously on this subject

Trump may want to be on the right side of the NSA so they can feed him with city knowledge. And im sure they would if it meant they can expand their powers.

The sky is blue, water is wet and UK PC shipments are down


Signifies the countries rise of the consumer and decline of the engineer.

British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins


Of course GCHQ knew about it

They've been hacking the US administration for years. Isn't there a wooden spoon icon?

Nosey ex-NHS staffer slapped with fine for illegally peeking at medical records


Re: "The law is clear and the consequences of breaking it can be severe.”

and not severe enough

Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full


"Bigots that should have been castrated at birth"

A phrase that an obviously well rounded individual would say.

To truly stay anonymous online, make sure your writing is as dull as the dullest conference call you can imagine


just because i'm boring...

...doesnt mean my buddy is. especially if she is the bearded lady from the fair east.

Another day, another British Airways systems screwup causes chaos


Re: Be careful what you wish for.

"I now offshore roles for a living" that says it all....


Re: Be careful what you wish for.

Nice long post. I assume you are immune from being offshored especially as you talk of economics. They should offshore finance departments FIRST. Then see if it works.

'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary


"Real People"

Used to be "Common People"

Used to be "Peasants"

Oh how times **don't** change.

The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY


i cannot wedge whiskey in bread

Take that, gender pay gap! Atos to offshore hundreds of BBC roles


wonder why these companies never outsource the finance department

Microsoft ctrl-Zs 'killing' Paint, by which we mean offering naff app through Windows Store


Re: Good

I think MS worry that people will say the same about MS Paint.

Civil rights warriors get green light to challenge UK mass surveillance


Mrs May is on her way out

Along with this terrible charter that she pushed.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Remember her quote...."It's a question of trust"

Yes we don't fucking trust you.

Humanity is doomed: We watch 45 BILLION hours of YouTube a month


Re: Keep the masses entertained on vapid nonsense for free

Ah a brexit voter

'First ever' SHA-1 hash collision calculated. All it took were five clever brains... and 6,610 years of processor time



is still fine if the data it's authenticating is small and to a known structure.

But for large documents SHA1 should have been scrapped years ago.

Florida Man jailed for 4 years after raking in a million bucks from spam


Re: My $0.02

Every person who has every received one of his email should be allowed to punch him square on in the face.

Now that would be appropriate justice.

Former NSA techies raise $8m for their data governance startup


Its all a question of trust as Mrs May once said. And we don't trust any of you!

'We need a new Geneva Convention to protect all citizens from snoops'


How to share this article with Mrs May?

Maybe in a few years she will be like one of those wizened old nazi hiding away.


the snoopers charter is exactly that

GCHQ to pore over blueprints of Chinese built Brit nuke plants


Re: Blueprint?

If it involves GCHQ then you can bet you bottom dollar blue refers to some kind of porno.

Thanks, Obama: NSA to stream raw intelligence into FBI, DEA and pals


Too much information

They are basically admitting there is too much data for them to look at and need help. Which is admitting that mass surveillance/bulk data collection does not work.

The Zucker Mister Social Club: Facebook's daddy wants to be your friend, for realsies


sod off

Virgin America mid-flight panic after moron sets phone Wi-Fi hotspot to 'Samsung Galaxy Note 7'


thats his 15 minutes

Lucas Wojciechowski needs to get out more.

Did webcam 'performer' offer support chap payment in kind?



Andy sounds like he should be on one.

Wow. What a shock. The FBI will get its bonus hacking powers after all


Necessity is the mother of invention

So i think its time for the clever bods to create software that can at the very least detect these state hackers. After all i'm sure they won't clean up after themselves as they don't in physical searches.

Investigatory Powers Act signed into UK law by Queen


Re: Commercial suicide

Just a Mrs May wanted the UK to become a world tech empire to make up for brexit losses.

You cannot make this shit up.


has this been asked of these people....

Do we have a right to know if our data has been accessed? And when? And by whom? And for what reason?

We don't even know about the framework in place to monitor the requests for information.

Trial date set for Brit police 'copter coppers over spying-on-doggers claims


And this is the real problem. Who is watching the watchers?

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship


it wont make any difference. they spy on each others people to get around the laws against them spying on their own people. they love screwing the law and wont let the small matter of torture get in the way of that.

Alleged 2010 flash crash trader loses latest appeal against extradition to US


Manipulating the market.....hmmm.....they must have a big list of people to extradite from the UK then....

NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data


Lie about absolutely everything. All my data is junk.

Microsoft tries, fails to crush 'gender bias' lawsuit brought by its own women engineers


oh the irony..... ;)


moan moan moan, that's all they bloody do

Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!


More difficult to scratch my balls with someone sitting next to me. I dont think it would help me unless they offered to do it for me whilst i was typing.

May blocked plans to bring in more Indian IT workers – Vince Cable


About bloody time

Drone idiots are still endangering real aircraft and breaking the rules


Pilots will do anything to get rid of drones as its putting their precious jobs at risk,

Twitter yanks data feeding tube out of police surveillance biz


Re: Missing the point

I agree, but unfortunately they are already following everyone all the time on the roads with their ANPR cameras etc.

Brits: Can banks do biometric security? We'd trust them before the government


Technology vs.Politics AKA Science vs. Religion

Plusnet broadband outage: Customers fume as TITSUP* continues


I've not seen a single comment from anyone who has no internet access??????

Israeli Pentagon DDoSers explain their work, get busted by FBI


Does "i pwn u" count...

...as legitimate verification of ownership of a "target".

US Marine Corps to fly F-35s from HMS Queen Lizzie as UK won't have enough jets


Not enough jets or too many conflicts

If we were not involved in unnecessary conflict the number of jets we have would be plenty for our needs.

We want GCHQ-style spy powers to hack cybercrims, say police


it's a question of trust....

and i don't even trust GCHQ with these powers let alone the plod.