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Online tracking is alive and well in link decoration

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PURL taken down on Github

Followed the link and was presented with a notice that PURL was taken down for violation of TOS.

WTF is solid state active cooling? We’ve just seen it working on a mini PC

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Re: "Frore is confident it can defeat dust": More details please.

Yes, dust in a dry atmosphere, what can go wrong? Where I live, I used to fix items that engineers stated didn't have to worry about dust. Even shocked one of these smart guys when I pulled about 200ml of dust out of his "don't worry" pieces of equipment in his presence. The fans were supposed to just blow the dust through the system. We even sealed equipment that were never designed to be sealed since dust was getting into them. It was a local mod that saved many man hours of work.

Any moving air with the fine dust just causes static and then the dust becomes like glue and forced air won't remove it. I will pass.

Average Adobe staffer makes $170k a year, and 185 of them = 1 CEO

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Re: Title says Average of 170K, but....

I was going to ask the same question. Is it median or average that this article is referring to?

The "average" could lead to the ratio of 185 to 1 while the median may be much lower, less than 6 figures.

Microsoft feels the need, the need for speed in Teams

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Re: Travails through telemetry

Pushed to Teams during COVID-19 remote work. It is useful for our work and allowed for decent meetings between team members. Strictly Linux user and never would download the app. Always via the browser.

A few weeks ago, Teams refused to send me bast the redirect page to the home screen after logging in using any browser. Just a blank screen after the very nice splash screen saying that I am logged in. After an hour with IT, just moved up the chain and it may be looked at, according to their schedule, Nov. 8.

The nice thing is I have only a few weeks and I am retired so I don't care if they don't get it fixed.

MIT's thin plastic speakers fall flat. And that's by design

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Reminds me of the old electrostatic speakers that were out decades ago and were supposed to be the future. We have been using piezo speakers for electronics and MIT just came up with a better way to make them. Without bass response, I won't be looking at these anytime soon.

Vivaldi update unleashes the 'Cookie Crumbler' to simply block any services asking for consent (sites may break)

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Re: What was once old is new.

I agree.

When I first started to do this, it was a pain but over time I had enough sites blocked in the cookie manager that it became easier. As many sites are now using advertising cookies from using their own domain, this is even more useful. Even years ago, you could see this as sites would throw cookies for trackers from their own domain.

In my blocked list, I still have many sites that start with ads.{first party domain} from the early days. Yes, it was a pain but it was worth it.

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What was once old is new.

Once upon a time, in what seems like the dark ages, Firefox had "Ask me everytime" to accept cookies function, which I loved. It would allow me to select which cookies I would accept and which to block. They removed it, now it looks like the once old feature is something that people are looking for as a new feature. The "feature" was removed about 2016 of 2017.

I work therefore I ache: Logitech aims to ease WFH pains with Ergo M575 trackball mouse

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I have seen something similar in the 90's but not sure what brand it was. I have used these for over a decade and my kids are also using them. My one child loves it for computer gaming. I use mine for CAD and other drawings on Linux.


There is a wireless and wired version. Available on Amazon.

The switches do wear out in years of use but are easy to replace if you can solder. The only issue I have had in all the years with all of them other than switches is I lost a sapphire ball which is used to support the big ball. These are not supplied by Kensington but I found a place that sells them and fixed two broken ones. The wrist pads wear out but you can order replacements.

I have used this with carpal tunnel and other issues with no strain.

I tried the thumb track ball and found that the strain on my thumb was just to much.

Double KO! Capcom's Street Fighter V installs hidden rootkit on PCs

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Not just Capcom that requires high level access

I just setup up a gaming machine to run Windows for one of my children. During the install, the ESEA (esea.net) client required Administrator access. I thought that was okay but it turned out, to play the game, they needed to run as Administrator to run the game.

As the Windows partition is only for this game, I am not super concerned. Of course ESEA was caught running a bitcoin miner with their anti-cheat client where details are on the net.

They know that they may lose the Windows if there are any major issues due to this issue. Even the EULA agreement is very broad.

AMD sued: Number of Bulldozer cores in its chips is a lie, allegedly

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FX-8320 user and happy.

This case should be thrown out.

Writing this from a AMD FX-8320. CPU load monitor is showing 8 cores working at various loads. Balanced across the processors. Before purchasing this processor this summer, I did some research. I knew that there was only one FPU per two cores, so the issue is published so there is no surprise about it. I quit worrying about FPU's because much of what I want to do can be off loaded to the GPU's which are much faster.

Looking at a different machine for gaming and debating between a i7 and an AMD. I am leaning towards AMD for cost purposes.

All I know is I am going with and EVGA Nvidia Titan X Hybrid graphics card due to Linux support and got a fantastic buy direct from EVGA.

Wileyfox Swift: Brit startup budget 'droid is the mutt's nuts

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Nice phone, now I want one in Canada.

I have a Symbian phone that is on it's last days. Been waiting for a decent, unlocked phone with a SD card slot. Seeing the specs for the Storm, I want one as my next phone here in Canada. I doubt it will be available before my Nokia dies.

My daughter would get one as well.

I wonder how hard it would be to replace the CyanongenOS after purchasing. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Photoshop for 40 quid: Affinity Photo pushes pixels further than most

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Re: Krita and Co

FreeCAD is a good indication of what is happening in the Linux domain. I have just learned how to use it but have used it for multiple 3D printing projects for work, including 3D printed ceramics. As FreeCAD works on Linux, Mac and Windows, it is a program that will be used by more at work due to cost cutting. Cannot justify AutoCAD prices for many of the sketches and small drawings we do.

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Re: £40 too expensive...

I am finding that the changes to GIMP are confusing me but are in the direction of what Photoshop users wanted but I have used GIMP for over a decade now. This just goes to show that the changes are user driven. Some of the plugins I used to use don't work in the latest version.

For what I do, it is a combination of ImageMagick and GIMP for 99% of what I need.

Some of the tools I see in Affinity would be nice in GIMP.

So, was it really the Commies that caused the early 20th Century inequality collapse?

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Re: Well, that's one man's opinion...

You put much of what I wanted to say to words better than I could.

I have been reading much on this and there are many comments on different forums that state what I am putting here.

The other thing that changed in the 70's was easy credit. Credit cards for the asking, banks bending over backwards to lend you money. Sub-prime loans.

Before the rise of easy credit, if you wanted that new car, you had to ensure you made enough money or saved enough money to get the vehicle. This forced individuals to demand wage increases to keep up with inflation and hopefully get ahead of inflation.

Dual income families made it easier to lower wage demands of workers for a period as the wife's income helped the family get ahead, at least for a few years.

You look at the recent crash, in the USA, to boost the economy, it has lowered interest rates and is pushing more debt onto already over indebted consumers. Every week you read more and more reports about consumers being so deep in debt and it is getting worse. A rise in the interest rates would kill the economy.

As executives didn't have to pay their employees more money, they kept it in their pockets. The Top Down approach doesn't work for the benefit of the country, only the top 1%.

All you have to do is look at the after inflation adjusted mean wages for the last 100 years and you will see what I am trying to say.

I was informed of a report about Wal-Mart and how they have used social assistance to keep their wages low, which is a form of corporate welfare.

If you want your government to be out of debt, then get your self out of debt first. It is funny how much extra money you have when you are not paying the credit companies interest charges.

A close shave: How to destroy your hard drives without burning down the data centre

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Two things I have read and seen work.

1. Coke (original?) is acidic and will eat the surface of the platters. Now the problem is getting it into your drive when needed.

2. Heat. Heat will remove all magnetism in the material. It randomizes the magnetic poles. All you need is 200 to 300 degrees for a few minutes and your drives are totally erased. The temperature required depends on various factors but with the new drives, it may be much lower. Some magnets can be demagnetized at less than 100 degrees.

Temperature and Neodymium Magnets


Put drives at risk into an insulated steel box with a blow torch that is designed to ignite when the "alarms" go off. By the time the three letter agency can cool it down, there is nothing left to work with. If the heat is high enough, the SSD's will also be destroyed.

It is reported that SSD's will also lose there data at elevate temps, though higher than 125 degrees.

As some data centres are using mineral oil baths for cooling, all you have to do is heat the mineral oil to it's boiling temp at about 300 degrees. Just need to do it quick.

SUPERVOLCANIC MAGMA reservoir BUBBLING under Yellowstone Park

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Not just Yellowstone.

Some history of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone history

The above is interesting because it shows that the lava cavern is moving in relation to the crust which is moving due to continental drift.

But if you don't live in the US, then there is always your that may be closer to you volcano.

Super Volcanoes around the world.

I remember Mount St. Helens. It was an interesting time. Having all this ash falling from the sky that you didn't brush off of your nice car because it would strip the paint. Yellowstone would be so much worse.

Of course there is a volcano in the Atlantic that may not be large but if it erupts, the amount of soil being shifted would cause massive tsunamis.

Canary Island Volcano

Have a good weekend.

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Re: Most disappointed

This is one of the best scenes in the movie and I love it. Of course, there are so many physical and technical errors but I watch movies for the laughs.

Playing by stealth: Twelve gaming headsets to plonk on your noggin

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Why not get a Cheapo USB mike?

Try having that cheap USB mike close to your mouth when you lean back in your chair zapping aliens. Cord to short or having to yell because you are far away from the mike. And then being told to quit yelling because of it.

I do agree with the poster about the cup size of the ear pieces. Big heads run in our family and many headsets hurt the ears or head after a short time.

Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism

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False positive and wrong direction.

To their surprise, detectives found no illegal images had been downloaded to individual computers. The IP addresses belonged not to the computers but to routers – the hub in your home that connects your device to the internet – which had been hacked using a botnet [sic]. So the suspected offenders whose computers had been seized were entirely innocent.

This is an example of False Positive's. You have evidence that points to a crime being committed but then there is no crime because the evidence doesn't point to the correct person.

As long as the government keeps gathering data, it will lead to many false positives. An interesting look at the issue.

False Positive Paradox

Another issue is the concept that these are extremists or radicals. If you look at the history of the religious background of these groups, they are just following their religious beliefs. It goes back hundreds of years. This is not a new issue with Islam.

Read up on Wahhabi and Salafi religious beliefs and history.

The way to fix the problem is education and stop the marginalization of individuals. Frustration with a persons place in society makes it easier to convert and the frustration makes it easier to want to fight back against the injustice they perceive.

My big reveal as macro-economics analyst: It's a load of COBBLERS

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Re: Complex adaptive systems

I wonder if computational fluid dynamics would be a better way of looking at economics?

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Re: Can you imagine the stimulus this would have given

Your not like everyone else that the banks have suckered in. You don't borrow until you are so deep in debt that you cannot ever see the top of the hill.

Good for you to try to live in your means. Now you need to go to your employer and get a pay raise.

I know, good luck in that happening. Ask and you might even get fired.

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It is the personal debt load.

This is an interesting view. I agree with most of it and the comments. One thing that I feel is overlooked so many times and that is the personal debt load. In the past 30-40 years, much of the growth has been through borrowed money at a personal level.

Easy credit became available in the 70's. I remember trying to get my first credit card that I needed for work, to rent vehicles and get plane tickets for travel. It took me a few tries to do it. Even required a letter from my employer. Then it got to the point of giving credit cards to whomever applied. Heck, in the US, at least, people where getting cards for their pets. Then add in the ever increasing limits. I must still get two or three credit card applications a month.

Mortgages have shot up in most countries. What once used to be an average 3 to 4 year gross family (single) income for a house is now up to 6 or 7 times but dual income. Much higher debt load.

"I want it now!" society where people use credit and delayed payments to dig a deeper debt hole. New toys, as in vehicles, TV's, computers, latest cell phone, and the list goes on. Someone making a 6 figure wage and they cannot get by one month of trouble without the banks calling them about missed or late payments.

University debt loads that are now getting to the same level as a mortgage. The need for a higher education was fed to the public and they took it hook line and sinker. Now that the economy demands university educated individuals for starting positions, the debt that these people start their lives with is massive.

Then to top it off, wages have not kept up with real inflation. The inflation that includes all the costs that we have to deal with on a daily basis. The ones that the banks and governments prefer to leave out as they push inflation higher than they are comfortable with. Of course this fits "Basic failure of macro economics is that they fail to model one basic component of human behavior: greed."

The greed of the executives in treating the workers as expenses instead of investments. I still remember the days when you worked for a business and they wanted to train you to improve the operation of the business. Now if you need training, you had better find the funds, time and do it on your own time.

A few weeks ago, I heard an interview with some executive about why they were not expanding their business. His comments where that people were not spending enough money. Yet, the employees were told to take a pay cut to keep their jobs. Nice circular reasoning.

As many of the commentators have said, people that have been given cash in the past to help stimulate the economy put it towards their priorities. One is paying down debt and the other is buying food which is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the family expenses.

Top ten car gadgets: Get your motor running with new shiny-shiny

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Re: TomTom vs. Garmin

As I cannot use Garmin's update service because of their Window or Mac policy, I have used Open Street Maps for a few years. Works like a dream and if you find an error, you can get if fixed for the price of free. :)

I feel that all non Mac or Windows users should contact Garmin and other companies to request support.

I won't purchase Garmin again, even at work due to this policy.

I received this from Garmin.

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

Unfortunately, none of our programs that will allow you to load LifeTime updates to a unit will work on any of the listed machines, it will require a Windows or a Mac computer. Same thing with all of our updates now, and probably going forward.

With Best Regards,

Nathan 5840

Customer Care - Outdoor Team

Garmin International



913-440-8280 (Fax) Att: Nathan 5840

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Re: TomTom vs. Garmin

I purchased a Garmin when I could download the updates to a SD card and install it into the GPS. Now I cannot get updates without Windows or Mac which I don't own or have access too. I now agree that Garmin are dicks as they refuse to support

I know many people that don't have Windows or Macs. They have Android and smart TV's. Maybe a Chrome book or two. I see Tom Tom is doing the same thing. I guess I will stick with my smart phone maps and get a decent mount to hold the phone.

Chip and SKIM: How dodgy crypto can leave shoppers open to fraud

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Forward to your bank and government officials.

As this is a major issue that many have said the banks love, it is time to forward this information to the banks and government to ensure that legislation and policies now reflect the fact that it is possible to clone chip and pin cards.

Wasn't the introduction to chip and pin debit cards first a great out for the banks to not investigate possible fraud and government pressure forced the banks to change their policy? It was reported on this site years ago.

Now that C&P is shown to be fully weakened, then the onus should be returned to the bank to investigate the claim.

Microsoft asks pals to help KILL UK gov's Open Document Format dream

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Tax Tax Tax - Save your tax dollars.

Okay, now that I have your interest.

This is a move to save pounds for the UK government. Like many governments, trying to deal with all those people wanting to get their taxes cut. Here is a way that the government can save millions if not billions of pounds by moving to Open Source software.

They could put MS on the spot by mandating that any software must save in the ISO standard and if MS wants to compete, they must be able to save DOCX as the standard mandates and MS has to prove it. What features will be lost?

As one poster stated, even DOCX has it's own issues between versions of Office. I have experienced.

Contact your MP and have them support this for tax savings. Point to the Munich success and how it can save the government millions. If one city can save 14 million dollars, then how much can a whole country save?

Snowden: Canadian spooks used free airport WiFi to track travellers

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1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a how-to manual.

Time to make sure my kids have read it.

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Re: Sir

The problem with BC's lower mainland is that it is expensive to live in and is ripe for a major tsunami in the next few decades.



It is also very wet. Have only seen one sunny day there in all the times I have been there.

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"If a murder has been committed and the detectives take casts of footprints in the area (yours happening to be amongst them), is your privacy being infringed?"

Also, if they are taking a cast at a crime scene, it isn't being taken every place you go and thus giving the investigators a map of your movement. One cast, one sample.

This is multiple samples and providing a map to those that have the data.

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time

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Not on my shopping list.

My PS3 was purchased to be a central part of my living room, not just a game console. Without support for flac, mkv's via DLNA, I won't be looking at upgrading until the PS4 can replace the PS3. I have more than enough games for my PS2, PS3 and Wii to keep me busy for years. New consoles mean there will be many games in the discount bins. :) I may look at the PS4 when they fix all the missing features of the PS3 that were once part of the reason I purchased the PS3, Linux.

Last time CO2 was this high, the world was underwater? No actually

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It is all in the tilt.

I would love some global warming. Had to run the heat many days last summer to keep warm. Hopefully better this year, at least we are closer to average so far.

This has been an interesting issue for me as well. Looking at how some areas are increasing in altitude and others are sinking into the sea due to continental tilt has intreaged me. Thank you GPS stations for more accurate rate measurements. Now the data is available on-line for all to see. Looking further, as people have said, continental tild due to glacier rebound is casusing many low lying areas to sink back into the sea. Soon to be under water like they were before.

Then I looked into Chesapeake Bay subsistence (I will let you google it) and found that some political minded people were blaming global warming when it was the land sinking due to removing ground water. Even the rates of sinking are different in different areas. Yet people are not in arms over this.

Of course the sinking of the coastal areas will be great for the GDP. It will cost so much money to move all those people. Just as a disaster is great for the GDP due to all the rebuilding. It should make the bankers happy.

Now to tilt a brew to my lips.

Ubuntu? Fedora? Mint? Debian? We'll find you the right Linux to swallow

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It is about the money and applications.

The reason Microsoft is still on the desktop is the money that Microsoft pushes onto the suppliers to get it out. Also, remember that FOSS isn't just for Linux but Windows as well. Point out sites like ninite.com to Windows users and they will learn.

As one person said, purchasing a computer with Linux on it is hard to impossible for most people. Yet they will purchase Android without thinking. Microsoft has made it hard by bundling their OS with the hardware. You pay the licence fee and then get counted as a user, even though you wipe it ASAP.

As for installs, this is my major headache. I would love incremental upgrades but that has not worked. Part of the reason is major code changes and library changes. This can be a real killer. I just installed Fedora 18 on two machines and found that this was a major headache. Someone tried and decided to install 17 instead of 18 due to the poor installer. In all cases it was due to custom disk partitioning and not wanting to use LVM. I have used the Fedora upgrade path with success on simple system in the past but it fails if you use encryption or more customized installation.

Of course, upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 and then Windows 8 won't be any easier. In most cases, it would be a purchase of a new computer. So the upgrad mess isn't that nice with Windows either. Of course with Windows in a location without an Internect connection, that can be a problem registering.

Get Windows off of new computers or out of the "Bundled price" and the move to Linux will grow. Once people see that they have to pay an extra $50-100 for their new machine and they will start looking around.

A move to standardized file systems is a good move to make it easier for deveolpers to package their software for multiple systems. The issue comes into the particular libraries being used. I have had issues with different versions of included libraries (dll's) on Windows computers that seem similar to Linux systems. Now there needs to be a simple packager that can create compatible packages and resolve dependencies across distros. A tool that can create RPM or DEB packates.

My father runs a Centos server, plays with different versions of Linux. He purchased an android phone to learn about it and now says he is going to get a new, more powerful one, just a few months after getting his new phone. He is in his 80's. My daughter installed Fedora 12 on her own laptop a few years ago. Using Yumex on Fedora gives me a nice package manager that allows me to search for applications that I may not know about.

I use Linux at work and home. Have not owned or operated a Windows computer (other than forced licenses.) since Windows 3.1. For work, I wish I could get Autocad Inventor but even thought their roots are in Unix, they don't support Linux.

Using LibreOffice I have saved files that were saved in MS Word but wouldn't open again.

Peoples complaints about Video drivers is also becoming mute. I have installed onto both nVidia and ATI cards using the default drivers in Fedora and ended up with 3D graphics. I don't think I have used the closed source drivers for over two years on any machine.

Feeling poor? WHO took all your money? NOT capitalist bastards?

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Look into the mirror before blaming anyone else.

Anything based on the GDP is problematic. The GDP will go up in a disaster. Why? Things need to be repaired and this helps the GDP. Do a search on problems with using the GDP. I have even seen a government website some time ago that had a full document on these problems.

I would prefer to see a chart showing the take home wages of the executives in comparison to the workers over the same time period. Remember that those multimillion dollar wages are also included in this data.

I do agree that inflation has stripped much of the spending power of individuals but most have this to blame on themselves. Don't spend beyond your means and the wages will either go up or prices will freeze. Don't use debt and you won't have the latest greatest things but you also won't be surviving from one pay cheque to the next. To put blame on anyone, look into the mirror.

If you don't like government debts, don't go into debt yourself. If you don't like struggling from pay cheque to pay cheque, get out of debt. Get rid of credit cards and only use them in an emergency. Keep zero balances. As I have once heard, don't give the rich bankers all your money in interest payments.

Once upon a time. A single income could easily afford to support a family of four or more and purchase a house. Try that today.

When I read headlines like " CEO Pay Grew 127 Times Faster Than Worker Pay Over Last 30 Years: Study" on the Huffington Post or "Firms Cringe" at revealing executive to employee wage ratios on the Wall Street Journal.

No, compare wage increases over the same time for those that work at or above minimum wage and then those that are allowed to vote themselves massive bonuses each year. In 2008, I remember reading an article about executives at a business getting massive bonuses for laying people off.

Also remember that governments will change the way statistics are calculated to make them look better. Unemployment in the USA is now counted differently than in the 1930's so this recessiion isn't as bad as it was back then. Compare apples to apples.

As I said before, look into the mirror to see how to fix the problem.

Robin 12
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Re: Howabout..

For most of what you wrote I agree with. The biggest problem is that the kids of the baby boomers have decided to borrow for everythings. Bigger and better every few years. Baby boomers and their parents would live in the same house for most of their lives. Moving up never gets you out of debt and thus doesn't leave anything for the kids. An investment in a house is useless until you sell it and you may not recover all the money in interest or inflation.

I am a baby boomer and a government worker. I have lived in the same house for over 30 years. I have tried to get myself 100% out of debt and will be before I retire. Run 20 year old vehicles which I do most of the work on myself. Still don't have a HDTV as my old CRT still works. 7 year old laptop which has had a new screen.

Sex offender wins case against Facebook vigilantism

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Re: From my own experience...

I have also experienced the same thing. It was very awkward to say the least, especially when I knew the mother and drank at a pub before I knew that the girl offering her body was her daughter. 12 at the time.

Another girls younger sister at a house party one night. I didn't even know her.

Outside a pub by Reading some years ago on Halloween.

It is very awkward and hard to say no when they are very direct and forward, even to the point of grabbing my crotch. I guess it was sexual assault looking back at it.

Anonymous vows to wipe web clean of child abuse scum

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Re: Good Luck

Good comments.

I think that you have hit a very sensitve note for many that will look at pedophilia and associate it with homosexuallity. If there was proper medical research into pedophilia there may be a biological link. In fact, I think it was the New York Times or CNN that just reported about a study that there may be a link. This is what happened to homosexuality over the decades and if there was medical evidence then there is nothing to use the same argument. If people start saying that pedophilia can be treated then the same reasoning can be used for homosexuality.

I really doubt that any researcher would go to their funding adviser and ask about doing research into either adults attraction to children or childrens sexuallity. Kinsey did research this and now there are many that are doing everything they can to get that research buried.

Once upon a time, child porn was a legal business in many countries. Walk down a street in Copenhagen in the late 70's and you could purchase it like any other porn. I think it was Switzerland that has a whole section of these published magazines from the time and these, until recently were available to the general public.

As my original comment stated, there are thousands of people trading childporn on P2P that the police can hunt down in minutes. It is a very large problem for law enforcement and governments to deal with.

Robin 12

Good Luck

Watching a news show from Canada a few years ago and it showed a police officer using some P2P monitoring program. In the interview, he clicked on a small rural town and showed the number of people trading files that (I believe by hashs) were child porn. Went to a major city and then showed hundreds if not thousands of people trading files.

His basic comments were that there are way too many people and not enough resources. Now this is was normal, non-secretive trading. Not through TOR or even back room servers but in the open.

As Graham Dawson stated, the governments have used the trading of child porn as a tool to get laws passed to spy on their citizens even more. I beleive it was on this site a few years ago that published a paper showing that the Australian government was doing this exact thing to help out the media companies?

Also, recently the Canadian government tried to equate those that were against their internet spying bill as being supportive of child porn users.

So, governments in a way don't wnat trading to stop as it works to their benefits for political purposes. it is hard to get people to jump in and support internet spying when you want to help out the big media companies. Anonymous is a target of governments due to the fact that it releases the governments dirty laundry all over the net. This alone is a reason why the government won't support them in this matter. Didn't anonymous also do this in the past and law enforcement complained about how it ruined their efforts and investigations. How long until this happens again.

Good luck anonymous.

Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm

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Compatibility and quality.

My biggest issue is compatibility between my devices.

I am not a iFan boy or Windows user. We use Linux in our house on all computers. When we had a local musician trying to promote his music, I went and purchased his CD. Coming home I found it was loaded with DRM and I couldn't play it in my computer, my media center. I returned it for a full refund because the DRM was not listed on the package.

This is the same with many bands that you can purchase their music on iTunes or some other closed source media store that doesn't cater to us "Freetards." I prefer my music in flac format.

I download music from various sources and the music I like, I purchase the CD's. I can then rip them in flac to get a decent quality of music on my media system. I have downloaded some strange and different musice when I make random, eyes closed selections. Things I would never listen to if I had to purchase them up front of go through some strange or difficult sampling process.

Statistics also show that the largest downloaders are also the largest purchasers of music. What a strange concept. Download to try the songs and then purchase the music you like. Support the musicians that you end up enjoying. Heck, I even purcahsed the "T" shirt to support "My Darkest Days".

As many have said, this is a future where we want to own our media, not rent or licence it. I still have a record player for my 45,s, 33's, and 78's that I have collected over the decades. Many that have been transfered to flac.

Another thing that Lowery missed in the fight against SOPA and other related laws is the "Spying", Big Brother aspect of the laws. Laws that give the government power and the ability to spy on all our communications without legal oversight.

I have friends and relatives that have been or are involved in the music industry. Some have done quite well for themselves with it.

Give some of the media executives income to the musicians.