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First there were notebooks. Then tablets. And now ‘book tablets’

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Re: Point?

Full desktop web browser. I guess a lot of e-learning web sites are targeted at the desktop, even if touch optimised.

Apple's HomePod beams you up into new audio dimensions

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With my work I visit people in their homes and it is remarkable how many have an echo or Google home and are using it. I don't sell double glazing.

Palm may be dead - but the form factor and utility lives on in our mobiles. Psion style devices may make a comeback but the reality is ultrabooks do the same job.

Google to kill its Drive file locker in two confusing ways

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I have 256gb SSD. I have to manage Drive carefully to make sure what I need is sync'd and what I don't is not! I don't consider a bigger M2 SSD cheap - but then as a professional I manage my own IT budget.

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Re: What about Chrome OS?

It's going no-where.

Google has updated its PC sync solutions, and confused everyone in the way it is doing i

How Remix's Android will eat the world

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I am sure that the future is Apps, and the Web Browser is dead ...

But until then I actually want an OS with a desktop quality browser.

Which is why I use a Chromebook Flip not an Android Tablet.

Pixel C: Google has a crack at the fondleslab-with-keyboard game

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Hmmm ...

Frustrating. Chrome OS is not ready for full time Touch (I have a Flip - almost a usable Tablet). Android cannot yet handle the full Chrome experience with extensions or a touch pad.

Without a touch pad this is not great for RDP. Although it will run Android Office Apps it won't work with 365, or full Google Apps.

This should have been running Chrome OS - but Chrome OS is not ready.

Small wonder, little competition: Asus Chromebook Flip

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Chrome RDP to i5 NUC

I bought one.

I use it for large PowerPoint presentations, basic video editing and Fireworks image editing. Even some finger sketching.

Amazon punts Kindleware for Androids

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Do you have an amazon.com account?

May be a glitch, but I have had nor problem buying stuff with my login on my HTC Desire.

However I do have an active Amazon.com account which I have used to by real books in the recent past.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Windows Mobile smartphone

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Gates Halo

Windows Mobile is an ugly mongrel that knows lots of tricks ...

Windows Mobile is Windows Mobile. It is not iPhone.

As I use the voice navigation of Tom Tom running in the background whilst looking at live sat imagery in Google maps whilst streaming music over 3g off my home media server whilst I download my imap email, I know I am a Windows Mobile geek!

So what that it takes me twice as long to input an appointment on the Touch Pro than it did on my Treo 680. So what that the music skips from time to time?

Jack of all trades ... Nobody loves it, but many of us love what we can do with it.

Still a pity that SE couldn't quite get this device right. Sounds like Touch Flo is better as a front end than the Sony offering.

Palm 'innovative Wi-FI device' invite points to Foleo revamp?

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I would love to see a Palm return to form. The fact remains that the Palm Dragonball devices (up to the m515) are still quicker for switching applications and using PIM functions than any modern smartphone I have used. Palm has lost its Zen sadly.

Samsung SGH-F700 smartphone

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The most important aspect of a Smartphone is ...


We know that PalmOS still has the easiest to use, WM is powerful but clunky, S60 is lagging behind and UIQ is a bit odd, but it would be nice with a new Smartphone review to know how the PIM applications stack up and what sync options exist.

Oh and does it thread text messages. I don't think I could live without that in a work environment where texting is as common as email.

Safari gets four new fixes

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Text Rendering

At last text rendering works. I can actually try the browser now.

However the window still doesn't behave like a, er, window. I use tile windows vertically on my wide-screen monitor on a regular basis. Web Page on the left, Word Document on the right. Not an option with Safari. There are also some minimising issues with minimise all or show desktop. It won't go down to my Rocket Dock set up.