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MacBook headphone hell


Re: Why are you giving them ideas?

Um...I believe that would be called a "groundbreaking new feature".

Apples innovation clearly died with Jobs

No shoes for little Timmy, Mama needs a new 10TB hard drive


Re: I'm gonna go ahead and...

@Tezfair I'm talking bout the consumer grade ones, not pro, have 2 WD greens that've been running 24/7 in a media box for 6 years now. Luck of the draw maybe.


I'm gonna go ahead and...

Wait for a more reliable brand to bring out a 10TB before upgrading, the last 3 Seagates I had all died an early death, while my old WD keeps chugging along

Who killed Cyanogen?


Same thing's happened to Skype...not that it was every THAT great but now it's one steaming heap of nope

Ecuador admits it cut Assange's internet to stop WikiLeaks' US election 'interference'


Re: Now for the bit that everyone missed..

So the emails about "The only way to deal with Assange is a bullet in the head" aren't there? That is curious

Mysterious algorithms, black-box AI recruiters are binning our résumés


This AI term is being thrown around pretty loosely now

And it needs to stop, no one has yet achieved Artificial Intelligence.

This is just a sorting algorithm with crappy code behind it, not even advanced intelligence.

Snowden investigator slams leaker-detector background checks

Black Helicopters

This sounds like a job for...

Arnim Zola and his predictive anti-hydra algorithm!

Get ready for Google's proprietary Android. It's coming – analyst



Is actually starting to look good again, but at 3x the price for the handset...nope

You've gotta fight... for your right... to IT


Very insightful

While it may not all be accurate, it is very thought provoking

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know


Enter the merchants of doubt...

Because it's a tactic that's worked so many times before right?

36 idiots running SAP under attack after flubbing 2010 patch


Yet another successful SAP implementation


IE and Graphics head Microsoft's Patch Tuesday critical list



This update broke 3 legacy web apps owing to some Javascript "compatibility" issue with IIS hosted apps, thanks MS! And the client STILL refuses to ditch IE. Oh well guess if they keep paying who am I to complain right

Why has Microsoft stopped being beastly to Google?


So Google and Microsoft could now be collaborating

Time to pack it in if you ever want an ounce of privacy, there's always Apple and OSX but....uuughhh.

Ubuntu here I come, now to make the move from C# to Java/PHP/Python etc

Blighty's SMB tech ranks bitterly divided on Brexit


A vote to stay is a bad idea...

For the same reason a SAP implementation is a bad idea...one size does not and will never fit all!!!

The eurocrats running the super state have little interest in ALL the member states

Good enough IT really is good enough. You don't need new hardware

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This article...

Must go viral! The world needs to know the truth, before the machines take over and see just as many idiots as I do, only they decide they have no use for them and we're back down to a billion!

Apple assumes you'll toss the Watch after three years


So what you're saying is...

Spend MORE money on stuff you'll have to throw away sooner?

Sounds like a solid marketing plan! Go Apple!

Flying Spaghetti Monster is not God, rules mortal judge


In god we trust...

How can someone who swears there's only his one true god ever acknowledge the existence of another god...? The system is flawed!

Google reveals own security regime policy trusts no network, anywhere, ever

Big Brother


Considering Do no evil Google use your android phone and Chrome to listen in, sorry I meant monitor ambient sound, on your conversations for "Marketing", see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/11/google_chrome_voice_search/, it's hardly a stretch they don't trust ANYONE

Official: Toshiba pulls out of European consumer PC market


As someone who's dealt with Toshiba

I say good riddance, give me a Dell or Lenovo anyday, at least they outlast their warranty, Toshiba is sub standard kuk!

Investigatory Powers Bill to be rushed into Parliament on Tuesday

Black Helicopters

One wonders

If perhaps Mr Cam didn't play this who EU thing up just to take our attention away from this

Donald Trump promises 'such trouble' for Jeff Bezos and Amazon


Re: Inherited Wealth

It's like you've never seen a politician before...

AI no longer needs to fake it. Just don't try talking to your robots


Static view

Why are we all thinking of this as "If robots took all our jobs RIGHT now what on earth would we do" because as AI takes our jobs, and it will, economic policies and ideals will shift, values will change, prices will come down as will wants, the world would have changed so much as would your way of thinking and lifestyle etc that your concerns are moot.

Imagine not having to live in the city, pay city prices just because it's close to your job...and that's just the start...if the machines don't decide we've become irrelevant.

ADpocalypse NOW: Three raises the stakes


But how am I supposed to know what I must buy or what celebrities had the most shocking weddings without being told whenever I click on ANY link in my mobile browser??? Boring, now I'll have to be productive :(

Can DevOps be applied to the whole company?


Why should I be alone in my suffering, if the managment bots want to push DevOps then it's only fair they feel the pain too

Is Facebook about to get a Virtual Reality check?



Will soon be a reality! But will Hiro be around to save us?

What we all really need is an SD card for our cars. Thanks, SanDisk


Because when I pay £25k for a car what I really want...

is to be able to pay extra to whack in 64GB of expandable storage that meets industry standards for my mp3s and "home" movies...FFS!!! I feel like I need to deliver this facepalm in person

Don't freak out, but your primary storage has become 'aware'


"In order to be effective, data-aware storage should have some basic characteristics:"

1. Forget everything you think you know, all middle management must go etc etc

The simple fact is most companies are running legacy data implementations decades old and management will only learn the latest buzzwords to look good to the overlords, but almost never bother trying to actually bring the technology in line with the companies "vision" or at the very least the 21st century, as an example, the last 6 clients I've had, have all been running oracle 10g on the "most efficient" snowflake design but constantly complain about performance and their developers complaining because .Net 4.6 won't work with ODP 10.0.2 etc etc. When I suggest they upgrade and considder redesigning...I get the same response every time, it'll cost too much

That one weird trick fails: Google binned 780 million ads last year


The ads have become self aware

And you know it!

But Google just doesn't like competition

Little big phone: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, a toothsome hand-fulla Android


Re: Wireless Charging

What cover did you end up getting?

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Price is high??

It's already come down to £330 which makes it an awesome phone for the money!

I jumped ship from the fruity phone when they released that oversized dinosaur. It's one of my only life choices that hasn't come back to bite me so far

'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code


Hands up?

If you've ever wanted to down tools, walk out, and leave management to see just how 'easy' it is to write 'a few lines of code'

Coroner suggests cars should block mobile phones


Agree...sort of

Oh yet more laws from the nanny state that is Australia!

I do agree mobile phone use while driving is a big problem, I've seen many an idiot cause accidents while on their phones, had a women rear end me last week(very slowly in traffic) because she decided to move forward without bothering to look up from her phone. She even apologized for being on her phone!

But i have a blutooth car kit and never need to look at my phone, people just need to be more clued up.

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?


Re: The proof is in the....

Look at all your down votes, I think you might have struck a nerve with the Android fannys.

I love how this actually made the news, Apple's staggering of updates, when 200 million people try to hit up a server for a pretty big download all at the same time you'd be hard pressed to find a company that doesn't have issues with that...oh wait there aren't any with a user base like that (Windows doesn't count, never works anyway).

Has any employer ever delivered the training it promised?

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Re: S/W Development Methodlogy (Extreme, Agile etc)

Brilliant, although last time I tried "You pick one(of the 30 or so) and I'll tell you" didn't really work, turns out a sense of humor is not something blue chip companies look for in a contractor.

I for one hate the way some companies try to align themselves with certain methodologies like it make's a real life difference, if you're incompetent and lazy you will fail, no amount of S/W methodology will help you.

If you're skilled, organised and use common sense...problem solved.

France demands Skype register as telco


Feed the needy

The eurocrats who refuse to work for a living still need that hand out from somewhere

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites



Hahahahahaha...seriously these fools spend so much time and money pursuing these "Evil torrent sites" you have to wonder if they have any idea at all of how it all works, my 8 year old nephew laughed when his father told him he couldn't download music anymore as their ISP blocked these torrent sites, he then went on to tell me he hadn't used those in 3 years, his words were "Torrents are so last decade old man" and I'm only 30.

Review: Apple Mac Mini 2012

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Re: Question to Mac Developers

I replaced my 2008 MBP with the new mini, put in an SSD and 16GB of ram and it flies, run a Win7 virtual machine for ASP and .Net stuff as well as XCode with no lag at all. It's a great cheap dev machine


Just the HD4000...?

Apple release another product with a major fault...quality control must have kicked it along with Mr Jobs.

The issue with the HDMI output for the HD4000 was well known by Intel and has been acknowledged by other manufacturers using it in their offerings and Apple still went ahead and released something with known issues. Intel must have made all sorts of promises.

Forstall ousted from Apple after refusing to apologise for Maps


Jobs vs Cook round 2

It's no secret Jobs and Cook didn't see eye to eye at all, it's all in his autobiography.

This reeks of a "Ha! They think he screwed up, now's my chance to fire him, no questions asked!" bitter sweet victory for Cook. Of course this is pure speculation on my part, but where there's been smoke for so long you're bound to find fire.

I just hope Ives can deliver on iOS7.

Is lightspeed really a limit?


Re: Limits.

@Tom7 that could also be the ideal argument for entropy :)

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' ad nuked by watchdog - AGAIN


Re: [no VM customer receives download speeds of less than 15Mbit/s].

I did the same, but it took 2 months of raging before they bumped my up after I called up to cancel my contract stating they were in breach of contract(I had NO www connection for days at a time) and I wasn't going to pay a cent for early cancellation.

Everyone on the 10/20Mb package should try something similar.

EA kills Medal of Honour arms deal


So much for simulation

"If I played Need for Speed, and I'm handed the key to a Porsche, does that make me want to get in it and drive like a maniac and run people over? No."

What need for speed has this guy been playing??? I tried running people over but I bounce off the invisible barrier, also driving a fast car...fast and running people over are two different things entirely. Unless cars are now considered weapons...

HSBC brands EVERY Apple iPhone 'an insecure PC'


Obviously IT was to blame...

It's funny that HSBC are so obviously cutting back in departments that actually count and yet they're making billions laundering money for middle eastern dictatorships(or not)...typical upper management..."Testers...surely the developers we outsourced in India do enough testing!" Even though their contract clearly stipulates they are responsible for development only.

Just speculating...and yes I'm a dev in a department who's just had our budget slashed by those 'up there' because they don't think it's necessary. Apparently quality control is so 20th century.

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?


With the price of SD cards being next to nothing now a days and the SD medium being around for so long how bout just storing your pics on sd cards and labelling them accordingly, then when you want to view em just plug the card into your smart tv/iPad/laptop/desktop/projector and away you go.

But then there are other peoples pictures of you on holiday etc, you still want those, again the SD card comes in handy when the next time you visit said friend you just take the SD card in question and dump all/some of their pics on.