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Awkward! Bernie tells Bezos-sponsored event he'd break up Amazon and other tech titans

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Re: Tech is today's bogeyman

How would the Sherman Act apply? Boeing hardly has a stranglehold on the aircraft industry. Who knows if the law still requires that no weapons contract be single-sourced. I know that used to be the case.

Rather than break up McDonnell Douglas Northrup and Boeing, we can just starve them by electing representatives who severely cut the Pentagon's budget and close the overseas bases.

We ain't afraid of no 'ghost user': Infosec world tells GCHQ to GTFO over privacy-busting proposals

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If you want to stop terrorists, stop sending them money and weapons

GCHQ wants all your info, but needs the threat of terrorism as an excuse. Banks and and weapons makers want countries to buy more bombs, missiles, and drones in order to protect themselves from terrorism. Global hegemons want to send their armies to as many countries as possible in order to advise them in fighting terrorism.

Is it any surprise that the US, UK, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and so forth organize and pay terrorist groups to create unrest, start civil wars, fight with well-publicized brutality making sure to attack each one of the countries in the coalition so they can in turn use the reports of attacks to manufacture consent in their own countries? In these unnecessary wars for profit, what makes money for everyone is terrorism -- and more of it.

We listened to more than 3 hours of US Congress testimony on facial recognition so you didn't have to go through it

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That's not all

While they are at it, San Francisco and other American cities should ban the use of Stingray devices by their police to hijack mobile phone connections in order to tap conversation and geo-locate the owner.

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign

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The choice is obvious

If I have to choose between Office 2019 and Office 365, I will choose Libre Office. Especially if M$ switched exclusively to a subscription model.

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server

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I suspect it's related...

Yesterday, I did an update of the virus definitions for Microsoft Defender (settle down, I have two Win 10 machines in a household with a LAN and 3 M$ systems and 4 Linux systems along with various Android/IOS fondleslabs) on my Windows 10 Pro machine and got a message telling me I had to activate Windows.

I fixed it by reentering the internally stored product.key. What a pain in the ass.

Uber sued over alleged rapes as #MeToo web rally reveals more sex assault claims

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Re: Do "Normal" Taxi firms vet their drivers to this level... would think not... does anyone know?

That's is just not true, at least not in Massachusetts in the USA. First of all, the idea that Uber doesn't do a background check on drivers is false. They do and I believe that occurs throughout the US. However, Uber uses a private firm that does not have access to all records on individuals, especially those over 7 years old.

The Massachusetts legislature, in late 2016, passed a law requiring all Uber drivers pass a state-administered background check identical to those for taxi drivers. The law went into effect in January of 2017 and as a result, over 8,000 drivers (Lyft included) who failed the more intensive check were dropped.

Agreeing to a waiver allowing a background check is part of the Uber signup process, in any case. I sincerely doubt that was any different in the UK.

Net neutrality comments close: Let the BS begin!

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Hit 'em where it hurts

For a long time, I have advocated an Internet-free Christmas gift season if net neutrality is repealed. If they want to kill the Internet, hit the retailers. In addition, people who want to gift during the holidays can shop at local brick-and-mortar establishments, helping their local economy.

It's a win-win and it sends a strong message.

Uber drivers game Uber's system like Uber games the entire planet

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Bollacks, I say!

The company has no obligation, either moral or legal, to reveal the nature of their server scheduling algorithms. We Uber drivers agree to a contract where Uber finds the gigs and we fulfill them as subcontractors. This is no different that the IT assignments I have had in the past.

If drivers are attempting to game the system, they are hurting themselves (thereby reinforcing their own complaints) and helping me because I play by the rules scrupulously. I let the server lead me because it's easy to see how it works and as an IT professional, analyzing the behavior of systems is what I do.

All the server does is ascertain the area within which you are driving and assigns riders accordingly. I noticed in the very beginning that I was regularly being directed to pick-ups in places I had quite recently passed. As a result, when I Uber, I simply establish a territory and get longer rides between two established points.

I do not gravitate towards areas where there is a surge taking place because all that means is most riders are delaying until the price comes down. If you play by the rules, and that is what I always do as a professional, the server can take care of you. It's not, repeat, not a lot of profit especially if you're not working a large city. However, when one agrees to a contract, one should fulfill its terms to the letter.

America throws down gauntlet: Accept extra security checks or don't carry laptops on flights

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Re: Just a thought

That was standard operating procedure in the 1980s. These policies have nothing to do with airline security. The TSA and the US government are slowly taking away our rights while simultaneously proving that there is no indignity they cannot impose that we have no choice but to obey. Someone has to stop the madness, and the primary madness is the policy of perpetual war for profit.

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Enough is enough!

The time has come to abolish the TSA and their ridiculously useless theatrical policies. Rather than rolling up into a fetal ball because US/UK/EU citizens have been made legitimate targets for attack by those we invade and occupy, why don't we stop killing hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens in illegal wars.

What do we have to lose? What we are doing now serves no useful purpose and only enriches the profiteers of death who own our governments and politicians. Do you think they care if we're inconvenienced and humiliated at our airports. Not if the wars of choice line their pockets.

Irish Stripe techie denied entry to US – for having wrong stamp in passport

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Re: serves him right

I am an American, and as far as being the most charitable country in the world... the US doesn't even come close. But like the other myths of exceptionalism, most Americans seem to believe that the US is some foreign aid behemoth. If foreign aid were counted in bombs, we would be number one.

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'

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I'm sure this is not a smoking gun but 5% of 650,000 is 32,500. The number of "private" emails deleted from Secretary Clinton's email server was approximately 33,000. Coincizenza?

Probably not significant. Simply curious. Wouldn't it be interesting if all those lost emails were found just a day or so before the election? That might clear up a lot. I know I do a backup before I do a mass deletion. What better way than to send it to the email account of a trusted aide.

Phoney bling ring pinged by Tolkien's kin

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Cruel runes

He should remarket the ring with the inscription "Tolkien estate sucks Brandywine swamp water" transliterated into Elvish runes around the perimeter. It would still look stylish and the sentiment would suit.

Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze

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Not me...

I have my D drive with all my data and an SSD as my C drive, running Anniversary Update for over a week (on this and 3 other PCs) without a problem. I am a late adopter, I never expected to leave Windows 7 because I liked it... a lot. However, I'll be damned if I spend any more on Windows, as long as I use Windows (the other 2 computers on my LAN are Fedora and Ubuntu) and I waited until the 26th of July to start upgrading. I had already upgraded two other computers for friends (after one had a hard drive failure and and other stupid enough to respond to the fake Windows alert) so I had already become familiar with Windows 10. I'm embarrassed to say I like it more than Windows 7.

Violence, vandals and vomit: London's naughtiest tech Tube stations revealed

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Re: SPADs, TDFs, what a cornucopia for disaster

And signal lights out due to failure? Time to replace with long-lasting LEDs fer crying out loud.

Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones

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I guess they can convict for concealment of "possible" evidence even if they cannot find it

This is bollocks. This is the equivalent of the run-up to the Iraq war. Bush and Blair tell the world that they know Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, but Saddam Hussein is hiding them. So they invade and kill him. In the process, they discover there were no weapons of mass destruction, but the penalty was exacted anyway.

Shouldn't a defendant be convicted based upon available evidence? If the evidence was cleverly deposited on the bottom of the Channel or encrypted in one's phone it is still unavailable to the prosecution. Now, in theory, the prosecutor can just assert that the defendant is hiding phantom evidence and convict on the concealment alone. That's pretty lame.

I have always believed that which happens in the virtual world be treated as it would in the real world.

Hillary Clinton: My promises to America's tech industry

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That's why Google pays her the big bucks

To get the bang they expect.

NV...Me too, says Micron. Fancy a faster-than-SAS flash drive?

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This just in from Captain obvious...

The 9100 capacity range is from 800GB up to 3.2GB, less than the 3.84GB maximum of the S600DC product.

should be...

The 9100 capacity range is from 800GB up to 3.2TB, less than the 3.84TB maximum of the S600DC product.

Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging

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All you need do is to do a fresh install of Windows 7 to get rid of the nagging. I did that on two PCs and have not seen any Windows 10 annoyances in the subsequent two months.

Crypto Daddy Phil Zimmerman says surveillance society is DOOMED

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Re: John Q. needs to realize that...

Actually it's the "b" word that is the item of which no one should speak.

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Re: John Q. needs to realize that...

Don't you think, and this is just my opinion, that rather than employing a bunch of people in HUMINT operations (the East German Stasi employed one person in 6 for spying) it might make more sense to look closely at your foreign policy?

If the US and UK weren't so bent on crushing governments and movements with which they don't agree or that they cannot control, that in doing they are seeding the crops of new terrorists that come up every year? As they say, you can't drink Canada dry, and when you're up to your ass in alligators, sometimes you forget that your original aim was to drain the swamp.

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Re: Defeat of slavery

I hadn't thought of it that way. I like the cut of your jib, well spotted.

Of course the abolition of slavery by Britain in 1823 barely fazed the United States. By that time there were so many slaves in the US that they were able to maintain a population without further importation and the Dutch filled in where ever there was money to be made.

In addition, the British textile industry flourished though the import of cheap, American cotton -- all produced and only able to be produced because of the Cotton Gin (invented by an American Negro slave) and the slave labor of hundreds of thousands of others.

Thousands rally behind teen girl cuffed, expelled in harmless 'explosion'

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Unless you purchase it (the semi-automatic version) from a gun show or your neighbor.

No background check, no papers to fill out. In Arizona, one is required to sign a form that any guns purchased at a licensed dealer be for the buyer's use only. Except, of course, the law allows the buyer to change their mind with no consequences as soon as they leave the shop.

91% of Americans agree that universal background checks for those buying any guns should be mandatory. However, the NRA and arms manufacturers instructed their minions in the US congress to filibuster even a watered down bill.

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Of course in Florida, should an armed bystander have felt threatened by the device, he/she could "stand their ground" and shoot and kill Ms. Wilmot.

This is total insanity and actionable lack of common sense. The school authorities and state official that authorized the charges are the ones to be scrutinized IMO.

Fraudster gets ten years after selling fake 'ionic charge' bomb detectors

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The scam and stupidity are not the worst part

I agree that the seller of these bogus devices should get at least 10 years. More importantly, his assets from the fraud should be seized. In addition whoever approved the purchase should be investigated and disciplined or in some case dismissed for wasting government funds.

IMHO, the worst part in this case is not their lack of effectiveness but their fraudulent perceived effectiveness.

Think about it, if one has half a brain cell firing, one can easily determine the the major "ionic force" affecting this device is gravity. Depending upon the direction of the tilt of the handle, the wire will point in any direction an unscrupulous operator wishes -- duh.

Do I want probable cause to search a locker or a vehicle or any other place? Pull out the magic wand and whether there's the sought after article or not there, any proper procedure requiring evidence is bypassed. The fraudulent magic device provides instant probable cause.

I think there was more than just routine bribery at work here. Every purchaser should be investigated and each instance of its use scrutinized.

US deploys robot submarine armada against Iranian mines

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Re: Why not just eliminate the problem?

Why not just honor the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and just allow Iran to generate nuclear power? They are signatories -- unlike Israel to whose nuclear weapons we purposely ignore and India to whom the US sells nuclear fuel. According to the language of the treaty, members are obliged to encourage the peaceful use of nuclear power... along with encouraging nuclear disarmament which seems to have been forgotten.

Funny, when you treat other peoples (and your own citizens) with respect suddenly they have less of a reason to cause you harm.

Earth Resident

I have to say from the outset that anything that encourages or makes an attack on Iran anything but a disaster for the US and/or UK is insane. Look at what happened in 1941 when the US backed the Japanese Empire into a corner by cutting off their oil supply among other sanctions -- the attack on Pearl Harbor.

That is what I believe the Obama administration and the congress (and the EU sadly enough) are trying to do... corner the Iranian government to the point where they do something rash or stupid.

That having been said, here is another example of the incredible inanity of the war budget. They can spend $100,000 to take out a $2,000 (who knows) mine because money is no object. What a bargain, same price as murdering an innocent American teenager in Yemen with a drone strike.

What would make more sense is autonomous surveillance and active counter-mining drones that would map the mines' positions and set charges where possible. Then, if needed, the charges could be exploded all at once to create pathways that allied ships could use strategically.

Blowing up Iran's defenses willy-nilly beforehand will just increase the pressure and the volatility in an already tense situation.

Which, coincidentally, is the entire purpose for this weapon.


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