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Hundreds of websites go titsup in Prime Hosting disk meltdown

Johnny Quest

Re: Prime Hosting has apologised to punters...

Oh, and I forgot the most important one:


Telling The Register that they're sorry isn't quite the same as telling the hundreds of customers. I think some of Prime's customers might not be regular Reg readers.

Johnny Quest

Re: Prime Hosting has apologised to punters...

Those are some nice logical leaps you've made there. True genius in the works.

Actually, despite you trying to make it sound completely ridiculous, a bit by bit commentary isn't exactly out of the question. It's not that unheard of for there to be people employed by a company that aren't experts in data recovery and server migration. Maybe those people not involved in that side of the issue could take a few minutes to at least to keep some worried customers updated?

Regardless, what I'd expect is the bare minimum of customer support:

1) At least one mention that there is a known issue on their website;

2) For their single point of support to be working (their ticket system was offline all day ). These shared servers that are down aren't their only hosting business.

3) Less than 9 hours between Twitter posts on the day the majority of sites went down.

4) To maybe ask customers whether they would like an unusably old backup in place before doing so;

5) To maybe let customers who do have an already unusably old backup in place that they can provide a more recent one, so there's not a need to panic (12+ hours between putting some backups in place and then sending out a Tweet).

That is not much to ask, seeing as they have just destroyed a good number of businesses (not mine, chillax before you start worrying about my transexual cat photo enterprise).

Johnny Quest

Prime Hosting has apologised to punters...

"Prime Hosting has apologised to punters"

Um... no, no they have not. Not a single apology.

Their site has no information about downtime on it anywhere, their ticket support system is being completely ignored, their phone lines (which might be back up now) were down for all of yesterday with a recorded message basically saying "We know there issues, go away".

Their Twitter feed is the only thing with any information on, and that is remarkably lacking.