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NASA trusted 'traditional' Boeing to program its Starliner without close supervision... It failed to dock due to bugs


The article states: "At a press conference on Tuesday, NASA confirmed why Boeing's CST-100 Starliner spaceship failed to hook up with the International Space Station last year. The answer: as expected, buggy code."

Can anybody confirm that the same people who did the code for the 767MAX are NOT working on the Starliner?

Astroboffins baffled as black hole at center of Milky Way suddenly a lot hungrier than before


narrow-minded, single-topic idiots.

1. The entire galaxy does not revolve around trump. GET OVER IT.

2. When reading how hungry this hole is also please consider the distance, and the TIME. Now calculate in your tiny trumpian minds how long it took the light that we see to get from there to here. If there is a problem then we are dead already.

3. And that giant sucking sound you may hear is not Trump, not even Melania(correct sp?). It is Ivanka, entertaining(last word: noun or verb?)

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

Thumb Down

Smell that? It is not burning jet fuel it is pure GREED (optional, of course) but the GREED is pure.

Based on reports about the MAX airliners that if Boeing made automobiles they would make brakes optional, at a 'small' extra cost, however. You can always just drag your feet to stop the car.

Profit was placed above safety and concern. I'll almost bet Boeing exec's travel on Airbus.

Trump’s new ZTE tweet trumps old ZTE tweets that trumped his first ZTE tweet


OK, ZTE....

Now blow up those empty holes in the mountain to prove you have realllly replaced your managers

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed


you got it wrong!

The Texas Twit who was crying about video games being the cause of the recent school shooting was a little outdated. His aides clarified his comments with corrections.

Recently, the Pope told a gay man "God made you like this... God loves you like this." and the loosey-leu governor meant that the pope was to blame for the Texas massacre.

Hey just ask all the other gun nutz!

Modern life is rubbish – so why not take a trip down memory lane with Windows File Manager?


I Remember ...

I remember a DOS application that could be used in windows caller "Ifiler" or maybe 'Winfile" that showed sourc and destination on the same screen. Windows sucked compared to that one. Wish I could find a copy ...

As Zuck apologizes again... Facebook admits 'most' of its 2bn+ users may have had public profiles slurped by bots


The head buthole of facebook makes excuses to us while making boo-coo for himself

he has no shame, but lots of money from our information

So give each of us a cut, buthole

RIP Ursula K Le Guin: The wizard of Earthsea


still hope

georg-or will find her and restore...

Murdoch's Fox empire is set to become a literal Mickey Mouse outfit


Re: FOX News not included in the deal

NAH-NAH... You must be too young and still have your nappies too tight. No body remember the McCarthy era and the black lists, feed bu none other than uncle Walty, the snitch and turncoat.


M I C... K E Y... MOUSE !


Does that mean that Hannity & (F)riends will wear mouse hats to go with their little minds??

Eggheads identify the last animal that will survive on Earth until the Sun dies


Tuff Guys, Huh?

So, OK. They are tough little buggers.

But the one in the illus. seems to have lost two of her eight legs.

It's Patch Blues-day: Bad October Windows updates trigger BSODs


no problems for home users? HOHOHO!

Regarding your comment in the article about "KB 4041676" not causing glitches for home users:

my HP Pro book installed the update 8 or 9 times (By now I have lost count) only to immediately reboot again and uninstall it.

No BSOD but all the pc does is install-reboot-uninstall-reboot and send me to a web page that says "Tell us how good we are(n't)"


I keep telling myself to stick with Linux or just go back to DOS. I STILL HAVE ALL MY NEEDED SOFTWARE FROM MY 8088.

May the excessive force be with you: Chap cuffed after Star Trek v Star Wars row turns bloody


soapy, soapy, soapy ...

They were both detestable in melodrama and impractical in any application of the so-called sciences they tried to apply to their themes.

Mankind goes forth for money, plain and simple. Ask the American Indians, the Aztecs, the peoples of the South Seas, the "Abo's" of Australia.

Get the theme right and the sciences applied right and then ask me again which 'show' was better. I've watched many and most, Firefly comes closest to true theme based on true life, although the science was questionable. The movie Serenity, based on Firefly was bad science as well but closer than almost every other show on motive.

Re-ask the question as: Which is closer to reality? Dystopia or Utopia ...

CCleaner targeted top tech companies in attempt to lift IP


causes & faults

two edged sword...

may says brexit is the cause

trump says it must be fake kaspersky

will the real kas please stand up?

Python explosion blamed on pandas

Thumb Up


Off by one.... in a binary system... Oh, well.

SpaceX releases Pythonesque video of rocket failures


SpaceX & The Pythonesque

wink, wink ... nudge, nudge

McAfee online scan used plain old HTTP to fetch screen elements


now i know.... why ATT, my current ISP gave this suite away to all its users

Who owns space? Looking at the US asteroid-mining act


Hubris and pomposity

This @#$% is reminiscent of the actions when, on May 4, 1493, the Spanish-born Pope Alexander VI, generously divided the entire world between the Spanish and the Portuguese.

For those who slept through world history in the fourth-grade primary schools, please use the following shortcut:


Lets just wait and see what The Flying Spaghetti Monster has to say about this.

Boffin: Will I soon be able to CLONE a WOOLLY MAMMOTH? YES. Should I? Hell NO


Been there, done that ...

Author: Cordwainer Smith

Subject: The Instrumentality of Mankind

Only one (1) of the titles: The Ballad of Lost C'Mell

A must read, all of his stories and books.

Then go see this movie.

The Martian: Matt Damon sciences the sh*t out of the red planet


Remember this? No? Look it up!

Earlier titles treated the subject as "Robinson Crusoe on Mars", different and highly illogical based on what we know today but believable when the book was written (early 50's [?])

Spaniards deploy self-propelled ROBOT BALLS


Snow(den) Balls

Drop a few in Ecuador, see if they can tag Snowden...

Japan's naughty nurses scam free meals with mobile games


Sucker for a pretty face/voice/tweet

You go Girls!

Era of the Pharaohs: Climate was hotter than now, without CO2


Alexandria Not under water?

Seems I remember NatGEO vids of underwater exploration of the "Old Alexandria"

Also seems I remember Africa is moving northward into Europe, pushing the land Upward.

Anybody confirm this?

Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan


Missed an OLD classic

Conquest of Space

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047947/?ref_=sr_4

Christians get God-optimized 'Edifi' Android fondleslab


The Christian Tablet

I have to ask, if it is intended for Christians WHY doe it need site blocking for inappropriate materials or content?

Were there really 15 commandments give to Moses but God had to block five of them?

I am so gonna go-to-Hell.........................


Re: Religion is designed to...

All of the above


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