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Oh what a cute little animation... OH MY GOD. (Not acceptable, even in the '80s)


Re: Fail

.. Or at least do the honourable thing (involving white van, quicklime, shovels if need be!)

Don't leave a bloody mess for the cleaning lady!

Rip and replace is such a long Huawei to go, UK telcos plead, citing 'blackouts' and 'billion pound' costs: Are Vodafone and BT playing 'Project Fear'?


boom... ??

Now, can you make it fit in a shoebox - and I'd like it to run off solar or PoE.

Y'know, like the Huawei gear that I already have!!

One year ago, Apple promised breakthrough features to help iPhone, iPad, Mac owners with disabilities. It failed them




Here's a headline we never thought we'd write 20 years ago: Microsoft readies antivirus for Linux, Android


... The $$ compiler does all that dreary work for you.

Buahhahahhahahaah .. hahaha ... hahhaha!!1!! *heave* *heave* Bwahahahahah...

If I had a $$ [currency unit] for every time...

Maybe there is hope for 2020: AI that 'predicts criminality' from faces with '80% accuracy, no bias' gets in the sea

IT Angle

Re: ... Copper still thinks ..

Ah - But now, *with a computer* it is new and exciting !!11!

'I wrote Task Manager': Ex-Microsoft programmer Dave Plummer spills the beans


Re: It hasn't been able to kill lots of stuff

... needed exactly 9 upvotes ;)

AT&T slapped down for its '5GE' ads: You don’t have a proper 5G network, so stop saying so, says watchdog


5G - Eventually


Huawei to sling Google-free mid-range P40 Lite 5G at British shores this summer



Support might be hampered by Huawei preference for "native" silicon

Nine million logs of Brits' road journeys spill onto the internet from password-less number-plate camera dashboard


Re: Massive invasion of privacy

NAZIonal (Socialistisches Deutsches Arbeiter Partei)

For your argument to work, use the NSDAP monicker

BTW, their opposition at the time were known as the SOZIs

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party


Re: Heres a novel idea ...

Also, submarines are expensive

The Reg produces exhibit A1: A UK court IT system running Windows XP


Re: in fairness

Bu - Buh Buh - BUT WON'T Somebody Think of the Kids!

*coat is a nylon anorak.

How many times do we have to tell you? A Tesla isn't a self-driving car, say investigators after Apple man's fatal crash


"driverless car"

Well this particular Tesla seemed to be working towards that end!

RIP Katherine Johnson: The extraordinary NASA mathematician astronauts trusted over computers


"Get the girl.."

- She was in her forties at the time! :/

Going Dutch: The Bakker Elkhuizen UltraBoard 950 Wireless... because looks aren't everything


Re: Not cheap

Pffftt ..!


Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X


Win RT/2

"for foldable and dual-screen mobile devices" - I've had the ability to use "multiple open windows for decades,

even though MS has been trying to deprecate its use lately. There may some reputable ideas in there, but this

is a dead end for users.

Jeff Bezos: I will depose King Trump


Re: To be honest ...

.. You need to read up on the details around Ukrainian prosecutor general Victor Shokin and his resignation.


Re: Who voted for Bezos as President?

... you DO realise that Hillary got more votes than mr. Trump, right??

An you're on pretty thin ice with the Corporatocracy as well, see "Citizens United v. FEC"

EU've been naughty: GDPR has netted bloc €114m in fines since 2018


Re: France, Germany and Austria house the most offenders

... They also house a lot of EU citizens/companies.


Re: Wouldn't it be nice if the UK had an effective regulator?

It's not to make a profit (?) - it's about better business practices!

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is: Nobody can decrypt the Dharma ransomware


Re: Risky

Hmmm .. I guess there's an unhealthy symbiosis. The scammers get a half-legit (and steady-ish) revenue stream, the companies get their cut. And the customers get to deal with a more reliable partner...

Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?


Re: Re: priorities

A number to me suggests a certain level of order; something that can be counted ...

In this case I'd argue that it _is_ an amount, a riot, a horde, a flood; to be likened to the biblical plagues ;)

Hell hath GNOME fury: Linux desktop org swings ax at patent troll's infringement claim


Ten Beeellion Dollars

They got off easy - should there be a law against running a business based ENTIRELY on running (baseless) lawsuits ??

Android dev complains of 'Orwellian' treatment as account banned after 6 years on Play store


Re: Wind 'em up

I *do* know that a friend of mine who'd worked as a temp at largish IT company in my country

was owed about 100 quid in holiday comp. and they told him to "stuff it" - so he talked to his union

who drew up a fine letter - "pay up or we start proceedings" :D

BOFH: What's the Gnasher? Why, it's our heavy-duty macerator sewage pump


The Arch-BOFH?

.. Selling archaic hardware at inflated prices .. Would this be the BOFH from when the present BOFH was a mere PFY?

Thought Macbooks were expensive? Dell UK unveils the 7 meeeellion pound laptop


Crikey! I _knew_ the GBP was in some trouble, but ...

Will the post-Brexit £ go the way of the Zimbabwe dollar?

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, where to go? Navigation satellite signals flip from degraded to full TITSUP* over span of four days


Re: Where is the yard arm (sic) on an aircraft carrier?

You'll find the yardarm at the outer end of the yard ;) .. Jutting off the main mast in a horizontal fashion (AAarrrh ye landlubber!) P)

That's a hell of Huawei to run a business, Chinese giant scolds FedEx after internal files routed via America


Incompetence =|= Malice

That would be because it is NO LONGER the "Royal Mail equivalent" - It has been privatized & is now cheaper & more efficient!

It's alive! Hands on with Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser


RE: Really, why are they bothering?

Embrace, Extend ...

Lenovo kicks down door of MWC, dumps a stack of sexy new ThinkPads


Re: 13.3" display in a 12" chassis

[Sensible size screen]

17" or above ... You're not actually planning on moving that, are you??

( prepare for sticker chok with the P72.. )

iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?


Re: Moto G first Gen

"Battery still lasts a couple of days with my usage..."

.. Now THAT would be a killer feature on a recent phone ;>

Trying to log into Office 365 right now? It's a coin flip, says Microsoft: Service goes TITSUP as Azure portal wobbles


Outlook for today

Outlook for today; Cloudy with DoS showers

Holy crappuccino. There's a latte trouble brewing... Bio-boffins reckon 60%+ of coffee species may be doomed


Re: Does not compute

Errrm, well - having tasted a "Robusta" variant..

- the cross-breeding will be needed for a tasty _and_ resilient variant!!

Huawei and Intel hype up AI hardware, TensorFlow tidbits, and more


Re: Seperated at Birth?

Pffft - MH has more natural hair + skintone ;)

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt


Re: Dot-EU domains cannot be bought or renewed outside the union?

"Same rights as Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein..."

Well, the EU has reciprocal agreements - or "deals", if you will - with these countries.

The UK government (and certain very vocal "Brexiteers) has (by negligence?) defaulted to

a "No-Deal" situation. These are the consequences, you cannot stop paying the club fees

and continue to use the club spa!

Azure, Office 365 go super-secure: Multi-factor auth borked in Europe, Asia, USA


..by their own petard??

AzureSupport not responding 'cause they can't access their accounts?

Should a robo-car run over a kid or a grandad? Healthy or ill person? Let's get millions of folks to decide for AI...

Black Helicopters

Important 'cause...

In the time a human driver goes OH F*** <bump>...

Your average self-driving car will have time to run face-recognition,

browse thru your credit record & rating on social networks??

Developer goes rogue, shoots four colleagues at ERP code maker


*Safely*?? putting holes into things...

There are devices for making holes that can be safely handled by your average two-year old ..

I have several in my desk drawer.

A cursory study of (Hollywood?) pop culture will tell you that guns are devices made to solve all your

problems, and make you look cool at the same time ...

It's happening! Official retro Thinkpad lappy spotted in the wild


Re: Screw 16:10

... because 25xx X 20xx pixels .. not whatever the definition of "FullHD" is this week!

US Navy suffers third ship collision this year


Re: Low tech method of attacking the US Navy

Ahh, tankers and container carriers. The most nimble, agile nymphs of the seaways.

EPYC leak! No, it's better than celeb noodz: AMD's forthcoming server CPU


Deep pockets? "Intel not Intel"?

I'd imagine Intel would like to keep AMD alive - to avoid any monopoly issues.

Didn't Microsoft invest in Apple back in the day, for similar reasons?

Take a sneak peek at Google's Android replacement, Fuchsia


Re: Oh dear commentards ...

I'm part of the non-english speaking world, where we enjoy a full set of vowels*, and do not

pronounce "U" like what the french drink for water :P

*and "Fuchs" rhymes with "looks"

Annoyingly precocious teen who ruined Trek is now an asteroid


Re: Blame the EU?

Blame the Universal Translator for making *proper diction and enunciation* sound like a british accent (*_~)

Stallman's Free Software Foundation says we need a free phone OS


Re: srsly?

You and I may differ in what makes an OS ...

But I like to be able to keep a "contacts" list, to be able to answer a (missed) call with a TXT (or email, even!)

- mine's the one with the ham radio in the pocket(s)

£1m military drone crashed in Wales after crew disabled anti-crash systems – report


"£1mio military drone crashed..."

Has *anyone* considered that crashing this drone *on the runway* may have been the preferred option

- as opposed to having it crash *elsewhere*, e.g. into considerably more expensive military hardware

- or, perish the thought, civilian wetware. As duly noted, the runway was quickly back in operation after the application of a broom & shovel...

NASA 'naut to boldly enter pump-up space podule


Re: Has he got a 27B/6

Well - there's a few problems filling a 27B/6 correctly ("name of street", "region code" etc)

- and lack of space for HUGE numbers in fields "value of item..." ;D :D


Re: Inflatable stations

- "multiple water tanks as part of outer skin" ... They pro'lly will, should they get a few tonnes

of water going spare... ;)

US nuke arsenal runs on 1970s IBM 'puter waving 8-inch floppies


Re: I'll bet those old systems

Yeah - What I worry about are the poor sods running their network on "old" MS code...

Chaps make working 6502 CPU by hand. Because why not?


Re: Michael Strorm & herman (thermionic valves)

"The Manchester Mk.1 ... contained 4,050 valves and had a power consumption of 25 kilowatts." (!!11!)

If this is not troubling enough, ask nearest greybeard about MTBF for valves.

'Apple ate my music!' Streaming jukebox wipes 122GB – including muso's original tracks


Re: CDs, how modern.

quote//..Crinkly crackley, bendy warpy scratchy junk, And dragging a small rock through a scratch in a slice of liquorice and fluff amalgam..//quote

But - still there! Still mine! With the album art (remember album art? double-gatefold?) that it came with when I bought it! - And still playing... And, should I not want it anymore, with some re-sale value.



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