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BOFH: You say goodbye and I say halon

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Great murder choice.

When you suffocate, it is not the lack of oxygen that triggers your awareness of suffocation, it is the build up of carbon dioxide in your blood. If you are breathing nitrogen and don't get enough oxygen, that trigger doesn't happen and you drift gently off to sleep, eventually on a permanent basis.

Pipe down, Jeff. You've only gone where Gus Grissom went before, 60 years ago today

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Re: Snappy reply.

And here I thought it was for the survivor of the Titanic, not the fictionalized movie of her life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Brown

Open-source dev and critic of Beijing claims Audacity owner Muse threatened him with deportation to China in row over copyright

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Re: Illegal bootleg of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme

I have to disagree with your "not theft" premise. if you take away someone's ability to earn from something, you have taken something of value, which is indeed theft.

Our Friends Electric: A pair of alternative options for getting around town

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In Edmonton, Alberta, many people park on the street year round. The winters there are quite harsh, with periods well below 0c/32f, so they run an extension cord from their home to the car to power the engine block heater over night. There is no reason that same electric cord cannot be used to slow charge a battery.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous

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a new outdated phone.

I bought an A12 about a month ago for about half the price of this one and am exceedingly pleased with it, especially the battery life.

BOFH: Where there is darkness, let there be a light

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June 31st?

some text

Suck on this: El Reg forces dog hair, biscuit crumbs, and disconcertingly sticky stains down two mini vacuums

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Re: Poor article, badly written.

I got all I needed out of the review, one doesn't have much suction and the other does, the same one isn't all that good at washing your floor, the other is better. Battery time? why care? When the battery is low they recharge themselves,

BOFH: Here in my car I feel safest of all. I can listen to you ... It keeps me stable for days

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Re: People do need to be told

supposedly my wallet blocks RFID. Haven't tested it yet, but neither have I had any unexplained losses.

The black screen of BIOS borkage haunts Space Shuttle Discovery's new home

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Re: Second time?

Not necessarily. It may be that this is the first time that the machine has been rebooted since the battery died 8 years ago. Perhaps it rebooted in order to install the print spooler patch.

Radioactive hybrid terror pigs have made themselves a home in Fukushima's exclusion zone

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Re: If "radioactive hybrid terror pigs" is not a punk band, it totally should be

I think it's a 'hair' band. No, I suppose that should probably be a 'bristle' band

Leaked print spooler exploit lets Windows users remotely execute code as system on your domain controller

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Re: What the ever-loving frak ?

An unprivileged user uploading a new printer driver to the print server isn't an everyday occurrence and should raise suspicions."

The article isn't talking about people installing printer drivers on their own machine.

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Print Drivers!

"An unprivileged user uploading a new printer driver to the print server isn't an everyday occurrence and should raise suspicions.""

It's not users installing print drivers on their local machines, it's regular (non-admin) users installing print drivers on domain controllers!

Former NASA astronaut and Shuttle boss weigh in on fixing Hubble Space Telescope

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Re: Faulty backup computer

In addition to the up and down vote buttons the Reg should have an LOL button, which could work in conjunction with the other two buttons.

Toyota reveals its work on an honest-to-goodness cloak of invisibility

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If you hit someone in an intersection who is wearing an cloak of invisiblity, who is at fault? The driver or the pedestrian?

UK spends £36m on 18 little 'bullet-proof' boats to protect Royal Navy assets

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Re: Turbinia

I am sure, if the new boats cruise at 30kn, then their top speed will be much higher.

Do you come from a land Down Under? Where diesel's low and techies blunder

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keeping the generator going.

During the 2004 eastern North American power failure, I was working at a generic drug manufacturer who kept a large amount of their output in very large refrigerators. The diesel generators kicked in but they only had 4 hours of fuel. The warehouse manager tried to order more, but all the diesel deliveries were now unavailable. Some one noticed that the gas station at the end of the road still had, for some unknown reason, power so they started running 55 gallon drug transfer barrels to the gas station on handcarts and bypassing the cars in the fuel queue to keep the generators running.

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Re: looking at the DNS log

That's exactly what happened at my work when we first set up internet access.

FTC approves $61.7m settlement with Amazon for pocketing driver tips

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Re: Den Of Thieves

This is why I tip delivery drivers cash

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Re: Tip fuckery

My son is a bartender at a sports facility. He and the wait staff cash out the card tips as they are received. They also tip the kitchen staff 1 percent of their food orders and the wait staff tip the bar staff 1 percent of their drink orders.

Linus Torvalds tells kernel list poster to 'SHUT THE HELL UP' for saying COVID-19 vaccines create 'new humanoid race'

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Masks and the Flu

Over the past year, the reduction in the rate of deaths as a result of the flu have plunged, indicating that masks are a more effective anti-flu resource than flu vaccines. Maybe we should keep the masks, at least through flu season.

NASA pops old-school worm logo onto Orion spacecraft

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Re: Apollo era

hurray for Jack Parsons lab.

Guy who wrote women are 'soft, weak, cosseted, naive' lasted about a month at Apple until internal revolt

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Re: I wholeheartedly agree

The first thing I wondered was that. knowing of his opinions, how would I feel working with this person if I were a person of colour or a woman? Certainly this would create a less than pleasant work environment and probably would expect that anything I had to offer would be less valued by him and anyone influenced by him.

Traffic lights, who needs 'em? Lucky Kentucky residents up in arms over first roundabout

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Around here, that doesn't work. The push buttons only tell the traffic signal control that you want a "walk" light when the traffic lights change.

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Re: Er ...

Canada: 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles). On the other hand, we're not a continent.

State of Maine lays off 15 independent consultants on $13k a month amid efforts to implement troubled Workday system

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Re: Being paid to do nothing is not unusual for independent consultants

Telling them that you are here for meetings works too. Otherwise it's where's your work permit or back on the plane with you. And that happens when visiting the US as well.

PCs continue to sell like hot cakes and industry can barely keep up with demand – analyst

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Re: Display Port

You also need to be sure the monitors are set to support DP 1.2, not just 1.0

UK Court of Appeal rules Tiny Computers' legal remains can sue Micron and Infineon over 2002 DRAM price-fixing cartel

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Re: Mother fuckers....

I believe that by behaving ethically, as trained in your ethical training, you avoid being caught acting unethically.

Beloved pixel pusher Paint prepares to join Notepad for updates from Microsoft Store

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Re: confused?

Really? I just did this - win-Key / Shift / S, then selected and clipped. Opened and email and hit Ctrl-V to paste in-line. I could have saved the clip and then put it in as an attachment but I didn't feel the need to do that.

Update on PHP source code compromise: User database leak suspected

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Re: Legacy is always a problem

you should drop Mum 1.0 and upgrade to Mum 1.1. Much more secure.

A floppy filled with software worth thousands of francs: Techie can't take it, customs won't keep it. What to do?

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Re: Lost at Sea

you don't need to be an aircraft carrier to have a flight deck. Any ship that a helicopter flies from has one as well.

Turns out humans are leading AI systems astray because we can't agree on labeling

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Re: Hedgehog Eggs

Are they related to Spring Surprise Chocolates?

Diary of a report writer and his big break into bad business

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Re: A Simple Observation...

I swear that a former boss achieved that by translating all my documentation into Gerrman and then having my supervisor translate it back.

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Re: A (La)TeX user writes:

Back in the 'good' old days, I started work at a place and one of my first support calls was to assist the receptionist who asked why her screen flashed so much when she typed. I visited her and discovered that 20 of the 24 lines displayed were WP4.2 codes consisting of varying combinations of <bold on> <bold off> <Italic on> <italic off> with the occasional letter in the middle of it. I turned off the display codes option and she was quite happy. I had absolutely no desire to sit there and clear out the mass of codes that were there.

Thousands of taxpayers' personal details potentially exposed online through councils' debt-chasing texts

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I am surprised the Reg wasn't threatened for 'hacking' peoples personal information!

US govt indicted me because I make privacy tools, says crypto-chat app CEO accused of helping drug smugglers

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It will take 3 or 4 years for the extradition case to wend it's way through Canadian courts, and there's no guarantee that it will be successful anyway.

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Re: Know your customer

It's also against U.S. law to hold gun manufacturers to blame for the use their product is put to.

Four women, including TV star, thought they were investing in a software business. It was a scam. Now the perp's going to jail

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Re: Then the company goes bust = all perfectly legal

Oxford doesn't count?

McAfee to offload enterprise business for $4bn, focus on consumer security

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Re: Like a large anchor on a small boat

That's it's anti-virus side. If the computer can't run, it can't get infected.

Linus Torvalds went six days without electricity, swears smaller 5.12 kernel is co-incidental

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Re: No Backup Gen?

During the 2004 blackout I was working at a drug manufacturer that had diesel powered backup for their refrigeration systems. When designed they were expected to last 12 hours so that's all the fuel they stored. Instead, the outage lasted much longer so they were hand-carting blue pill drums (the drums, not the pills) to the corner where there was a service station that had, somehow, power and filling the drums with diesel fuel and hand-pumping it into the fuel tanks as they could not get a delivery. They also got dirty looks from the people lining up to fill their tanks for 'jumping the queue' although few or none were diesel users.

My niece's husband's family built a home beside a lake in Northern Ontario and due to the expected inclement weather, added an electrical generator connected to the 1000 gallon propane tank to power their home during outages. As far as I know it got used at least once per winter.

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Re: But does it have the driver for

Bus and Tag on that 1403? N1?

Thirsty work: TSMC starts trucking in water amid Taiwan drought to keep chip production lines chugging

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Why can't they re-use the stuff they cleaned up?

SpaceX small print on Starlink insists no Earth government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities

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what do you mean? You can't set TTL to 22+ minutes? Ping You!

Huawei loses attempt to rescue CFO Meng from US clutches despite using 140-year-old law in High Court

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Re: Don't break my laws but I can break your laws

The Americans are trying to extradite her for lying to HSBC about Huawei's relationship with the company that did sell HP equipment to Iran, which would have put HSBC at risk under American law. Since the alleged crime took place in the USofA, they laid charges and issued an international arrest warrant for her, which the RCMP executed. It should be noted that she lives in a mansion in Vancouver, wears a tracking bracelet and pays for guards to ensure that she does not escape, decidedly less onerous conditions than the 2 Michaels kidnapped by the Chinese Communist Party. This case has gone on entirely too long. If it were up to me, I'd toss her over the border and let her take her chances with the American justice system which no matter how bad it is, is still considerably less bad than the Chinese one.

You want me to do WHAT in that prepaid envelope?

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Re: The UK test

I have done this twice here in Ontario, Canada. The 'paddle' was a wooden stir stick. And they required 3 samples from different days.

Wells Fargo patent troll case has finance world all aquiver so Barclays, TD Bank sign up to Open Invention Network

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That is a totally mickey mouse idea.

UK watchdog fines two firms £270k for cold-calling 531,000 people who had opted out

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There is plenty of phone number spoofing going on in North America as well. I have received a call from a fellow who asked if I wanted my air ducts (heating/cooling) cleaned. I responded that I didn't have ducts as we are all electric. He then severely berated me using language which will not be permitted here, for having called him to offer this service. I assumed that my number had been spoofed into some VOIP system to do marketing calls. I have also received calls from Canada Revenue informing me that I owe them money (which I do, quarterly) although they do not generally call you about it, tell you a warrant has been issued and threaten you with jail.

Devuan adds third init option in sixth birthday release

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Thank you for highlighting some of the fun issues with Linux. I think I will stick with W10, which, for me and my 4 machines, just works. I looking forward with a joyousn heart to the downvotes I will receive.

Huawei invokes 140-year-old law at England's High Court in latest bid to thwart CFO's US-Canada extradition

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Re: Complete with Excel English packing list

You are misunderstanding the case. It is not about Huawei selling servers to Iran, it is about Meng lying to HSBC about it and putting HSBC at risk.

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Re: Complete with Excel English packing list

"The date is US format date, 12/13/2010 9:41 you know that USA only uses that date format right? "

Were you aware that Canada often uses that date format as well? It is a source of great confusion since we also use dd/mm/yyyy.



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