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Beer in SPAAAACE: Photographic PROOF

Tony 16

"Anonymous" only because I will not be railroaded into 'creating new accounts" ...I could hardly be bothered reading it it was not amusing...If this is celebrating more space junk it simply underlines for the thousandth time what kind of science-gifted litter-bug- bug-wits run the "fill it with capitalist junk" space programme at NASA and elsewhere..What loathsome, ignorant utterly stupid, if not sociopathic, people are they. The Bilderberger-must-be-Israel-approved -capitalist-profiteers-selected Western governments that permit them to do it...but then, what are hysterically called with straight faces "our leaders' are willing puppets for the Zionist Capital Banker families 'entertainment, smoke and mirrors, Indian rope trick department so turning vacuum into crap is very personal for their alchemy- besotted minds and earns more money per second than Scrooge McDuck ever dreamed about.. Siberia is the right place for people who initiate or think such space junk clutter in the "Steptoe' mentality...the rest of their life at a Gulag might get them thinking more sensibly.Maybe we can focus on fixing this world's calamities but then....who wants peace and well fed people?..there's no profit there by comparison with Riot mayhem Abominations War and what is now being sought...Armageddon

JavaScript guru slots into Mozilla CTO seat left empty by anti-gay marriage ex-boss

Tony 16

Sadly the foul-mouth, blustering pounces are back on this issue. If Mr Eich donated money to an anti-homosexual marriage organism I hope it will be money well spent. I cannot see any reason why he should have resigned or been sacked. The perverseness of his departure , to me, indicates the solid footing decaying minds and the corruption of decency in morals has achieved in a very short period of massive pressure. On the other hand I do not support the brutal madness of 'religions' based on the 'jewish/khazar' sect which bully, bash and execute homosexuals. That they claim 'god' requires this is finger down the throat 'stuff'. It is simply another aspect of Satanism or if you prefer, the worship of Lucifer/Baal/Lilith ....whatever evil master to which they are adhered. On the other side, when one who may or may not have 'religious' indoctrination does not think homosexuality should be encouraged or fostered that also requires common sense and good example and not abuse in treatment of homosexuals. In my view there is no reason or goodness surrounding homosexual marriage or being permitted to adopt children yet I also see vast numbers of children, produced by people who will not control themselves or their fecundity....rape being another issue.....left to terrible fate and producing unfortunately adults scarred by abuse.

When I was young homosexuals, particularly the promiscuous attracted to the "Cross"...a place I'd willingly donate money to see levelled to the ground and become a supervised park (i.e. drink drug and prostitute free) ...and the prostituting males were often badly treated, bashed . That was deplorable. The issues are not , though in some ways it's unavoidable 'hetero Vs Homo' nor 'rights' nor 'equality' but what morally underwrites and improves society which has moved to the point at which it stands in a world which has plummeted ethically and morally since 1970 and in my view requires a re-establishment of sound direction based on the best outlook and that best outlook is not based on any religion but on the life and views of the personage called 'Jesus'....No better rule for happiness and decency exists. I say that without adherence to a religious cult.

Today however we are going to the far side of cultural shift in a sudden upsurge, which means money talking, in political pressure to have homosexual marriages and adopting of children as a part of our declining morality. It's at a point of absurdity when paedophiles targeting boys and 'boylovers' who train children, in some publicised cases, from the cradle to be used in large scale homosexual swaps here and overseas never hear the word 'homosexual' in the reports on these ghastly paedophiles. As far as abuse by heterosexuals I have moved diametrically over the recent years of declining Australian culture into a mishmash of buzz-politics such as 'multiculturalism' ..Multiculturalism .simply another culture 'black-hole globalisation movement by the group which has sought over 240 years the "control and command of the whole world'...read your 'bible' as to the mythical David's 'command' to suppress goyim and which was put into seriously effective practical action by the so called 'de Rotheschilde" Central Bankers which now dictate foreign policy in particular and foment and finance "revolution" using every evil they can...A recent example was their "GFC",organised through their 'change control satellite, Kuhn Loeb, massively profitable to them with the outrage of taxpayer 'reimbursements' instead of being asset stripped by the Government.

Sudden turnarounds in politics such as this 'homosexual marriage' whether from spy site blitzes such as Twitter and Facebook, Google or Yahoo used by the dimwits who 'see no harm in it' require well 'embedded' organisms and large finances. In my many decades I have moved and discussed and observed promiscuous homosexuals. Users in signing-up seem to somehow contribute to multi billion profits for people who seem to have little trouble attracting finance to start-up. I think the concept that Satan rules this world has merit, and "de Rotheschilde" the criminal but extremely adept banker who developed in the 19th C, his father a terrorist with them living in the Frankfort Ghetto, from simply being clever and corrupt and a worshipper of Lucifer into now having institutions controlling all Western Nations but in fact also owing more than 80% of all the world's currency. Have you seen any prosecutions of personnel from the provenly corrupt Australian "reserve' bank?

I recall well from some years ago the Hotel east end of William Street's via-dolorosa to the Cross where on entry into the hotel, a couple of young homosexuals tried to tongue kiss and grope all males they could. when going to the toilets in that hotel I was to find an homosexual orgy in and outside open-door'd toilet cubicles.

Whilst I do not condemn people who are genetically homosexual and restrained I do not have the same empathy for those hedonistic licentious homosexuals. I am not in favour of multi-tiered society which floats on licentiousness, corruption and evil wherever the source and whether "hetero" or "homo" . It is true as some homosexuals accuse that children are abused in hetero families however that doesn't add anything of substance to their claim to be parents of adopted children or produced by surrogacy. I'd go further and say that it's well overdue that we have a major revision where no one however they came into Australia (birth here or immigration) can be married without comprehensive formal instruction on responsibilities and expectations and when and only if they graduate being licensed to marry and not being permitted top keep producing children where they run out of steam financially and /or emotionally. That's a big picture though with all sorts of difficulties involved and can only succeed in a revolutionary approach in school education.

Dropbox defends fantastically badly timed Condoleezza Rice appointment

Tony 16


1) would not deal with any company with which she was associated as executive or non executive board member

2) any company which employs her I would regard as having a Board lacking in ethics and integrity to make such a choice, or of course perhaps wanting to use her skills and contacts to further spy on Americans....could even be a CIA or Mossad front

She, as few know, had the gall to redraw the middle east boundaries to suit the US government and its master, Zionist-khazar Israel and the Central bankers which profiteer from mayhem they create in initiating and financing war and revolutions then benefitting from boudary movements.

I'd describe her as utterly corrupt and a pathological liar. She is doctrinaire-committed to the New World Order and its Zionist/central banker machinations, in other words she is an enemy of "the people".. those words which differentiate between the ordinary decent people and the lizards ruling them through wealth.

Rice is committed to the annihilation of Palestine and the total handover to that disgusting fraud known commonly as "Israel" which purports to represent tragedy affected khazars who were not zionists when in fact it was a collaborator with the Reich as were so many major American companies which refused to either stop supplying German military materiel or to increase production for the US war effort (e.g. Standard Oil/GHM) .

American commitment to take over the 'new order' of the third Reich resulted in operation paperclip and MK Ultra, MK Delta and other disgusting organisms which committed numerous atrocities and designed and spread the drug addiction in USA and world wide whilst pretending to be against it. hundreds of people , unsuspecting, such as scientists, prisoners, and rock stars were given CIA designed drugs and rock stars used to promote drug addiction. John Lennon was one, it seems

almost certain but there ware many according to reports. ..............Satan rules this earth.

Israel and America's CIA were partners with Norriega, as Bush was partner with "Osama bin Laden"..Corruption is rife and rampant in the West, commencing largely in USA though Obama clearly despises the pathological liar and genocidalist Mielokowsky known by his fake name "Netenyahu" but has so many industrial and political zionists and central banker Zionists around him that even when realising how he sold his soul to become President, now when seeing the light, he has no power in International relations other than what the Zionists and the Zionist "Committee on Foreign Relations" allow him.Voila

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission

Tony 16

Re: more irony

Glad you said 90 years...that takes us to the real beginning of Israel, the agreement between Khaza-r Zionists and the Reich in an amicable conference on resolving 'the Jewish Question". The agreement was the transferring of tens of thousands of Zionists to Palestine...much to the anger of Palestinians who knew what was afoot..the entire takeover of their country by these pseudo-religious ratbags.The reich traded with Khazar Israel, built its bank to facilitate than until by WW11 probably around 80,000zionists had been shipped to Palestine.

Other jews wanted be as far away as possible from these collaborators. Essentially they profiteered the war until things got serious back in Europe. Then came the great betrayals of Jews by Jews...not in the German pogrom but in the real holocaust..the blood sacrifice of Jews by jews "for we will gain far more by their suffering". Israel's terrorists,,,which featured many of the "hero's" including "Peres" "ben Gurion" Rahm Emanuel's father and Sharon to mention but a few of many..

These terrorist-profiteers offered Germany their assistance to wipe out the British but the end of the war made that redundant. Infuriated at only being allocated another56% of someone else's country over which Khazar 'Israel's 'pud-pull' their 'rights they began the ghastly slaughter of men women and children asleep on farms, escalated it to bombings and the Nakbar and their descendants and other wild animals imported there continue their spiteful blood lust.

Now they have a sort of safari park in Gaza where they can go sports shooting, leaving cluster bombs, torture the occupants and where abominations are carried out also by settlers,.supported by the Western Governments, including Australia's.

There I no greater obstruction to world pace than Khazar Israel. The sooner it becomes a state under Palestinian rule the best for the whole world. No country claiming to be civilised is as corrupt and brutal as Israel....it's secret life is a ghastly carnage of the most satanic kind which should be arrested..

Tony 16

Hi....Humour!!....One reaction to this story many might be asking 'can't we make a rocket big enough to send all the more screwed up Muhammedans and Jews and other sects including scientology all together on this exciting voyage however the article itself indicates enough paralysed thinking.

Fatwa...not again...if only they were given a life outside the security blanket of a religion which blames anyone but its men for the world's ills. One could well wonder about this Jewish "god' Muhammedans Jews and Christians worship......all spring from the Jewish 'god' which favoured the murderer Cain and the subsequent abominations upon anyone they don't like. . Christians should demand that the Torah/Talmud /in their various forms be stricken from Christianity. Suddenly the light would shine on them.

In my view all the indicators are these cults in doing so are satanic. The only saviour of men, women and children from themselves was the Jesus...whether man myth or a flash of philosophical energy hitting the earth and leaving an indelible mindset. The whole point of the deliberately deceptive 'there is no god but god' is to deny the Jesus as a divinity. Whether you believe that or not, no person has been closer to perfection as an example to us all. Certainly Muhammed was not a patch on Jesus...that doesn't need explaining as it's self evident to any reader of their lives.

The 'trinity emerged, when Israelites were not worshipping idols as Egyptians or Babylonians or the like from the Israeli "YWEH" as we call it...a trinity of Mother Father and son. The Christians flicked the woman .....no one needs them, they have opinions and get in the way.

Anyone who watched the programme on Israel on Kerry O'Brien's 7:30 very recently would have seen a truly evil khazar woman spruiking her evil interpretations of 'god's will' over Goys... We are jewish supremacy, get out of our way,....no exceptions. Had a muhammedin said the same words and exhibited the same passionate evil the dogs of war would still be baying but then Khazarian-Israel is committed to deception most of all to its 'friends' at which it sniggers, up its sleeve, as 'easily deceived fools.

Going onto the actual story as opposed to the satellite thinking. This mission may well end up with all persons dying. It may take all their remaining life. It may not. For all we know they might wander ito eternal life.

That said the morality is really quite clear. If a person is not taking the trip to suicide, if taking the trip knowing that death may await as an ending then there is no 'suicide".Every occupation leads to death, it is unavoidable....is an Imam on a suicide mission if he plans on preaching all his life?

No one could possibly be intelligent and raise the "escaping god' story other than to stir up the ignorant and the religious vegetables amongst followers ....well, vegetables have a myopic but also panoramic intelligence...so that's not as insulting as it seems.

Personally I think travelling for decades with a proselytising Muhammedin or Jew or Christian WOULD lead to suicide. I can understand idealistic reasons for offering tone a spot on the crew but......give us a break with this Fatwah, ignoramus-generated, attention-seeking nonsense...that is starting to sound closer to Judaism's"what about us...look at us...hey over here" attention seeking ...of which numerous very clever jokes have been written,,,by Jews,

Big biz 'struggling' to dump Windows XP

Tony 16

re:"another Gates mess"

By he way my dyslectic keyboard made some spelling errors...but none of them would induce me to use spell check..it would be so nice to type into a lot larger format...I humbly accept my errors in the letter, no need to mock me for it...LOL!! I did see them immediately on printing but because I didn't 'preview' I missed them

Tony 16

Another Gates mess

Making a fortune from turning out half baked sotware has perversely seen Gates as 'much admired' Microsoft software is so bad and so vulnerable that hundred of dollars are spent on the life of any computer I've had or heard of simply resolving issues...some of which are, granted, caused by the criminal minds which think its amusing or find it enriching to interfere with people's computers, bank accounts and so on. Still Microsoft has not made impervious software..after decades. They prefer to worry about other wampum, or trinket, -generated sales to the electroic device addicts.

On another issue, the spread of very poor spelling and grammar and construction through "spellcheck" 's ghastly, Americanised "English" which sees students as well as supposedly "higher-educated" people, beguiled into such horrors as commencing sentences with prepositions and /or conjunctions. As soon as I see "And" or "But" for example commencing a sentence I realise I am dealing with someone so far behind even the "comma or semi-colon ignoramus", that I wonder about his content.

I suppose in a world where the stupidity of being a member of "Facebook" or Twitter" or other spy sites such as Google and Yahoo is so widespread and adopted even by people who posture themselves as intelligent, one cannot expect much common sense from those who see computers as their drug of choice and Gates as the Candy man.

The story in the report which initiated this letter along with other comments, isn't quite as accurate as it should be; yes, a huge number of businesses are holding onto XP, by far and away the most reliable of anything the Gates mob have turned out...some for which he should have been locked up or asset stripped..such as "Millennium". Many don't get much joy out of the more recent versions of IE or Outlook Express...still held by many against Outlook...That said, not only are so many HOLDING XP, many many actually dump the Win 7 off their new computers and install XP; that's a far more damning indicator of the Win7 unpopularity and mistrust of microsoft than simply 'not changing'...which is quaintly but often so incorrectly put as "upgrading".

One of the items I use a lot is email. I have win 7 on my laptop but I avoid it because the email format is just so pathetically awful I can't stand using it...it's a time wasting bloody pest whch hasn't a thing over the email aspect of 8 ..after which it became a menace..I suppose, when you spend your life turning out software for which there is no longer any excuse to have defective but are banking billions (and more squillions are sucked out of the users world-wide by "IT" experts for extremely overpriced repairs) simply to appeas progressive, one might wonder about your morals.

His supposed leaving of his in my opinion largely ill gotten gains to "charity" may not be enough to get him through the eye of the needle. My opinion is not 'sour grapes' as you would see it...it's about what I see as his part in a lack of responsibility endemic in "electronic media and comms" and churned out to people with almost no concentration span left.

There's nothing to elevating about seeing children at school "texting" in class, during breaks...or even adults at dinner doing that..It's disgusting and almost depressing to see how computers and mobile comms has dragged the social world into a mental abyss which then "en masse" draws them into the asylums of Facebook and Twitter so as to not only expose people who under no circumstances want to be associated with any such spy-site site but do themselves permenant lack of privacy and even seious damage .

Even the ABC advertised for them at no charge, the news and the appalling "Q and A" dirge being riddled with "Tweets" and advertising for them..against polcy I'd say.

It's disgusting to find students ownloading serious pornography onto their phones during class...Is that "your problem"..yes it is , it's one in which irresponsible adults and avaricious adults and sick minded adults have constructed and allowed to be widespread, technical comms which are not only socially destructive in the truly human sense but which are things of fashion costing us billions in cash and in wasted time....to what end?. Even emails are, after junk mail in the letter box, the most lowly regarded form of communication by Governments.

Is the world a better place in 2012 than it was in 1960?..unequivocally NO."Being informed" is the ecstacy tablet of the "Garden of Eden" which itself is the hedonistic illusion created to control mankind for a new order. Instead of dealing with the real world and protesting furiously, the appalling daily crimes against humanity, and others are cogitating over XP V win 7!

I hope I am distracting you. How many use their internet to investigate, away from christian-hysterical, nazi-fixated, US hysteria and other websites and deliberately misleading websites the forces of evil (Central Bankers, Bilderbergers, Masonic Lodges,, Zionism, CIA, Mossad, World bank, IMF and so on and on) which are seeing us doing nothing effective while mass murder takes place daily througout the world. Those croimes are OUR crimes as we p[permt them by our governments or supported by our supine governments to profit one or all of those powerbrokers. Whilst your head is buried in your computer or immediate issues with it, they are manipulating life as we know it.

The solution is straightforward. Microsoft continues to support XP as long as there is demand. On the money it and Gates owns that's a pittance. Why should clients who so clearly want XP be periodically forced into some other half baked software.? The hysteria over any new comms product has drawn now 'flibberty jibbert' computer addicts away from commonsense approach to using computers. Few use even 1% of the potential and that will be I feel sure, he same proportion as gain any advantage from new software generated to impose a need to buy new base software...

As an entity we ought to demand of Gates he get off his fat backside and create a near perfect software based say on XP and forget about "bigger, better, brighter" until he can actually show that his people and he himself have the technical expertise and the will to turn out a product which can justfiably be called "good stuff"!! I can't see any product since XP which for the majority of PC users would add any quality of life whatsoever..but then, I don't get my jollies from change and fashion., more flashing lights and sales gimmicks.Just being able to own a computer and software which works flawlessly would be my 'computer heaven'.

In closing ,computers are not good for health when used without plenty of sunshine exercise and distractions....Get the priorities right..life isn't about computers unless you have capitulated.

Hams: We're good in a disaster – UK Radio Society boss

Tony 16

Look further

By the way, error, that's a TS130V QRP Kenwood I have (see Pt 2 )

There are various sites showing Americans fantastically restoring old radio transmitters, some extremely important history, discovered in estate sales etc . These below are not those but are very interesting to cover many tastes.

Here are some sites with terribly interesting information and photos:


Fascinating find!!..restored..great stoty




http://www.radiomarine.org/audio/list?panel=pab1_13 ......(fascinating recording of historical messages.)





More modern







http://samilitaryhistory.org/vol112db.html....................(Boer War)

more modern but beautiful...



If you want to discuss such gear in Australia or have some then contact me on goldmort@onthenet.co.au

Cheers Tony VK2MS

Tony 16

Part 2:Whether Icom or Kenwood or Ten Tec or others would survive without Hams is highly unlikely. Codan might as its market is purely commercial and it has seduced the Navy from high quality Mil-Spec equipment to using throw away commercial sets. . Whether or not you agree entirely with me..., the ideas perpetrated in this post of "Hams" are often completely facetious...Traditional Hams were and are more likely to be fresh faced, lively, extremely intelligent men and often the same but whether beautiful or 'average' women, women of great substance, always ready to serve in emergency...and when power goes out commercial and even military service sometimes crashes. In places like Vanuatu, for example, the demise of Hams sees an "impossible to find" Amateur Radio emergency service there, and it is a duller place and one which is a disaster waiting to happen without a strong Amateur radio service.

Traditional Amateurs have communication, adaptability and organisational skills which can see them quickly if not instantly of use in Military needs in the event of war or disaster. As far as the de-emphasising of Morse code goes....that is one of the most stupid things any radio society has ever suppoted or any government has ever done. I will not embark on the importance and advantages of morse code here, suffice it to say it was of critical value in both World wars, forward (pioneer) radios in Vietnam were cw only but some with an 'AM' (analogue double side-band) receive facility but not on transmit. Fortunately thousands of Hams have kept the skills and hundreds use them....although personally I am not a fan of vibroplex , I think straight key...but I hold my greatest disgust for amateurs who use a keyboard and computer to send morse....or a 'reader' to read it....such has the so called "Ham" devolved in some cases .

My experience in Vanuatu was one of complete disappointment in the dormant Amateur Radio service. On the other hand really isolated islands in the Pacific and elsewhere so very often saw Methodist and other religious servants on the air and making contact regularly with the outside world and from them a QSL card was highly sought after. Whilst as someone stated power in USA can be up to 1500Watts PEP many of us are seeking our enjoyment from QRP (reduced power) of 5 watts or less. The idea that 1500 watts is 300 times more effective than 5 watts is completely wrong, however for many years it was extremely frustrating to have one's low power signal lost under the 1000Watts and a 12dB gain beam antenna of "I have the best" Americans in particular.Now the real traditionalist is using QRP and CW or home brew, sometimes bought and restored, 1930's -1950's restored gear, and WW11 military gear..which often pops up just for use on WW11 commemoration days .Unfortunately in some ways spark transmitter are no longer permitted!!

Yes, I am not entirely free of the black box sickness...apart from a Kenwood 820S (currently about to have its VCO repaired!when I get some work finished.

Kenwood-Trio or "Kenwood" after overshadowing "Trio" turned out some bad manufacturing faults (see eHam reviews) and some design errors which Hams rapidly found and fixed and reported upon )..I only have it because it uses tube 'finals' and because I have put narrow cw filters into my 2 Kenwoods. and so I feel some affection for them and they ARE about 30 years old.

My second and favorite is Kenwood TS 130S I use for QRP, a couple of home-brew QRP transceivers I have been unable to operate owing to body corporate Kapo's with their anti-antenna fetishes...about to be circumvented .. BC 348's, ART-13, BC 342, ZC1 Mk2 and various other command sets including the superbly made 1930's aircraft radios..who's limitations on SSB are more noted than in more sophisticated radios but those of the SCR/ARC 5 series were of enormous interest to Amateurs and evoke some kind of 'genetic' nostalgia...as does say a Californian bungalow or a Federation home or 'Ranch Style'...or even a cave... .

Modern and even traditional hams compare these more basic radio sets with the modern IC based factory built transceivers, and they have a point but.......as far as I am concerned and rrespective of the old and sometimes counterproductive rule against criticising another Ham...back 'then", it is certainly well deserved today. Why..it is wrong to be silent as Ham radio slides and is pushed by wireless society powre-brokers into being a more versatile CB radio avenue of sometimes CB styled sewer talk, bickering, band hogging, identification avoiding tradition-less, engineeringly sterile, 3rd party message carrying, black box society.

They have 'lost it"..they are armchair chatterboxes who demand they have a box of electronics to cover every possible need to have a QSO, other than incorporating a coffee maker and biscuit tin...

There IS such a thing as actually missing a contact without life as we know it crashing and burning. The self discipline and expertise on the air and the work it can take to get communication using old equipment which one has worked upon to improve or restore or even just get working is what makes a Ham, a Ham.

Any fool can pass a foundation licence and operate and any lazy minded Ham can use store bought gear and the richer the Ham the flasher the gear. Yes that may be handy in some emergency but it's not really the art of Ham radio personified. Not in my book anyway. Does that however prove in anyway that Amateur radio should be relegated to the tip and commercial services be all we should tolerate? The answer is no ..now, and in the future, so long as the traditional Ham can be found somewhere...so important to this world has been Amateur radio and its operators.

That which makes the Amateur radio service what it was and should be are the communication skills, enterprise, dogged determination, experimentation, research, creativity, performance in emergencies including wartime, depth of engineering ability and brotherly assistance, the construction of or modification to traditional radio, the expertise in morse code to hold communication open in the worst operating conditions....

The idea that Hams should be "right up there with modern technology has a point but when the idea was promulgated the "black box" radio service was only a PART of Amateur radio, and as I said Hams could buy kit-sets and build them as well as building from and improving on designs of other Hams from the ARRL and RSGB handbooks, QST, CQ, Practical Wireless, Radio and Hobbies and other interesting and absorbing Ham Radio Operator produced periodicals.

The "off the shelf" operator today who is not an experimenter is a self deluded product of lazy minded, over paid and tradition-less operator ..maybe one simply bored with his old challenges...or one who likes to boast about the store bought gear he uses...a sort of ego trip... seeking easy QSL recognition and avoiding almost anything a Ham should be doing to maintain traditions ...... but be that as it may they can still contribute in emergencies, are still lawfully "Hams" and are generally very decent fellows and ladies. I hope I never join their superficiality based ranks....and so keep at the Military reconstructions and the home-brew.

The Collins URR 390/391 tube radios were of such magnificence technically and in use that though designed in 1949 and built until at least 1954 the US pulled some out of storage and restored them for use in NASA and in the stage 1 "TV entertainment/propaganda based" invasion of Iraq. Nothing else could, it seems, reliably handle the conditions and the demands. If that doesn't make you think, I suggest you do some research on these sets an that situation.

Having said that, there are many far greater and more active Hams than I am and so for me It is gratifying, stimulating, exciting, to see the extraordinary skill and detail proud restoration work of US amateurs in particular in finding and rebuilding old spark gap radios...they are a joy...search the internet yourself for photos...and in restoring military radios from WW1 and WW11 of which the HRO-W built at the end of WW11 and the numerous and varied National HRO sets built before it back into the 1930's.

The HRO valve/tube receiver in its many guises is one of the most deservedly famed wireless receivers of WW11secret service as in enigma and code breaking but so also is the wonderful and more prolific..and much lighter... BC 348 which though a lesser set than the BC342 is the most well known of all WW11 bomber command wireless sets..in all its guises and variations.Both are still in high demand today.

There must still be such spark gap and early (pre-1930) radio transmitting and receiving equipment lying in cases in attics in every country of the world which had WW1 military action or had an Amateur Service and if you find something that looks like it could be an antique Radio "thingo" even if found when demolishing an house.....please, please, contact one of these groups and pass it on to a restorer....even with your name on a plaque when it is restored, should see you bursting with pride....or you can commission a restoration , or even just ask for a photo-set of the whole restoration. Join us in learning what real Amateur radio is all about...even if you are not ever going to become one...

Ok, this is Victor Kilo two, Mike Sierra standing by........QSL..?..QTX..?.


Tony 16

Learning about Amateur radio

Part 1: de..(a morse code term meaning "transmisison from ) VK2MS: It's unfortunate the posts are degenerating into ignorance, however some valid points are made even by the detractors, other than the "Big Yin" who might have at least researched before opening his Big Yap.

The term "Amateur" is a sort of wry smile...these men and women were and in some cases still are, at least and in vastly greater numbers at the very least when 'full calls" as competent as any professional broadcaster or military operator however it is not their PAID profession. The term "Amateur Operator " was once one of immense achievement before the termites got into the woodwork. The examinations were stiff, of a high demand and it was not easy to join the elite..not 'elitist" fraternity/soriety.

Yes, "QSL" cards are an acknowledgement of contact between Amateur stations and whilst optional (some choose not to "QSL" they are essential records of contact in competitions. Whilst some QSL cards are plain design or from Radio Societies and "all the same" the art, even humour on thousands of QSL cards makes then an artistic joy and adorned walls of radio "shacks". less as trophies than able to confirm a previous contact without scavenging through the utterly essential in law, transmission log book. Computers now can keep records and find them quickly and as someone indicated many Amateur radio types do use computers in simple or extremely difficult tasks and many do create their own software.

The "Q" code is a set of questions/ answers used as shorthand and are convenient to use in poor conditions. One of the essentials of Ham Radio is identification and so QRV?...QRV?..."by whom am I being called" will not be replied to by "QRV" but station Identification...if not a "pirate"..and many others impinge o our already small bands...fishing boats and recreational 'boaties' are common mis-users of ham bands and with eBay in particular making no effort to stop unlawful sales of transmitting equipment the problem worsens.

The most common Q use is surely in "QSL"(can you acknowledge receipt)...in finishing a contact, which might only be a few seconds in competition the contact might be " ok VK2MS you are 4.7.9...QSL..QSL?...the response "QSL via bureau'. and the contact also logged...the QSL card being solid evidence of contact and usually states times, nature of equipment (incl antenna) other party's signal strength and intelligibility reports. Often the front may be a photo of the operator or station or some thing he/she chooses to express something of themselves....dating from when a much smaller number of Hams made real contact..in more ways than simple conversation. (see for example, http://www.hamuniverse.com/rst.html) The so called "own post" is actually an amateur service, provided mostly by volunteers, in which a "Bureau" handles and passes on QSL cards to the intended recipient...rather than addresses be exchanged over the air..though some do do it that way.In a competition, especially . "QSL via bureau is faster and less fatiguing" than repeating and often several times repeating, still with errors, a home address. It also frees band-space when hundreds of Hams are trying to find a clear spot in a narrow frequency allowance to just make contacts, log it and move on...

One of the most misused terms is "73's" or even its more correct "73" when used in vox (voice contact). Amateur radio commenced with Morse code, or "cw"...continuous wave...a continuous signal broken up into dits and dahs...or if you like a continuous silence with "'dot" and "dashes" impinged on it. A whole series of shorthand terms grew with it.

One of many was "73" ..a cw operator's term which is in my view embarrassingly ostentatious when used in written or oral conversation. Personally I have never used it that way or replied "73" to an oral "73' or even worse "73's)There are many arguments about the meaning and origin of cw codes however for me some of the interpretation is infantile. 73 may be interpreted as "Best regards" or my compliments but using a number code alone would be confusing when numbers are also sent eg. 73 battalions approaching"..."ok 73......what's that about the battalions" or it is ignored as prattle in a closing statement...?

Personally I use 73 as meaning "good contact"...(7th and 3rd letters of alphabet) and I doubt anyone today would confuse cw by using some number codes...whereas once it was a code sent over telegraph and very much between a small number of manned relay stations, where people knew each other well.This raises an issue of tradition...something almost non existent and hardly mentioned in the virtual "CB" exams today called the "Foundation Licence".

The tradition of Amateur Radio was a most professional operator standard of men and women examined to a very high degree of technical ability and knowledge, able to read and understand and design radio circuits .The had to be high in knowledge of the operating conditions and law as applied to them.They were rightly proud of their being accepted into a large fraternity of what were largely radio scientists, whence came the radio broadcasting as we know it today. It flourished as an aside to broadcasting.

Post WW11 when the massive contribution of radio operators...including "Hams" was undeniably prime to success they ought to have demanded of governments , a permenancy of allocated frequencies. They didn't and so now have become generally "secondary services" instead of just being over-ridden by commercial services on the 'ham bands". Then money became supreme in our world and a force of destructon through it's use by psycopathic if not pure-evil power-brokers.

Narrowing frequency needs from double sideband to single side-band mostly by Amateurs lead eventually with binary exploitation into digital communications ...a system with many benefits...often confused with straight binary...but one which has lead to a new breed of 'off the shelf" so called "Hams" who restrict themselves to digital modes and computer intervention.

We began part of the rot using computers or readers to translate morse rather than doing it ourselves. Real hams, traditional Hams are a national treasure being dragged down into 'anachronism' by their own 5th columnists and greedy government, happy to allow excessive commercial channeling which seeks to support itself through sending 'entertainment ' drivel such as "reality' TV..peurile but mind controlling ugliness based on the CIA's most dangerous psychiatric controls (read on MK Ultra and Operation paperclip) violence and sexual exploitation to the softened, instant-gratification seeking brains of the new-order zombies.

We explored moon bounce and bouncing off satellites to further communications. We contributed more knowledge than any other instrument to radio comms and technology. We went, as Amateurs once did in devising and exploring new transmission and receiving facilities but now some are in varying degrees of expertise, little more than CB radio operators with a call sign...We have people claiming they cannot learn morse code, utter rot, or demanding licences without it on the basis of "it's my right" ...thus the "Z" call from the 1960's was the beginning of the end, alongside it the fears over the novice licence were ill founded. Silly as the Novice Licence was you still had to have some knowledge, and people built equipment and kitsets were offered for that. Now we have degenerated into "foundation" licensing in which the examinations are at a level just mildly above the CB 'know nothing'.

The technically adept ham is a dying breed...though still in force and many are vastly technically more competent than I am as an engineer. We now have repeaters on VHF, used for almost everything the rules denied to us in the past and whilst some operators are dedicated and stick to the rules, the VHF system has become glorified CB.Yes, there is also slow scan and other Amateur TV...Hams are always somewhere into the technical arts and I recall well that as soon as some of the radar equipment hit the post WW11 "disposals market" within months articles on converting it to receiving TV were permeating the Ham publications.Whilst rung some sets as "collectible" as they now are, some Ham redesigned and created power supply and control equipment and thus turned military radios into superb communications receivers coping with more than being a part of the limitations and special needs of bomber and fighter command.

The designers of military radio were commonly Hams an their expertise in designing testing and using equipment in the secret war was indispensable.Only when your experience is limited can you believe today's communications have made traditional Hams, "Amateur" Operators redundant.

Radio equipment of the 30' and 40's is again on the move valves...which looked as though they'd had their day... are highly sought after for new building and for replacements in military and early receivers and transmitters.and many types manufactured in Russia and China now, for example. Russian tubes are of extremely high quality irrespective of the postulations of 'expert' Audiophiles, who simply pass on unoriginal, derogatory comments of no expert substance to others. For them the cold war is still on even though Russia and USA were both controlled by the same financiers since 1917.

The tradition has been murdered through ignorance and government greed and power-brokers inside the service going off the rails as well as ever decreasing levels of competency in exams..because governments threaten to take back allocated bands and because a new breed of hierarchy sees power and profit in continuing to encourage Hams to use "off the shelf" gear and to build nothing of any indication they have competence. They are just radio operators and little more....maybe able to build an antenna (and some of the core hams are just brilliant and enthusiastic people). end pt 1


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