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Burglar steals $60,000 of computers from Steve Jobs' home

Joe S

Re: "Trumped up?" Nah

Petit? Is that the french version?

Cisco to axe 1,300 (more) employees worldwide

Joe S

Server wannabe? Who writes this crud?

Cisco is #3 in servers now and is aiming at that #2 spot and then #1


Wobbly Chinese telecom giant 'may sack 12,000', shares nosedive

Joe S

Wow. Chinese government subsidizing it's companies to dump their products across the world. FINALLY we're opening our eyes.

The European Commission is investigating ZTE and and Shenzhen neighbour Huawei over allegations that the Chinese government illegally subsidised the firms, enabling them to offer their kit to customers at below cost, a process known as "dumping".

Cisco warns of major vulnerabilities in TelePresence kit

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Re: Roger that

Take your head out of the sand much?

HP said the same thing about Cisco's servers and now Cisco is the #2 vendor for blade servers in the US and Australia.

Nice try.

Symantec update killed biz PCs in three-way software prang

Joe S

Re: In my experience...

Agreed. SEP just kills laptops to its knees


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