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Evil CSS injection bug warning: Don't let hackers cross paths with your website

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Going to ignore this until it has a catchy name.

Seriously, until tech blogs can make some hilarious puns and pop-culture references on the name, what's the point?

Tea, Earl Grey, hot! NASA blows $125k on Star Trek 3D FOOD PRINTER

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that is all.

Readers, we need you... for LOHAN ignition failsafe brainwaves

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Accidental firing in turbulence

To prevent acidental firing with a switch-under-tension design you just need to include a loop of elastic material like bungee cord in the balloon tether. This will keep constant force on the switch and filter out "noise" on the line.

James Rouse

Don't over think it

How effective is a parachute at that altitude? The air resistance is minimal so will it even fill up?

You can make it launch on balloon-pop with nothing more than a U shaped piece of plastic and a microswitch:


Excuse the poor drawing, I'm trying to get my fat hands to work with my new Galaxy Note.

TRULY sinister blond madman signed for Bond 24, whisper insiders

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"who'll make Javier Bardem look like [...] Mother Teresa"

He'll make Javier Bardem seem even *more* evil? not possible.

Brit boffins print blinking booze bottle labels

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"The BOPP film, manufactured by Innovia (which owns the UK trademark on cellophane), can then be wrapped around any product but it looks best on a bottle."

...and the Kinect can do all sorts of stuff, but it's really best as a game accessory. Adafruit needs to put up a bounty for reverse engineering this with home 3d printers.

Nintendo Wii

James Rouse

Specs aren't so important to some of us

I see a lot of people moaning about the lack of HD and comparitively low specs. Not all of us have the money to spend on a PS3 not to mention the additional hardware required to really appreciate it. A 720 HD LCD and a 5.1 surround sound setup arent exactly cheap, and neither is the PS3 itself.

The Wii is an attractive choice for anyone looking for a console for casual use. It's relatively inexpensive, with innovative (and not to mention fun) controls. The PS3's HD graphics and 5.1 surround sound might be really awesome for so-called hardcore gamers. Many of us are buying a Wii simply because its good clean fun. An absolutely perfect excuse to get the mates round with a few beers and some pizza.

Mario Kart is still a firm favourite with my friends after a night out. The Xbox usually sitting forlornly powered down on the next shelf.


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