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Microsoft, Adobe throw fire blanket over blaze of security flaws

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"Common as Muck"

Microsoft and Abobe have known about it all along. I've known about this for 10 years. It's been a very common way to watch your work being siphoned off as someone else observed then got paid for it.

Sorry Microsoft and Abobe - you would treat OWN FAMILIES in your own house like this ?

Never mind. We'll see what else hovers in the next ten...

Microsoft unleashes Windows attack tool

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Home Secretary to decide on McKinnon extradition by October

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Gary McKinnon and The Protection From Global Interests

Well "here's the deal"....I've had my computer hacked on loads of occasions...this year alone from 10 April 24 rebuilds/reinstallations. I don't know "what goes on in the minds of people's lives" who think they can "do what they like" with anyone or their equipment or who thinks they "can do what they like anywhere" -

Put it this way : [not theoretically] - a man comes up to you and says "I'd like - to burgle your house" then you'd say "Hang on - you'll have to make an appointement. What time would suit you best" ?

Not likely.

The amount of inconvenience I've had through these intrusions have been phenomenal. Massive inconvenience.

Don't do as you wouldn't want done. Any individual persons or any government organisations anywhere in the world thinking to carry out cyber attacks - against another individual or country just as Gary McKinnon "is said to have caused extensive damage to NASA computers" would be and should be "just as culpable".

I can't walk into 10 Downing Street, The White House "or your house" and "do as I like". It's about respecting the space of another even if you beg to differ. Treat as you wish to be treated.

borrel boy

Gary McKinnon and The Protection From Global Interests

I hope you rethink the case over Gary McKinnon.

I hope in light of the fact the the UK [not specifically] but other countries around the world would launch cyber attacks "against each other to protect their interests" ? - without ANY inference to anyone - think about "the ones who would do" such things and "think about" [ in the light of Gary McKinnon] "what would be" the outcome -

The motto ? seems to be - Unless you've "express authorisation" to hack [and "you know what you're doing]" - DON'T DO IT !

RIM: What's all the 'bleeding' fuss about BlackBerry developers?

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Look Alex -

Doesn't matter who you are whether you're VP or otherwise - you've a big problem in RIM because you've FORGOTTEN how to listen. Nobody can get in touch with any persons from Development when there's a problem because "you're all either out at lunch" discussing fixes or discussing fixes you've a challenge fixing "behind closed doors" ! I know of MAJOR SECURITY FLAWS THAT EXIST WITHIN THE BLACKBERRY PLATFORM but DO YOU THINK I COULD GET TO COMMUNICATE [unlike HOW YOU DO] with ANY PERSONS IN RIM to discuss the vulnerabilites ?

NOW you've made yourself vulnerable by way of your years of inaction as EVERYBODY"S watching YOU.

I've had my phone changed AT LEAST 8 TIMES or a period from a contract from 24 months.

You don't listen - until you're on the floor like most of use who have Blackberries you'll REMAIN "perplexed" until you in RIM LEARN to understand there are persons like me out there that need to be listened to.

You breathe the same air, you eat the same food, "you dream the same dream" - just like everybody else !

Learn to LISTEN !


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