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Three UK says its 5G plans are under threat if tower merger with Euro giant Cellnex is blocked


Will it make much of a difference? I barely get a 3G signal most of the time!

Mathletics promises security upgrades after parents' security gripes


Re: Obligatory?

I run an IT Department in a school too. I think you have summed up the school situation perfectly.

The only thing I would add is that it seems like standard (and accepted) practice in the Education Software industry to produce sub-standard software, charge huge amounts for it, then provide poor support and development to the schools going forward. I'm sure this would not be accepted in industry but schools seem to accept it. The amount of poorly put together pieces of software we seem to be forced to implement, including finance packages that are so poorly written and have so many security flaws in them.

BT: Whew, we've been cleared of major privacy breach. Oh SNAP, another webmail blunder


3 days on and still no email. BTs system doesn't even seem to recognise my email address anymore. I wouldn't mind so much as I'm not a BT Broadband customer anymore, however since leaving BT they have been charging me £1.60 a month for the privilege of keeping my email address!

Google Nexus 7 shipping cock-up enrages fandroids



Pre-ordered mine from eBuyer, had it for over a week now. Also got the £15 credit for Google Play.