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How can the BBC be saved from itself without destroying it?

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And I remember the morons on the BBC R4 programme PM only being interested in the reporting the nunber of journos that had turned up after the Dunblane massacre. Nothing at all about what had happened, just an orgasmic recounting that they were reporting on a Big Story and the Lots of Very Importnat Journos from All Over the World had turned up.

Jounros in general are a pretty self-satisfied smug and self-important bunch *, but the BBC seesm to brred a class that takes these tendencies to new levels.

* I exclude Andrew Orlowski, who, on the one occasion I briefly met him was far more interested in teh story than in his ego. He will go far.

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!

Latimer Alder

Re: Without knowing the ins and outs of this..

Robert May's specialty is 'theoretical ecology'

Mike Hulme comes from UEA and was widely discredited in the Climategate e-mails.

Arctic ice panics sparked by half-baked sat data

Latimer Alder

Religious food bans

In a hot desert climate 3000 years ago it probably was a good idea to be very careful of foods that spoiled quickly...milk, shellfish, pork. But how on earth that bit of good eating advice got turned into some sort of religious instruction.and why still survives in today's world of chillchain, freezers, fridges and Morrisons(*) is completely beyond me.

It seems that are some people who will do and believe anything at all in the name of their 'religion'. Baffling and barking.

(*) Other suppliers are available

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy

Latimer Alder

Great writing

I entirely endorse the view that many self-declared 'environmentalists' have allowed their emotions and their panic to completely overrule their rational judgement. And when challenged they respond only with more emotional tirades.

If and when they put their brains back in their skulls and can conduct a rational discussion, perhaps they will have soemthing useful to say. But until then they should be ignored.

It all proves that Care in the Community was a misguided (if understandable) policy.

Forget 'climate convert' Muller: Here's the real warming blockbuster

Latimer Alder

Watts' work raises bad headaches for the climatology establishment

Seems to me that Watts et all have shown up what may be a huge problem in the whole methodology of climatology. If the basic underlying data cannot be trusted, then all the castles in the air of theory and models and catastrophes and sensitivity and the whole shooting match are in severe doubt too. Thirty years of work will be in jeopardy.

And whether or not others can find detailed holes in their paper or their method or their motivations or their grammar or their politics, they have still shown that the data is unreliable. That charge will not go away by suggesting that they didn't follow scientific protocol or are Republicans or funded by donations rather than government grants. Or that they are Bad People who Eat Babies and want to destroy the planet by next Tuesday fortnight round the polar bear barbecue. Or whatever irrelevant nonsense the establishment come up with.

If I were the NOAA, I'd be working pretty darned hard to get out an equally serious paper to show where Watts is wrong (if he is). Just hurling abuse at him and his team does not show an adult response...but that of the playground.

And if he is shown to be right and the warming is only half of that previously reported, I think I can guarantee that the public will be willing to spend only half as much on climatology as before. That will have severe implications for the climatology establishment...who have no other substantial sources of funding. Bad times ahead for them!


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