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Microsoft halves Surface RT production orders - report


Re: Build quality

Don't worry about the keyboard, once I had got over how good the touch cover is, I dont really use the keyboard, i just use the tablet alone. Mabe people are folding the touchcover back on its self. You would have to be pretty stupid to do that. You can always use usb peripherals if you want to do serious typing..

I have to say I am seriously impressed with my RT surface, my only concern now is that the OS may not ever see version 2.0?


Re: I will have to revise my numbers as well.

Ah the anti ms troll is out in force

Barclays Bank buys 8,500 Apple iPads in one go


We rolled out ipads at work. They are largely not used. Senior management have been allowed to take them home.

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft quite literally can't lose

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Xbox is a success, PC gaming a success, now win phone 8 has a lot xbox, pc DNA. People wondered how Nokia can make stand-out phones when they are forced to share an OS. They have answered that buy producing better materials, design, mapping and exclusive app releases.

ARM tags GlobalFoundries for future chip tech


ARM H shares

And ARM shares remain as flat.

Devs can't be bothered with Nokia's Windows Phone – report

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There are many many .NET developers out there who are capable of writing phone apps. If you can write any .NET application you can write WP apps because it's straight forward and the tooling is 1st class. It takes a lot of time and effort to write an app and get it to a point where you are able to publish it. This is true of any platform.

I wrote the most simple app I could think of and published it just so I could say I have published an app and let me tell you it took me months because even simple apps are complex when you look at the detail; and the submission process is lengthy.

So that's casual / hobby devs covered.

Now lets talk about companies that write apps for windows phone. Well the market share is not there yet for WP so I'm not surprised that the platform is not a priority.

Journalists have mortgages to pay...

Survey, pointless.

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