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Don't press the red b-... Windows Insiders' rings hit by surprise Microsoft emission


Re: Plasma 5 on KDE anyone?

> And you also do not have a choice in whether you want to use it or not

Yes you do. The menu includes a switch between tiled and classic. It's demonstrated in the Engadget video.

UK spies: You know how we said bulk device hacking would be used sparingly? Well, things have 'evolved'...


O2 national outage + GCHQ equipment interference announcement

= Coincidence?

LG builds a DAB+ digital radio radio into a smartmobe


Make a slim DAB LG G5 "Friend" and we're talking

Wouldn't get a 5.7 inch 1280x720 just for this feature. But would definitely consider a slot-in dab on a proper flagship.

Yahoo! Mail! is! still! a! thing!, tries! blocking! Adblock! users!


Re: Yahoo is Over

> Do you really think reporting spam has any effect?

It does actually.

Last year I encountered a UI bug in the Yahoo Mail android app that jammed the spam button and accidentally marked about 100 emails in my inbox as spam.

I quickly moved it back to my inbox, but Yahoo had already updated its rules and for the next few days legitimate email was ending up in my spam folder.

When I noticed, I fixed it by doing the reverse, moved it all back into spam again then moved it out by clicking Not Spam.

Huawei cooks own PCIe SSD: Flash IP in a flash


Gratuitous product placement

" By using an iPhone to take a picture and then zooming in on it "

Android Security: How's BlackBerry going to fix it?


hardware fuse blow as a tell like Huawei's Nexus 6P?

Maybe it has a hardware fuse that blows when root is acquired, like the QFuse in the new Nexus 6P, which in turn tips off the Blackberry's security suite that security's had a break-in.

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT


Industry practice?

I'm almost certain that Steam doesn't download games I haven't bought yet to P2P them to other Valve customers.

Class action launched against Facebook over biometric slurpage


Re: Your face, your property

Buddy: "Do I have your permission?"

Fellow: "No, that sound wierd, no!"

Buddy: "Ok, I have retrained my local-only neural network to recognize your face amongst others as a single aggregated anonymized user 'Dont-Ask-Again'"


Techies! Shadow IT means you need to up your game


Easy - Allow shadow IT, and full liability for any fuckups or fallout

Let users install what they want, as long as they agree to complete liability when their non-company-approved software damages the company.

Pray harder for AMD


I picked Ndivia card in my latest small form factor because

- higher-bank-per-buck than amd on midrange (gtx970)

- considerably lower power consumption

- my previous amd build (hd6670) has been stuck on AMD April '14 drivers, the last not to screw up DVI->HDMI connections (despite repeatedly sending in bug reports)

Copyright troll wants to ban 'copyright troll' from its copyright troll lawsuit


Malibu denies existence of Wifi hacking too, according to TF article

Article misses that Malibu have also asked court to ingore defense's expert from explaining Wi-Fi Hacking - because you know, pesky reality gets in the way of their prosecution argument.

As for piracy and theft, US Supreme have already banned their use in Hotfile's ongoing case, so there might be a precedent to argue there.

UK exam board wants kids to be able to Google answers


So exam plan becomes

first 5 mins, type all the questions into exam solver website.

next 10 mins, wait while mechanical turk powered workforce writes answers for you

final 5 mins, copy answers back from website

for bonus points, use camera phone to upload exam paper, less typing required

Space Commanders lock missiles on Elite's Frontier Devs


Re: It's worse than that

I believe Frontier have already stated they'll also refund if you backed the game but held off playing it during alpha/beta.


Re: It's worse than that

So aggrieved backers who wanted to play offline are now spending lots of time -online- trolling and camping new players who've bought it in full awareness that it's online only?

Re: whining over 40 bucks/pounds - presumably the grumpiest kickstarters donated MORE THAN 40 for high tier rewards, probably also shelled out on one of those fancy brightly lit 160-200 hotas joysticks that they'll have no other use for, perhaps upgraded their gaming rig, and failed to realise that Kickstarter is a betting website.

I'm happily playing knowing that the game I helped Kickstart is the vision of its creator.

Space Commanders rebel as Elite:Dangerous kills offline mode


In hackers I trust

We've got hackers that can make USB cables into keyloggers, and pwn millions of phones via binary SMS, I'm sure the hacking community will come up with a dummy local server.

More optimistically I predict that 6 months after release, after universe bugs and so on have been ironed out, Frontier themselves will offer some kind of offline server or data.

I think they admitted that it could go offline while recently placating fears of servers being turned off at some future point, apparently -then- everyone gets a snapshot of the universe.

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose


Re: Well I never

Looks nice too, might get myself one instead of a Nexus 9. $249 for a Intel quad-2.3ghz Android 8" tablet with 4:3 many-pixel screen, intel so should have screaming performance. Only 2gb ram though.

Apple's new iPADS have begun the WAR that will OVERTURN the NETWORK WORLD


Changed my mind, could be lovely

After AC mentioned Kindle's Whispernet, the Apple soft-sim thing does sound like a potential for consumer-friendlyness.

Whispernet-style global roaming access to say iTunes, iCloud services and a handful of whitelisted email and social media, perhaps included in the cost of an iTunes/iCloud subscription, could make the iPad an ideal traveller's companion.

Probably also be easier for Apple to deactivate stolen devices anywhere in the world.


Risky to go more lock-in and anti-consumer with SE Asia brands on the rise

Bit late I'd say, Apple should've done this while it had more control of the market, then relinquished after strong Chinese more consumer-friendly arose, this just smacks of desperation.

Google doesn't need lock-in, as people are flocking their way, and they can use Apple's new handcuffs as an additional selling point.

Aboard the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, there's a Mobe and a Slab and a TELLYBOX


So Nexus 6 still 32-bit

Xiaomi boss snaps back at Jony Ive's iPhone rival 'theft' swipe


Removable battery = extend your phone's usable life by years

Greener, more economical than replacing phones every year or two, cheaper phone contracts, battery life as great as the day you bought it.

Well that answers why Apple don't want to provide it.

Jesus phone RAISED from DEAD. Watch iPhone 6 get BURNED, DROWNED, SMASHED


Re: Better Than Z2

Probably the screen was chipped or cracked invisibly from an earlier severe knock/drop, and the soft fall just happened to be the straw that broke it's already microfractured back.

Saying that I have seen a few reports of this happening particularly to Z2 in xda-forums, like one that just spontaneously shattered while sitting flat on a shelf.

THREE QUARTERS of Android mobes open to web page spy bug



If you exclude 4.4 it's three-quarters, but if you correctly exclude both 4.3 & 4.4, it's two-thirds.

Mind you, I'd be interested in whether Google plans to release a browser fix for 2.3 upwards (98.7%) via it's Google Play Services versions-are-irrelevant system updater launched late last year.


DARPA-backed jetpack prototype built to make soldiers run faster


Re: Reminds me of something

or older than that, Centurions (power extreme!)


Heavy VPN users are probably pirates, says BBC


Re: re: Anne-Lise

"If you did use VPN to do all those like you said, you've violated most of those services' T&Cs and could in theory, get yourself banned."

Nothing in the Virgin T&Cs or Acceptable Use and traffic management policies -that I can see- forbidding VPN. You agree that they may shape/throttle traffic, but nothing states you can't use VPN for all your traffic.

Especially good idea to use VPNs the entire time when Virgin openly state in their T&Cs that they read your emails and internet comms:

" h. With your permission, we may monitor email and internet communications, including without limitation, any content or material transmitted over the services.

i. We also reserve the right to monitor and control data volume and/or types of traffic transmitted via the services."

Cracking copyright law: How a simian selfie stunt could make a monkey out of Wikipedia


Is it art? is the wrong question

All these definitions and debates are focusing on post-hoc artistic speculation and uniqueness / recreatability tests - that's an is it art question not a who does the picture belong to.

Previously these uniqueness / artness arguments are only really debated in rip-offs, derivative works cases (as in the london buses over westminster).

If copyright is automatic upon creating the image, then the person who can prove earliest provenance, and perhaps access to higher-quality/uncropped originals/raws, or documentary evidence, has the strong case. Simple as.

How copyrighted is CCTV footage?

How copyrighted are (good?) paintings by young children with artist had a low IQ or couldn't appreciate copyright law?

How about famous dead artists who couldn't appreciate copyright law because it didn't exist then?

Phone motion sensors can receive data



Doesn't sound as useful as the bidirectional ultrasound handshaking incoming for Chromecast. Still, best to do all the sensors before Apple patent them ;)

Facebook 'manipulated' 700k users' feelings in secret experiment


With a billion users worldwide, I wonder why they even needed to do deliberate a/b testing for this, wasn't there sufficient data of people having bad news weeks and good news weeks in their usual non-experimented logs?

Tor is '90 per cent of the net' claims City of London Police Commish – and he's dead wrong


More likely - 90% of TOR traffic is P2P

That would make more sense.

New Apple iOS to help fanbois thwart Wi-Fi network spies


Apple copying again! - Android's Pry-Fi

Android has had an excellent app by Chainfire for this for some time called Pry-Fi (free & pro).

Disclaimer, no way attached to Chainfire, just an admirer of his utils.

Hope Apple don't posthumously patent

Brunner does a runner: Beats designer must hand the brand to Apple


The man who designed the famous Beats by Dre headphones?

Thought we already established that was the guys at Monster


Study: Users don't much care about Heartbleed hacking dangers


typical response - why would crims want to read my boring emails

This is the most popular response I get from people I know. They don't want scare stories, and can't be bothered with changing passwords for something they don't care enough about.

What we need is more actual anecdotes involving normal boring people ("celebs phone hacking, well they're asking for it, doesn't affect me")

Ouch... right in the Androids! Google hit by another antitrust sueball


Browser settings: Advanced: Set Search Engine

Browser settings: Advanced: Set Search Engine. Done.

Was that hard?

But saying that, after a factory reset, I do usually have to reverse EVERY SINGLE Google suggested setting though.

i.e. default homepage, remember passwords, remember form data*, form autofill*, user location, do not track

*yes that's 2 settings

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book


They don't phone you, they join databases

Phone numbers are a great join-key for merging massive databases from separate vendors (as are emails). Value's not in the phone number for phoning you, but in the info other companies sell who ALSO have your phone number.

Want the latest Android version? Good luck with that


Use Play Store, don't use Unknown Sources

Still lots of fear about this - you don't need to be on Android 4.3 to be safe:

- If you only install from the official Google Play Store, you're fine - Google can scan their store server-side.

- If you don't install any apps, you're fine.

- Stay clear from Allow Install from Unknown Sources, which by default isn't enabled anyway.

- Vulnerability that trojans are installing via is a phone-side weakness, which is only a problem if the app source you're using (pirate app store, spam email or mms containing installer) isn't vetting the apps before they reach your phone.

Re: stuck on Gingerbread are budget 512mb ram and/or 320x240 screens, they just don't have the grunt needed for the newer Android releases.

Lowest spec owned by my family members is a Galaxy Ace 2 and that's on an official Jellybean 4.1.2 now.

My almost 2 year old midrange Galaxy Nexus is running 4.3 like a pro.

Android sig vuln exploit SEEN IN THE WILD


Reputable app stores ++

Google Play, Amazon, et al can scan their stores with updated verification.

The flaw is in the phone's cert verification, but Google Play, Amazon etc can update their server-side verification to detect any dodgy packages.

From what I understand of this particular exploit, it's detectable now that it's understood.

Cyanogenmod users will be happy to know it looks like they're busily releasing new CM7 thru CM10's.

Yahoo! and! Microsoft! have! long! way! to! go! in! account! hijack! fight!


Android phones a factor?

Since most Android phones are linked up directly via credit card and account to gmail accounts, might just be a punters being a magnitude more password hygenic (cash and phone pwnership) vs Y! + MSN accounts which often are used just for mail, or even simply low grade instant messenger accounts.

Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS


Installed, uninstalled

Ubuntu Phone stayed on my Nexus for almost an hour, I wanted to feel it running on my phone even though I was well-aware it was going to be mostly mockup, similar to what was demoed at CES last month.

On a slightly related note, there was a nice analysis and comparison of upcoming phone OS contenders last week, covering the progress, teams, approaches, and industry support and tips for success for Ubuntu Phone, Tizen, Sailfish OS, Firefox OS, BB10


Why will UK web supersnoop plan cost £1.8bn? That's a secret


1.8bil for broken software, at least they're being honest

"pose an unacceptable risk to the ability of the UK to safeguard national security" and "disclosure of this could be used to avoid detection".

So that's 1.8 bil on a system that once finished, relies on security through obscurity, and is expected to have known exploits and be possible to avoid.

Olympics TV HQ future: Catwalk beauties elbowed out by IT bods


Thought green-minded data-centers in northern countries only need an extra 1% power for cooling these days? i.e. would only need about 290KW of cooling for 29MW of compute (Yahoo Chicken-coop claimed this percentage with a datacenter they did a couple of years ago in NY IIRC)

UK judges quietly declare text chat can be obscene


Leveson Inquiry is all a bit pointless then

If all the texts count as publication, there's no such thing as phone hacking (text snooping) any more, and all those who had their phones hacked should be jolly well happy with this judge.

OTOH, the press should start doing more phone hacking and exposing now - probably the only thing keeping t.h.e.m. straight, when the laws are so ripe for abuse^M^M^M^M^M^M^M^M^M.

Apple wins EU-wide Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ban


Next up, MS v Samsung?

So will Microsoft now go after Samsung for copying it's Version-numbering-'N'-suffix-method-for-naming-near-identical-products-with-EU-ban-avoiding-modifications? (Windows XP N, 7 N, etc)

WTF is... WiGig


Not here yet? Aim for 4K surely

1080p Sounds like by the time it's released, they'll be plenty of people using 4K screens.

LG execs fingered in Samsung OLED tech theft


LG confession

"We do not need Samsung's technology which works under a totally different display system."

And how would they know? I rest my case :)


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