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Robot mistakes man for box of peppers, kills him


Re: BloodBeastTerror

.. Hence you chose a friendly & welcoming nick ...

Go ahead, let the unknowable security risks of Windows Copilot onto your PC fleet


A new art of "steganography"

Inserting a hostile query inside an innocous "garbage e-mail"


Re: how long until assistants are weaponised trojans?

- Janus takes your wife on a cruise, she files for divorce b/c Janus is a much more attentive listener ...

Human knocks down woman in hit-and-run. Then driverless Cruise car parks on top of her


Re: "Should the Cruise car have not started moving if there was a person still on the crosswalk?"

It can be a leprechaun astride a unicorn chasing Santa Claus for all I care - if it's in the crosswalk I'll be stationary!

Bermuda, your data, Google's gonna take your US data


Re: Convenient Interception Point

IEEE - Insidious Evil Entities Extractors >;D

Why can't datacenter operators stop thinking about atomic power?


Re: "Three words: Cheap, reliable, power"

Well it'll hardly be anonymous what with the b** f** cables coming out of it ??

So what if China has 7nm chips now, there's no Huawei it can make them 'at scale'


Re: Ah, I see

... The P-space associated with my (rental) flat has 4 charging stations / 30 "normal" spaces - is this a novelty?

Man who nearly killed physical media returns with $60,000 vinyl turntable


Re: Maybe not.

I'd look at the Technics SL-BD2X(X) series or there abouts (USED) - plentiful & "young" enough that it should be possible to find one that hasn't been worn to bits


Re: Poor design in my opinion

Ummh - that's from the previous design - he changed the button from square to round, is all!

IMHO he nicked a few clues from Jacob Jensen, look here: https://www.beoworld.org/prod_details.asp?pid=269

The number’s up for 999. And 911. And 000. And 111


Re: Multiple redundancy

Technically it's "Dial Dial Dial" - will get you emergency services by any phone w/power, on any available network.

Germans beat Tesla to autonomous L3 driving in the Golden State


Re: Benz schmenz

JAaaAAaaG, surely ;>

Techie wasn't being paid, until he taught HR a lesson


Re: Unique keys

I've seen "Junior" as well as "Jayarr" ...

Florida man insists he didn't violate the law by keeping Top Secret docs


Re: What About The Current Resident?

- IF SO - why didn't he declassify AND PUBLISH them while he was still in office??


Re: as did his aide Walt Nauta

Several of the his mangonificence lawyer team (Trusty, Rowley) quit a few days ago - maybe this is related?

Microsoft puts the freeze on employee salaries, CEO pay still as hot as ever


Re: I wonder…

Mr. Nadella has increased shareholder confidende by demonstrating core business leadership skills - sh*fting everybody else while maximising personal gains :>

Of course Russia's ex-space boss doubts US set foot on the Moon


Re: about 4 years ago...

..Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia!

Are you ready to go all-in, head-first, on a laptop? ASUS's Zenbook Pro 16X asks for that commitment


Re: IEC lead

.. New-ish chargers are like oversized phone chargers - with the plug cast with the body

Chinese defence boffins ponder microwaving Starlink satellites to stop surveillance


Re: actually....

Well _ I suppose the PLA is simply (by way of projection) are thinking that the PUBLICLY available information can't be the ACTUAL information ...

UK tax authority nudges net 'influencers': You may owe us for those OnlyFans feet pics


"What have the Romans ever done for us...?"


- You are free to "refuse to deal with HMRC" - you can remove yourself from their jurisdiction!

Of course, this means that you're no longer elegible for services & protections afforded the tax payers - like courts, the NHS, schooling for the kids etc.

Best of luck with that ...

US schools sue Meta, Google and friends over 'youth mental health crisis'


Re: Saint Greta ...

I just can't help but wonder how you feel about immigration ... ?

OneDrive back on its feet, but ongoing Skype credit problem hasn't gone away


Re: Repeat after me:

For me *Cloud*==VapourWare ...

'Multiple security breaches' shut down trucker protest


Re: Superspreader? Give me a break.

The "so-called" vaccines seems to somehow have brought down hospitalisations and ICU cases ...

Crypto craziness craps out – and about time too


Re: False arguments

*Crypto* is a surprisingly good analogy for *Splinters of the One True Cross*


Re: Invalid comparison

PapierMark?? Wanna trade for some ZimDollars??

Elon Musk to step down as Twitter CEO: Help us pick his replacement


Rudy Giuliano

I hear he's open to career suggestions at this time

P.S. he's Paler, Maler & Staler <gg>

Guess the most common password. Hint: We just told you


Re: oh yeah, that'll work....

*shrugs* ... seems to me to be a self-correcting problem ... >;>

Worried about your datacenter carbon footprint? Why not put it in orbit?


Re: "reliable and low-cost hydrocarbons"

Oh yeah, comes in a pipeline from Russia, will be even more affordable when NordStream 2 opens ... !

UK facing electricity supply woes after nuclear power stations shut, MPs told


Re: Funny

Ummmhh it's EITHER "high-level radioactive" OR "half-life measured in millennia" - a long half-life means 1-2 particles escape per month ...

NASA OKs spacewalks, upgrades helmets after fishbowl mishap


In space no-one can hear you ... ?

Stop making rocket noises with your mouth!

Linus Torvalds suggests the 80486 architecture belongs in a museum, not the Linux kernel


Re: <raised eyebrow>

I don't think our DNA really compiles with support for H. Erectus or Neanderthalis either


Re: <raised eyebrow>

a "Gig of HDD" was generous back in the day!

New measurement alert: Liz Truss inspires new Register standard


Re: Prime Minister

Dutch, surely, since 1689!!

To make this computer work, users had to press a button. Why didn't it work? Guess


Re: The human race could be safe after all

B-But label clearly says to (mumble ... mumble) PRESS THIS BUTTON"!

Public cloud prices to surge in US and Europe next year


Re: variable site pricing?

Lokks like a "gougeability" index - try setting your location to Western Europe!


Re: "it's not software-as-a-service, it's software as a hostage"

[ WHY would they hesitate to "keep their pricing in step with their competitors"] ... That would men deprecating shareholder value, you know!

Cops swoop after crooks use wireless keyfob hack to steal cars


Re: An alternative

80es Fords -Fiesta, Escort & Sierra - only used the tip of the key for the doors. This meant every Ford key would open the doors of 1 in every 3 cars. A magazine gave away a "dummy" Ford key with every copy one month ...!

Loathsome eighties ladder-climber levelled by a custom DOS prompt



.. "Pedantry fur Plebeians", if you please...!

It's official: UK telcos legally obligated to remove Huawei kit

Black Helicopters

your *Honor*

The Honor sub-brand was officially sold off from Huawei to state enterprise Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology in the 2020 ;)

The new GPU world order is beginning to take shape



.. Some of us olde geezers have not forgotten ...

People are coming out of retirement due to cost-of-living crisis



.. a mis-managed epidemic and 4 years of ... mis-management and coddling the elites*

have nothing to do with it??

*electing a billionaire from New York to exact venegeance on the "coastal elite" ...!

UK politico proposes site for prototype nuclear fusion plant


Re: Teeny weeny horses

Apple* is British now??

*not the music publisher


Re: Teeny weeny horses

foot-pounds* - because James Watt is not British enough for you?

*for the Left-Pondians: When you insist on "Imperial Units" - which Empire exactly?

The open internet repels its most insidious attackers. They’ll return


Re: free as in freedom

The "Wild West" of J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller?? Lack of regulation leads to monopolies like FB, Ama***, and the beasts of Redmond and San Jose!

China's single aisle passenger jet – the C919 – likely to be certified next week


Russian market?

There's a nice market open in sanctioned Russia - if China has risk-ready capital!

Chemical plant taken offline by the best one of all: C8H10N4O2


Sugary soft drinks ...

Asides from the sugar making the fluid sticky, tends to contain liberal amounts of citric acid, to make the sugars bearable to the human palate ... sticky+acidic=nasties

Cyberattack brings down InterContinental Hotels' booking systems


Re: Can't be bothered to spend money on IT

They're looking for CC credentials - local councils not getting hit cuz' they got no money ...

Cloudflare stops services to 'revolting' hate site


Re: Proud Boys = Antifa

Harpers Ferry

"lily-white" movement


"great shift"

... I also blame the (US) education system

(Danish) librarian

NASA scrubs Artemis mission yet again because SLS just can't handle the pressure


oOo Rings

- the tale of the freezing O-rings continue??

Braking news: Cops slammed for spamming Waze to slow drivers down


Re: There is a fable about a boy crying wolf

*This* fable is about a wolf in wolves' clothing - crying wolf!

Software developer cracks Hyundai car security with Google search


Re: *Ford Escort Mexico*

- it's not about the electronics - although "european muscle car" is an oxymoron!