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One in 10 Brit smartphone owners 'can't afford' to pay for apps


71% of people prefer whiskas, 29% prefer dry cat food

"29 per cent ...said it was because they couldn't afford them, while the remaining 71 per cent said it was because the software was "overpriced"."

Presumably they were the only two options then or lots of people would have answered 'because there are plenty of free alternatives that work perfectly well' and given free-reign at least one out of 2,611 people would have answered with 'dickbut'

Hackers leak 120,000 student records in raid on world's top unis


Well there are hundreds of student and staff records from Manchester Uni's chemistry department on there...

Oiling the big wheels that keep the Paralympics moving


re: Reynolds 953

Wouldn't be surprised if at least some are made from this. Reynolds 953 (or similar) tubing is probably the favourite material of custom frame bike welders, noone welds their own aluminium frames. The same must be true for wheelchairs, especially in sports where they need re-welding, bending back into shape, repairing, brazing etc. Aluminium alloys would just be too hard to work with. Nightmare to weld, nightmare to repair, third of the weight but third of the stiffness/strength of steel = no benefits.