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Bank details - PAH! Phishers want your Facebook password



BT encourage phish-prone behaviour by sending out regular emails with links to their site, requiring you to log in to see your bill.

Once they have established that habit, it makes it very easy for the phishers.

I have long sent requests to their customer service bit bucket for an option to put a bill summary in the monthly email (as talktalk do now) - that's all I (and probably most people) need to see (to check nothing is amiss), and then they won't bother clicking on links. I don't consider my monthly bill total sensitive data that cannot be sent by email.

Schmidt: Microsoft will never be as cool as the Gang of Four



does come over as a bit of a dick.

I especially think that he's taken the wrong tack with his statements about privacy - google should be doing all they can to reassure us that they will take special care of our data if they want us to be their ongoing users so they can still exploit us in the future.

Anyway, what is this windows 8 thing - some new iphone app?

TomTom for Android with hands-free kit review


Re: Why Bother?@AceRimmer

> why can't Google make Navigation work properly, when Nokia had this cracked three years ago?

Because they aren't trying hard enough, or intentionally want it to be pants?

Your experience of google navigation matches mine - it can cache the maps/routes, but just doesn't do the full job when it is offline - it won't route for a start (I guess all the route planning is server-based).

Google seem to have done all the hard bits, but fail to go the extra mile (if you excuse the pun) and make it usable offline. Shame, as the nexus 7 would seem to have the makings of a pretty good in-car unit.

There is navfree which is free for android - anyone tried it?

Cambridge boffins fear 'Pandora's Unboxing' and RISE of the MACHINES


Re: Seriously

> Personally the fact that we left evolution behind millenia ago scares the devil out of me!

I don't think we have left evolution behind.

The greater rate of survivability just means that we're currently in a state where we are building up a wider range of variation through mutation, etc.

When the next sudden environmental change happens (e.g. next Ice Age, Meteor hit, Triffids, etc), only those people/genes lucky enough to be suited to the new environment may survive.

We may find out that genes for, e.g., morbid obesity turn out to be pretty useful in a different-looking world.


Re: 3 laws ?

> I am struggling to see how rule by an AI could be worse than what we have now.

> Especially true if the 3 laws apply.

Ain't you seen that "I Robot" film with William Smith (which is somewhat Asimov-inspired)?

The AI mind decides that it needs to save us from ourselves, and it ends in totalitarianism.

Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+ recorder with FreeTime


Re: streamed playback?

> Do any of these Humax boxes (freesat or freeview - dont care which) allow you to

> record onto one main box and then stream recordings over a home network to other

> TV connected boxes?

My Freeview Humax T2 does exactly that: I can watch its recordings on other boxes (computers/tablets and also a sony bluray player), but it generally only works with the non-HD recordings (maybe a problem on the player side?). It's called PnP DNLA or something like that.

Google Nexus 7 shipping cock-up enrages fandroids


Re: Got mine last friday (13th)

Ooh you lucky dabber - I preordered mine approximately 10 seconds after the announcement and still haven't got a shipping message...


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